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  1. Drizzt did kind of set off the dual wielding in Novel format. But it was introduced in D&D 2nd edition. Where they had thief "lite" abilities and dual wield with no penalty while in light armor. 1st Edition and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons basically used Aragorn as the ranger model. Rangers in that edition also got bonuses every level against giants and humanoids. And I think it was only humans and elves who could be rangers originally. Since elves got bonuses to bows a lot of rangers would also have a bow secondary weapon. And some chose to go primary. Players handbook 2nd edition I think said rangers were based on Robin Hood and Jack the giant killer. Then 2nd edition had kits where rangers could focus on different areas. Like dessert, mountain, city etc. And then they got some pretty strong animal followers. The less followers the more powerful they were. 3rd edition was pretty similar except for companions and enemies. Now 3.5 is where Rangers were finally able to specialize in dual wielding or archery. Basically before that they were always "Warrior" class and melee fighters. Think Aragorn the master of the sword etc. Cant remember if the "Eastern" Ranger kit was 2.5 or 3.5 where it basically was a dual wielding Samurai with katana and wakizashi. When BG1 came out they couldn't really have dual wield in the engine so they gave Rangers in light Armor a free second attack to simulate it. I think it was the BG2 engine and IWD2 that allowed real ranger dual wield. Then by 3/3.5 D&D every class could take dual wielding proficiencies but the Ranger always got both for free in light armor. Now PoE Ranger Description: Ranger Rangers are warriors of the woodlands and masters of the hunt. They have learned how to live in the wilderness and adapt their unique skills in civilized contexts their survival instincts contribute to martial prowess, and the savagery cultivated while living among beasts can be harnessed to devastating effect. Rangers select an animal companion during character creation. This follower stays with the ranger their entire life. Know where does it state Rangers are "ranged combat" only. That is directly from the PoE manual. So I'm not sure what description people are talking about when they are saying Rangers are suppose to gunners/archers only.
  2. Having a pet melee is no different then using a summon for melee. Its not the same thing as the actual character having a melee focused ability. The point is the rangers have no specific melee ability for themselves. I mean the pet isn't the ranger so yes pets get melee abilities through the Ranger but that is completely different then a Ranger getting a melee ability for himself. Plus Rangers historically in cRPG's or P&P or novels helped to start the dual wield trend. To ignore it seems like a mistake. And an easy to fix mistake by adding 1 more talent. 90% or more of the Ranger class is good. Its just missing the nod to dual wielding or just a specific melee ability.
  3. Fighters weapon abilities increase damage for the entire weapon group including ranged weapons. Disciplined Barrage still works while ranged. Confident Aim works while ranged. Even Guardian Stance still works while ranged for other ranged characters nearby. Vigorous Defense works while ranged. As well as unbending, armored grace, critical defense and unbroken all still work while ranged. Now some of these abilities help melee characters out more but they still work while ranged as well. Choice is yours if you want to fully optimize the abilities by going melee. The barbarian still has Frenzy, Barbaric Yell, Savage Defiance, Blooded, Bloodlust, Brute Force, Thick Skinned, Vengeful Defeat that all work at range. Paladin I'm not even looking at them since that class is currently broke and only works for the PC since faith and conviction does not work for party members. Even the Monk has a lot of abilities that technical can work from range it just be really hard to get wounds. Possible, yes. Worth it? I doubt it. So I will give you Monks have the built in need for melee because of their wound system. Now all the other classes can do both melee or range and get benefits of class abilities. Now some classes are more efficient at either melee or ranged but that is left up to to the player to decide.
  4. If they are all about ranged attacks why have higher endurance and higher deflection then a rogue? Why make some of their abilities effect melee attacks then? Doesn't make sense. No other class is really locked into range or melee. I mean you can even melee a rogue, wizard, druid, or cipher. I have no problem making my Ranger melee but it does feel lacking by 1 or 2 abilities. You never want the game to force you into playing a character a certain way. Every class needs that flexibility. Look at patch 1.05 if you think Obsidian doesn't want classes to melee or range.
  5. I mentioned swift aim cancels cautious attack. But that is it. Everything else is ranged. I don't want melee boosting talents for the pet. I want melee flavored talents for the character. Rangers in PoE don't even have any stealth rogue "lite" abilities either. i'm not sure about wounding shot either have to test it. From the description or way it is portrayed in the game you would think its only ranged. If it was called Wounding Attack then at least players would think oh i can use this in melee. Vicious Aim is 100% only ranged. Again could have made it Vicious Attack. Could have added penalty to recover speed to emulate the penalty to reloading. Just an example on what could have been done. Love Rangers. Usually always have 1 in the party. I still do in PoE but they don't feel very Ranger like. I am really disappointed with Rangers and Paladins in PoE. I don't think Rangers suck it just feels like in PoE they lean towards only being archers/gunners. But with Cautious Attack and a +10 deflection ring they can front line with 2 other melee characters. Or 2nd line in robes with Reach Weapon. It would only take either modifying all abilities to be both melee and ranged or creating like 2 specific melee abilities. Say Rangers can special dual wield that also increases recovery time. Or if dual wielding they get 1.2x damage. Or other talents that I can't think of.
  6. The thing I don't like about Rangers is that have no melee talents at all. If you want your Ranger to melee it is pretty boring. You can use swift aim and throw cautious attack on him and the speed penalty actually get suppressed. So in essence you are getting +!0 deflection for -2 accuracy. I mean you would figure there should be some kind of special dual wield ranger ability. I mean that has been pretty standard in D&D since what like pre 1984. Well before they introduced kits and specialized rangers. All of the Ranger talents do something for ranged alone. Figure there should be opposing talents so you could either build him melee or ranged focused or combo. I think that is a waste right now. I kind of like a 2H Ranger myself say with like a quarterstaff, real woodsy type of character. And the annoying thing about pet is they are always active. And there are no scripts or options for the pet. I mean if you could just make the pet guard or attack only when melee attacked by enemy it be great. Now you have to micro that pet or it will die.
  7. I feel if they really wanted to make everything per encounter they could. Of course every spell/ability would have to be rebalanced. Probably means less area, less duration, less damage. Or more HP/Endurance for enemies. Something along those lines. of course just making everything per encounter with out rebalance would mess everything up.
  8. I dont know it still seems magic is all over the place in PoE. They should have just got rid of the wizard books and gave access to all spells. Their spells per rest doesn't change. So why add an extra mechanic in the game that Druids and Priests don't have? It just seems odd and out of place.
  9. I would say most parties it isn't needed. Cipher can just mass confuse the enemy anyway. I wonder if the cipher can confuse an already confused ally. Never tried it. i doubt it will work but curious now.
  10. yes. is two distinct aspects contributing to improved efficacy o' priestly seal spells as cast by a priest with high mechanics skill. 1) trap math is better for generating accuracy than is priest spell accuracy. and 2) whatever bonus you get from mechanics for trap accuracy boosts the spell accuracy of seal spells. simple by using trap accuracy v. priest accuracy, you benefit between +20-30 for accuracy determination. the priest with 10 mechanics gets another +30. so, the mid level priest, wearing gloves of manipulation, could see a relative +50-60 to accuracy compared to the rest o' his/her spell repertoire. HA! Good Fun! Thanks. Respecing priest time.
  11. Haters gonna hate. And I have a mean Hate one for Kana. Crap I should go grab him to drop into the pit. YES!!!
  12. I think all spells should have been per encounter or magic should have been like the cipher. There is no need for 3 different ways to handle magic in 1 game. Right Priest/Druids auto learn all spells. Wizards need a book and can only pick 2 spells per level and have to find other books. But no spells or books are sold. And ciphers is based on focus and can cast whenever they want. Should have picked 1 system an applied it to all casters. If you never played a RPG you probably be confused. IE Games using DnD 2nd Edt all casters had to memorize spells and rest to activate it. And you could find scrolls to memorize or buy spells. It doesn't make sense for Wizards to have to have spells written down and quickslot launch different books but not be able to buy spells at a spell shop. Resting was needed in order to memorize in IE games but not in PoE so not sure why spells aren't per encounter or focus based. If per encounter could have made it 2 spells per level per encounter. I honestly think focus would have worked for all casters though. Could have saved per day stuff for really unique powerful items only. And even camping could then be eliminated for Inn Rest Only. Or make it unlimited. It seems out of place. Because no random encounters. Take Icewind Dale if you were playing HOF mode one wrong move in an encounter and your team can be wiped out of spells and heals. Now you can camp sure but most likely its gonna spawn a random encounter and your party could be messed up or even wiper out. As long as you have 1 camp. You can always camp nothing bad will happen. Fast travel back to town and buy more and rest at an Inn for some awesome bonuses. So in essence camping doesn't increase the difficulty factor at all. It doesn't really give you resources to manage. Its not even something you have to think about. In reality the only thing it does is possibly annoy the player. And with fast travel and no random encounters there is no reason besides role play reason to not go to an inn and get bonuses all the time. Camping doesn't really bother me but it does just seem weird and out of place to me. The same way 3 magic systems in 1 game world doesn't make sense.
  13. Had to change my vote to Kana. Worst companion quest ever and probably worst companion ever. After 1st playthrough I never even bother talking to him again. I just leave him at the wall, like sorry bro laters. But love me some chanters. just not him. Eder is kind of the man. Love the voice acting. I feel like his quest isn't good in the beginning but in the end it comes around. Only wish his story was say as strong as Durance and GM. I think by far Eder is the best voice actor.
  14. Undead Radric didn't pop up for me until I was already max level on my 1st play through. So 2nd time was actually easier then the first time. 1st encounter I wasn't ready for at all. Up until that point there were like zero hard fights and that fight goes off the scale compared to rest of the encounters that early. 2nd fight I think I even fought both dragons already. Guess I just wasn't paying attention that he left a letter at your stronghold. I was like wtf my bad.
  15. I thought it was weird elemental and spirit stuff didn't come more into play with weapons, armor, offense and defense.
  16. It always cracks me up when I see people state stuff like "till you get the gear off the most powerful creature in the game". Well there are plenty of +2 items extremely earlier. We are talking beginning Act 2 as soon as you get to DBay. You can purchase Might +2 items, extremely easy. And you can easily bull rush Act 2 and then back track to do all of the Act 1 side quests. Plus DBay has plenty of Dex Items +2 and +3 and +2 Int items. Plus the shawl from the light +3 perception. So you are getting "Gear" way earlier. Ok the +3 might ring is kind of late but +2 not a problem
  17. The Knights have 1 "evil" outcome and the Doemenel's have 1 "evil" outcome. But I still say the Doemenel happy ending is the best possible outcome for Defiance Bay compared to the other factions.
  18. Interesting. I find it easy to cipher paralyze them and then gun then down with a cannon player.
  19. BG2 had hard counters because there were so many spell casters. And everyone was pre buffed. So when there was an encounter you had to have your spells ready to take down opposing casters defenses. Cause some of them buffs were for game hours. Say if you were out of counter spells. You could kill everyone else then just run around to the wizard defenses finally ended. if not you couldn't hit him. What was Sanctuary like 1 turn per level. Immune to everything but couldn't attack either. If you didn't have the proper spell counter you just had to wait. Durations were so long. Ironskin was what 12 hours game time? Plus the emotion spells I think were like 4 hours or something. So immunities were welcomed cause of high durations. So I can see why there are no Hard Counters. They aren't needed because no one is prebuffed with 8 spell defenses and defense against magical weapons etc. Icewind Dale 1 there just wasn't any enemy spell casters. So you didn't need any of those spells. You could focus on AoE. And if you were IWD HoF mode focus on buffs, disables and summons. I did however like confused or fear immunities. And of course I absolutely loved Shorty Saving Throws!!!!!! Dwarfs, Haflings and Gnomes forever!
  20. Not sure why traps isn't a per rest ability. Say 4 per rest. That way you could have your mechanic set 4 of them at one time. instead of I can set a million traps but only the last trap i set works the rest just disappear forever. I just sell them. if you dont have a wizard the adra gaze trap is good but the spell is better.
  21. Yeah its usually good under level 6. Starts to trail off around 4. Then you will never use it again. I guess that's the problem with no kits or specialization of classes. Typically you could have a specialized druid for shape-shifting that gave say spells or weapons/defense for beast mode. Or a melee/ranged flavor druid and then a spell central druid. In PoE right now there are no items that give druids more spells. Priests get 1 and Wizards get 2. And druid spells are good you dont want to waste talents on shapeshifting, defense or really offense if its not related to your spells. The only thing Wizards have over Druids is they can instant self buff basically into super fighters and front line melee attack enemies. Then cast fire cone spells at the enemy once it goes per encounter.
  22. Kana worst companion quest ever. Maybe worst companion ever. I'm a hater. Love chanters but love to hate me some Kana. After 1st playthrough I leeave him at the wall studying the dirt.
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