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  1. Hey OP (BMiBudster), Anonymity on the Internet is largely an illusion, especially when you're not particularly clever about how you maintain that illusion. That's a lot of obviously pirated software. Now, I could be totally wrong in this deduction from a rather shallow search, but if I can determine a relatively logical association between an Internet pseudonym and a real identity in just a few brief moments, imagine what a motivated agency with actual investigative powers, such as Australian law enforcement, could do. How's the weather in Bondi Bay, NSW, Australia? It would be a
  2. I have no idea about upgradability through different product tiers through Steam. But, if you looking for a DRM free solution, you're only option is Good Old Games, I believe. You can get Hero, Champion, or Royal editions through GoG. Honestly, the extra content is all additional digital goodies; there is nothing added to the actual game. Unless the digital goodies are important to you, the Hero Edition from GoG should suffice.
  3. Yuck. That sounds an awful lot like social interaction. How very tiring.
  4. Absolutely zero interest in multiplayer. I would much prefer they spend resources refining and enhancing the single player experience.
  5. A quick Google search indicates that's a real name (commonly associated with that nickname online)....so, yeah: wow. /shrug
  6. I thought stronghold 'turns' are tied to completing quests rather than the actual in-game time. Not sure how that works out in terms of turns per quest though. Does that make sense as a game mechanic? No, not really. But I don't believe what you're describing is a bug. I could be wrong. /shrug Someone wise than me will confirm or deny, I'm sure.
  7. Untroubled Faith (Paladin talent) negates negative Reputation effects on Faith and Conviction. Pick what appeals to you. Take this talent if you are worried about making reputation choices that may interfere with the bonuses granted by Faith and Conviction. /shrug
  8. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." ~ Kermit the Frog
  9. I thought that was a universal truth for all games. Head gear is always f'ugly.
  10. Ha. Sometimes I go to the nwn2 vault or whatever it is called and just make characters as well...never play them just make them. Same team.
  11. Might this apply for Steam users too? I can't launch the game due to a "corrupt file" after a very troubled download. Steam does it's own auto-patching thing so I highly doubt this applies to your problem.
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