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  1. I loved playing through the game as a monk. Though at some point fists just stopped cutting it. When reaching the point of having heavily enchanted weapons with stunning and prone effects, empty hands just couldn't compare. However with limited wound attacks and the more passive skills and decent armor, he's more like a weapon master that doesn't specialize. Weapon training doesn't ever offer synergy between two similar weapon types like a war hammer and battle axe. And it never seemed worth the talent point to add more than one for 6 accuracy. All said and done it was fun to maximize the bonuses and make a godly character.
  2. This causes you to fail the quest At the Mercy of the Tribes depending on how you finish it, because it's helping the expedition. This bug happened for me, I believe it's because combat causes the spotted Staelgars to be included in the fight even though they're off screen.
  3. That's the typo. It's technical in the fact that it's an error in the game's dialogue. Needs to be fixed.
  4. See the image, it should be "then" not "than". Thank the tiny image requirements for the lack of the image in the original post. 2015-04-18 22_47_32-Pillars of Eternity.bmp
  5. I should also mention that the character himself is still in the Main Hall of the keep, just no longer hireable.
  6. The Fellow of St Waiden has disappeared from my Hireling List after he got involved in a fight with the defense of the keep. He's still in my main hall, but he's no longer on my hireling list. I've also got the problem of having money, being in the keep regularly, but my hirelings are not paid. I'm not sure if it is related, but it definitely seems like the hirelings who are in the main hall can become involved in a defense fight and end up bugged.
  7. Currently the game only plays on the main display. It would be nice to be able to select which screen the game appears on so I don't have to swich my main display. Plus having it on my 2nd display would mean I could still see my task tray and system clock.
  8. When acquiring Fulvano's letters and placing them in the stash, the different letters become the same letter and the stacked different letters become only one of the letters. This causes the clues to the whereabouts of Fulvano's gear to be lost.
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