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  1. Given how the gods came to be, the nature of the third-to-last area in the game(forgot the name), and how Iovara appears in that area, I've gotten the idea that Iovara is part of, or 'is' Woedica in some sense. Being burned alive and then tossed into the pit wasn't the end of her punishment. As one of the cruelest fates imaginable, the Engwithans sealed her, along with her heretical followers, into the spirit of a goddess, the goddess of justice no less, to see how long she(they) could deny her(their) own divinity. Of course, this had to be the weakest god, so she couldn't try anything lik
  2. The best way to handle this would be to have there be only one 'romance option' - a woman reincarnated into a man's body, who wears women's clothing, acts feminine, and is 80 years old. You can either continue down the romance subplot and see Chris Avellone's reluctant take on non-heteronormativity and gerontophilia, or say something like "But you're not a woman" for a massive approval boost from your entire party, except Edêr for some reason. That ought to piss off just about everyone.
  3. I tried to vote for Our Queen, The Garrote of Justice, The Dreaded Oathbinder, Goddess of Gods, Woedica; but I had to choose one of the gods on the first list so I picked the most useless-sounding one.
  4. I imagine it's more like a master/student thing than what Paladins have.
  5. I played around with the Rinkworks fantasy name generator for a half hour and whipped up a Rauatai proper noun generator. Many of them will look strange, but if you press F5 enough you should eventually see "Kana", "Rua", "Rauatai", "Aumaua", and "Mahoa" show up, so it'll come up with names that are consistent to the setting at least some of the time.
  6. Avellone's good at what he does, but if that happened, then the Eastern Reach would be a wasteland consisting of forsaken sites of battles that were fought in the past, and it would be populated mainly by elderly crones with a monomaniacal, explicitly non-romantic obsession with the PC.
  7. Good to see that wyrmling pet doing its share of tanking in the dungeon.
  8. To figure out why there aren't any romance subplots in this game, you need to go all the way back to Baldur's Gate. Regardless of their alignment, race, class, or hit dice, the companion NPCs in Baldur's Gate 1 felt like real people. They had motivations, backstories, and most importantly, personalities. They weren't just tethered to the PC - they could dynamically interact with other members of the party, forming relationships or breaking them if there was too much conflict. The end result of all this was that it didn't feel like you were the center of the world - your companions had autonom
  9. What I don't get is dwarves. If there's going to be a seperate species based on a real-life physical deformity, wouldn't hunchbacks be a better choice?
  10. Like how people were asking BioWare if they could kill all the gay party members in DA2? Generally, gay people don't have any kind of intrinsic link with the embodiment of the concept of death. Nor do they have giant, symmetrical tumors growing on their foreheads.
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