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  1. After all those dissapointment threads and the "i didn't like it" posts, why not each one say what "Loved" in this game. (w00t) ...post awaaaaaaaay. :D
  2. ... star wars galaxies? (w00t) but seriously...an idea like that with dozens of planets, thousands things to do will be great. :D But i quess the new Elder's scroll shall reach the limits of today's standards, waiting for many planets in a game like that and to have extreme graphics will be difficult.
  3. bad idea bad idea bad idea. Kotor games are great because they are games, making them a movie or a novel will damage the "replayability" of the stories. (w00t)
  4. I believe it was just a man, one mandalorian or a previous jedi that happened to be on the last battle. He may have been right in the center of the planet and thus he was made into Nihilus...or whatever
  5. em... Is it possible to have also the of Bao dur on Malachor? Is there any dialogue for that scene... :">
  6. I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" guys. This looks really proffesional work.
  7. I don't understand of the 25%. I played again and it didn't work that way to me. I was neutral and when i got some light points (still staying to the neutral territory), she appeared...
  8. I have to say, you have a truly unique way of drawing...and that is superb! :D
  9. what do you mean? Father to son : I prefer my deepness things in books, not movies. Movies are for fun. As for the chars. Yes, unfortunately(?!) there weren't sidequests for the npc's but they did have all a background, a story, their own agendas for fighting. And for me (as i wrote in another thread) what was great that for the most part of the game you never felt actually safe with anyone of them. You could never know if anyone would stab your back anytime. (w00t) (w00t)
  10. Except of all the Nihilus was weakened from his hunger...there is also the subject of Visas helping you. Visas had a bond with Nihilus, even if she doesn't sacrifise herself she helps you tone down Nihilus' power. nihilus was somewhat weak because you had "too" much help. (Kreia manipulating him towards Telos and Visas' bond) :D
  11. I wasn't never pissed, i was just somewhat sad of not getting the Malachor Obsidian had in mind.
  12. I adored Kotor 1 it's one of my best games. It had a good solid story with one of the best WOW revolutions. It had interesting chars with past to find out, it had many npc's, enought planets and quite well quests. What's not to like? Okay it was at someplace clitche...but on one hand Star Wars galaxy is based on fairytales, it "has" to have some clithes. The good thing about Bioware is that they managed to create a full of life game. Kotor 2? I believe (even without the cutted scenes) is better than Kotor 1. It is far more deep that the first. It gives far more dimention to the characters, even to Revan, and takes us on a "frightening" trip back to the wars and their consicensies(?). I love it. It's so....Gray. :D
  13. Quoted for emphasis. Also let's not forget that Kotor 3 "has" to have a different graphic engine.
  14. Until the third comes i don't feel "okay" with naming "canonicals".
  15. You can always play Anakin in "Return of the sith", :D
  16. What an impessive work of art. Not only it's great scetches but they are full of emotion. That bad-cutted-ending of Atton, the death of Kavar and the turning-mira-into-a-Jedi are remarkable. I would love to see the padawans-protect-the-exile, it looks that it will turn up really good. (w00t)
  17. and who won? ----- The first time i saw the movie i knew nothing off any rpg star wars...my idea was that he was meditating, just meditating to calm himself and etc... also i believe that he lost just because Maul used a trick and hitted him on the head. It wasn't of lack of expertise, Maul just cheated...
  18. it's also that the Republic knows that without the Jedi they are doomed.
  19. I stand on the idea that according to your choices you would face with a different Traya. In the original Kreia was Traya but it was seen that she would leave her role for the next Traya because, "there must always be a Darth Traya". In a way the betrayal of Atris would have been more personalised for the Exile because she/he knew her before. In the game Kreia "gives" the role of the Darth Traya to Atris on Telos just before the Exile's return. I'm not sure if she was supposed to defeat you, maybe it was that she defeated you but wasn't meant to kill you...yet...but on Malachor where the true strength would be visible. But Atris fails and as there has to be always a Darth Traya Kreia retakes that role to face you for the last time.
  20. *raises hand Lightsider....and i loved them all. Am i the only one that liked the dearest G0-T0?
  21. Actually you are SO right. I almost forgot of Tie fighter. What an excelent game. Kept me awake for weeks. Ahhh...what glorious years. I was young then But i have to say that even if tie had that really nice short story/novel on the manual, it didn't create a deep script as like kotor did. Those games were wonderful for their ideas and gameplay but i don't remember one star wars game with such a pretty nice structured story as kotors (always emphasizing to the second part :D ).
  22. thought it was obvious... (w00t) a little fooling around won't kill you i'll start... Kreia is a ghost because noone can see her if she doesn't want. she is a ghost because on the vidfeo-fall she doesn't have a hand and later she appears to have---obviously :D she was seeing herself with two hands until Sion reminded her of her i-don't-have-a-hand situation. (w00t) (w00t)
  23. I understand your scepticism and argument but you forget one thing. The kotor games...and especially 2 have taken the star wars franshise and upped it to great heights. That's why they are "the best star wars games" after all, that's why people love them so much. Kotor and especially kotor 2 is full of story and real characters that feel and breathe lively. That's the magic of these games. There is a well developed script that ties all the chars together, with logic and realism(as much realism a galaxy where jedis exist).
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