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  1. Yep, that's what I'm saying, and I stand by it. Companies say a lot of things. Internally, though, things move in weirder angles.The recent announcement of Borderlands 3 exclusivity also seems to point in this direction. I could be wrong, of course, but I don't think so.
  2. Ok, this idea that the exclusives are due to a "better cut" needs to die, and I'm going to stab it now. The exclusives aren't due to a better cut. They're due to Epic either throwing a big bag of money at publishers right off the bat and/or promising a minimum number of sales after a certain time (or, possibly, both). Immediately, yes. But the reality is a bit more complicated than that. Epic Store is throwing a ton of money on top of these games, the longer plan is attracting more devs into the service and retaining them through better rev shares. To do that, they need more users. This is the short-term plan. Having worked in a major game store platform, I can say with certainty that they won't deal in minimum game sales. It's a lump sum kind of deal. They have the leverage to do that, and they will buy their way into relevance. Not with my money, though, at least until they keep on with the exclusivity bullcrap.
  3. Just chipping in. I find it extremely disturbing, this late trend of PC game exclusivity. We are getting one thing (increased competition in the PC Store platforms), and transforming it into a limiting factor to consumers. We all know Steam needs to do better. The market has changed, and it needs to offer more for game developers. But, looking from the consumer PoV, Steam does a decent job in offering a good experience when buying games, and offering relevant services and amenities. Epic Store does not. I know it is a new marketplace, but that doesn't justify any exclusivity. This is a dumb way to strong-arm people into using you platform because they NEED to, not because they WANT to. I have accounts on many services. Steam, GOG, Ubi, Origin, even Windows Store (yeah...). I also have an account in Epic Store. But only Steam and GOG are in my tray when my PC starts, because I LIKE these services, and what they offer me. Nothing so far enticed me to really purchase anything over there, and price is just one more factor in this calculation. So, Obsidian, I am afraid The Outer Worlds has officially entered my Longtail Backlog. When and if it gets into a service that I approve, that's when I'm getting this game. I was really excited about the premise, but I won't be forced to behave in a specific way because someone else is getting money, if I can help it. Talk to Steam. Rally other devs and pressure it into giving you a better cut. But don't weaponize your products. There's a part of your community that won't like it.
  4. Heya, I installed the game and played for a bit (5-6 hours) without a hitch. Then, today, after I loaded a savegame in the Gullet, I realized that my keyboard was stuck pressing several keys at once. Reloaded, restarted the PC, nothing, the issue would creep back after I fired the game. I tried changing keyboards, keyboard input language, etc, but those didn't seem to help. It might be caused by Windows 10 latest patch (wouldn't be a surprise, exactly...), but so far, this has only happened in this game. Elsewhere, as long as I don't execute PoE 2, no problem. As you can see in the screenshots, several skills were mapped to Crtl + Space while I was fumbling wih the non-responsive game interface. Anyone else had this issue?
  5. There was a driver update from Nvidia that had increased support for PoE2. Did you try it yet?
  6. Even though I've got my copy on Steam, this time around, don't forget about GOG users. Steam needs some healthy competition.
  7. Good stuff. Kudos for the team, it's a great game, and I have great expectations regarding the xpac. I, for one, will play it only after the second part is released. Not in a hurry, and I'd rather experience it in a single go.
  8. Yeah, I find those examples much more jarring than the ones regarding Old English. I found some typos and screw-ups rather unpleasant. I frankly don't mind small syntax or ortography mistakes in Old English, nowadays. At least, not in the 'your dumb' era.
  9. There is a certain pattern for which characters get dominated/charmed first. At least in my case, there was. This allows for some countermeasures, but the only hard counter is reapplying a charm effect over your character. Or a well applied Withdraw on someone who'll be targeted by this effect. It is annoying, but that's what the effect is all about. Pupper Master has the same effect and is ludicrously strong. Also, some scrolls might help, such as confuse. Frankly, I am on my second playthrough on hard, and I never lost a fight due to charmed party members. My only gripe is that Prayer against Treachery apparently is not doing what it should be, in certain cases.
  10. I think you mixed some facts about MM =) I get what you are saying, though, and some spells progressing with levels in a more tangible manner would be nice (although Magic is VERY strong in POE).
  11. I let them all on, but I completely understand those who like them off. I enjoy checking just how many possible options are possible for the interactions with NPCs.
  12. Heya, There's something nagging me a bit about unarmed Monk attacks: dual wield talents. Do they work with unarmed attacks? I would assume so, but since assessing attack speed increases can be tricky, it would be nice to have some confirmation. Any other non-class Offensive Talent for Monks? WE: Peasant is kinda lackluster, since I already have a decent Accuracy. Thanks.
  13. Although I disagree with most of what you said, to each his own. Come back later, after a few patches, or maybe try a different/unusual party composition.
  14. Sorry, didn't see this one before making the thread. I'll try disabling the tutorial tips, since I'm not exactly a newbie in the genre, but would be nice to have access to them nevertheless. Thanks.
  15. Hello, While playing the first few hours of the game, I've encountered time and again a very annoying audio loop that sounds like a flapping noise. The looping bit is quite short (less than half a second), and plays indefinitely until I quit the game and reload the save. Quickloading is not enough to end it. It usually happens right after combat ends, or NPC interaction. I do have out my pledge Wurm companion at all times. Is this a known issue? Thanks.
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