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  1. I won't speak for anyone else but I don't think you personally need to apologize for anything. I think that Obsidian should have been more transparent in what was going on though. Backers should have gotten keys before anyone else. That didn't happen and when it didn't happen Obsidian should have been in front of that situation explaining why. We still don't really know why. At the end of the day, I don't think anyone is going to be upset, backer wise, as long as they have the game pre-loaded and ready to play when it unlocks. They did explain. BAdler stated in a post the exact reason why Steam is pre-loading; ie, because they had to tell Steam to turn on pre-loading so our keys could actually work once given to us, and once Steam turned on pre-loading everybody who had pre-ordered automatically started pre-loading. If they hadn't told Steam to turn on pre-loading, then our keys would not work until tomorrow morning. You not know is not the same as them not communicating. I read that post and it did not communicate *why* the backers did not have keys yet, but the Steam purchasers did. It just explained the decision to enable pre-loading (which I am fine with). My money was spent years ago, at the very least I expected to get a key at the same time as someone who ordered on Steam a minute ago. That didn't happen and for all of the BAdler posts, that still has not been explained. For the love of god give it a rest. You. Will. Get. To. Play. The. Game. On. Time.
  2. I would prefer that Kaelyn show up and point out that our hurt feelings over the release are insignificant compared to the suffering of those condemned to the Wall of the Faithless.
  3. Now for your neighboorhood-friendly reminder that if the game is great noone is going to give a **** about what happened two days before release.
  4. The amount of entitlement in this thread is just breathtaking. We will get to play the game on time. If you're going to freak out about whether you have a one or a two day lead to INSTALL the game, you've lost your right to ever complain about anything again.
  5. Steamdb entry for the PoE beta just updated.
  6. BG2's scripts were perfectly adequate. Something of that quality at least please.
  7. Hey, at least it's more polished than Alpha Protocol.
  8. I have the same problem, see link below: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66941-combat-bug-rogue-unable-to-attack-after-using-finishing-blow/?do=findComment&comment=1482696
  9. I'm definitely bringing in the NWN portraits collection into PoE.
  10. Chest in a dungeon. I can just see the player maneuvering the party around traps and then absent minded clicking the chest only to watch his/her rogue walk right into death. Maybe playing BG2 has made me too paranoid about this, cause that game is sadistic about trap placement.
  11. It plays a part but I still think it's too fast even ignoring that. You shouldn't have to constantly pause after every one or two attacks.
  12. If you need to pick a lock there's a decent chance there might also be traps nearby. Might not wanna trust automatic path finding in that situation.
  13. I think you should ask in the How To post for bug reporters to begin the topic title with the category of bug (Combat Bug:, UI Bug:, Graphics Bug:, etc.) to make things a lot easier for the Devs to organize it all, because god knows we're burying them alive in reports.
  14. Ditto, all quests were blanked in journal.
  15. It's a convention that I can put up with. It just feels wrong when your fighter can pick the lock.
  16. Covered in the threads below. Devs acknowledge the bug. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66878-dissappearing-options-button-labels/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66845-repost-options-display-bug/
  17. God, I feel horrible burying you guys in bug reports like this. I wish you good luck sorting it all out! Problem: Knocked out party members sometimes still are animated as upright How to: 1. Start fight 2. Get someone on your party killed Expected Behavior: They should go down. Screenshot:
  18. They're going to put that in, right? Or is it already there but messed up by the auto-attack bug?
  19. Problem: When my rogue attempts to use Finishing Blow, the attempt always fails and she is unable to attack afterword. Instead she constantly deactivates Finishing Blow in the log. Switching targets or walking around has no effect; she simply continues to be stuck activating and deactivating Finishing Blow How to: 1. Start combat 2. Attack a foe 3. Attempt to use Finishing Blow on an enemy 4. Left click to attempt a normal attack upon an enemy Expected Behavior: Finishing Blow should do damage and the rogue should be able to attack afterword Special: If I attempt to use Crippling Strike, she succeeds in hobbling the enemy, but no damage. So she can still cause status effects, just not do a damaging attack. Screenshot of problem:
  20. The buttons labels for the various options menus (graphics/audio/etc.) dissappear when you click on a particular option. This bug doesn't happen in game; just at the main menu. How to get this bug: 1. Start game 2. Click on options in Main Menu 3. Click the button for a particular menu (graphics for example) 4. Watch labels dissappear Specs: Core i7 3770 Windows 7 Home Edition MSI Radeon 7850 OC 2GB Twin Frozr Catalyst 14.4 Drivers Screenshot of the problem:
  21. I think new Torment: Numenera is going to be that, PoE is supposed to more like Baldur's Gate but with more free form story. You sure? With Avellone and Zeits writing it?
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