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  1. Hopefully they add on. If they do a "separate" release it would need to be one huge expansion.
  2. Agreed. Too much VO ruins the descriptors and makes me confused as a player as to what I should be doing. Should I read this? Do I just listen? But then I miss The descriptors, and I prefer to read anyway. So I try to do both and it just doesn't work.
  3. I'm not offended but yeah, I'm mad I had to shelve this game so they could patch it.
  4. I LOVE this game. Its amazing. But I have to complain about the technical issues. I can't just play through them and not say anything and pretend they don't exist just because of how much love I have for the game.
  5. They do certainly happen. It's just so strange how nearly every single Obsidian release is packed full of bugs. Bad ones. But hey guys that's okay, it's not like they are EA or anything so let's not call them out on it. Let's not even get a little bit upset about it. Let's just defend them, and accuse people trying to report legitimate issues with THEIR game of "crying". Let's tell them to "get over it" and defend a company because "programming is hard" and "they worked hard". Edit: The ratio of bugs to complexity? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Talk about reaching. WHO CARES. The game is buggy. That's all that matters. So what your saying is that you feel, because the game is complex, we should give Obsidian the benefit of the doubt, and just sit back and wait and not level any criticism? Wow. Bye bye White Knighting, hello Obsidian Knighting.
  6. You would be crying that if you had a buggy experience. You're saying you are bug free. Well good. A lot of people are not and it's hypocritical to say people are "crying" when you know if you WERE having critical issues with your game, you would complain as well. Oh, and no one is bug free in this game. If you double click a piece of equipment, you just hit a bug. A bad one. It's that easy. You may not think it's bad, but it's bad.
  7. People have come to expect their games to be buggy because 8/10 of their games ship buggy. The buggiest game I've played before this one was Fallout:NV. I've played over a hundred games since then easy. It's okay for games to have a few bugs. Even a major one at launch. Whatever. But this game has at least five game brea- wait. let's not say game breaking. Even though they are game breaking, people tend to say things in response like 'well, it's not really game breaking cuz you can still play even though your missing an entire category of stats". Let's call them critical. At LEAST FIVE very critical bugs. Five...unacceptable. Obsidian deserves their reputation as a buggy developer. I love obsidian and to reiterate OMG I LOVE THIS GAME TO DEATH!! but I hope the bugs in this game compact and cause people to criticize them even more for shipping buggy games. It's the only way they will start taking it seriously. They know their reputation and they STILL ship a game like this? COME ON!
  8. Ya know, there are WAYYYY too many people giving Obsidian the benefit of the doubt around here. If even ONE of these SERIOUS bugs were in a Bioware game, there would be a forum chock full of hate, how ea doesn't care and they just want money and blah blah blah. Dragon Age Inquisition had far less critical bugs, and people were going bonkers. Threatening to sue. But no, It's Obsidian guys, let's just give them a pass because....because. The reason there isn't tons more whining is because people don't like to criticize smaller company's. Could you imagine how you would all react if this were a Blizzard game? Holy crap. THIS GAME IS A BUGGY MESS AND THAT IS THAT. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE this game. I do it's great, but there is no way you can defend this game's technical issues. Aloth just disappears on me guys. HE's JUST GONE. I travel and he leaves my party and I can't recruit him back. THAT'S HUGE. I also have like, three different stat bugs. It's RIDICULOUS. Just because some of you are playing some magical super happy bug free game, doesn't mean you can tell people who are having issues to "calm down" and "obsidian is working hard" and have that magically make the boatloads of glitches go away. The game IS a bugfest. I hate to say it but it is.
  9. I remember reading a preview review type article where they were talking about how much of the game played, and were so surprised at how bug free it was. Forget where, but...really? I'm not even 20 hours in and I've shelved the game completely due to bugs.
  10. So I'll just put my disappearing Aloth bug here, it doesn't seem to be getting much attention, so maybe its only me. But I would like it fixed as it's pretty bad. Who knows how else this bug can creep up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nphWpgm-SLc
  11. This pisses me off. How is him saving "properly" have ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT? It's not his fault. His game would be fine if it wasn't a buggy mess due to poor testing.
  12. Like the ones where things disappear for no reason. Up to and including entire party members.
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