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  1. I don't think you understand the problem. I understand how hotkeys work. Pre-2.0/White March: as I hotkey abilities, my hotkeyed abilities show up above the action bar for quick access. They show up in order of how I hotkey them. So if I hotkey Knock Down to Z and later hotkey Clear Out to Q, they will show up in the following order: Knock Down (Z), Clear Out (Q) 2.0/White March: all hotkeyed abilities show up alphabetized by the hotkey. So in the previous example, the abilities would show up in order: Clear Out (Q), Knock Down (Z). The White March/2.0 behavior is annoying when I h
  2. Am I the only one who really used hotkeyed abilities? Anyway, before 2.0, hotkeyed abilities would show up above your normal action bar in order of them being hotkeyed. Now, they show up in the lexicographic sort order of their hotkey itself (in ascending order). This is a major usability regression. Before, every time I added a new hotkey, the ability would predictably show up to the right of all the existing hotkeyed abilities. Aside from retaining a consistent sort order for existing abilities, it means I could also order my abilities however I wanted, generally from weakest to stro
  3. Expected: when pet's auto attack AI is set to "aggressive" pet should actually act as such. This does appear to work when I switch in combat. Actual: pet just stands around not doing anything in most fights.
  4. Well this was a rude surprise. Expected: activate "Play Dead" and pet becomes untargetable, along with a stasis shield. Actual: literally every time I activate this ability, the pet continues to take damage and gets knocked out. At least I can respec...
  5. If my mouse is over any of my hotkeyed abilities and I do any input, the hotkey gets cleared. Before: if my mouse was on a hotkeyed ability and I right-click or escape, nothing bad happens (in the right-click case I get the description) White March/2.0: in those cases the hotkey gets cleared. This makes looking up an ability description hella annoying, as if I right-click on a hotkeyed ability I get the description but my hotkey also gets cleared.
  6. I separately re-reported this and a developer confirmed it and entered it into the database. I am also a software engineer and can understand that there may be a lot of bugs and limited bandwidth. Contrary to what you say, this is *not* that critical. It is annoying, but I can play a CC party just fine; it just requires paying attention to when I re-apply debuffs.
  7. Here you go, I uploaded it to youtube (sorry for low-ish quality, this is literally the first time I've ever recorded and uploaded something): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEEoqEB6AJg This is consistently reproducible; it *had* to be consistently reproducible because I kept messing up trying to record the video Anyway, the trick is that a Fampyr needs to get hit both times with the affliction. FRAPS kind of clipped the end of the video off for some mysterious reason, but the Fampyr at the top left resumes attack/movement even though they still have a Paralyze affliction listed.
  8. That's frustrating, since the screenshot very clearly shows the bug in action, and I'm willing to wager significant money that if I go home and load up those Raedric's Hold saves I will be able to repro it very quickly. Definitely repeatedly using scrolls of paralysis? Come to think of it, I also had this issue while trying to fight the Master Below (but I don't have a save near there). Once again, very similar symptoms: repeated use of Scrolls of Paralysis, the dragon would get unstuck while still displaying a "Paralyze" affliction (which would frequently result in my death due to that su
  9. Note: contrary to my original description, this is not as prevalent as I thought it was. I tried it in several situations but could not reproduce it. It might be a Fampyr or Scroll of Paralysis-specific issue. I'm not quite sure. But this Raedric's Hold case is definitely consistently reproducible. The other case that was consistently reproducible (but is long gone now) is the (optional) fight in the Endless Paths of Caed Nua at the end of level 8 that also coincidentally involved a Fampyr (and as a level has many other Fampyrs to fight). I must've mostly noticed it because fights against
  10. Attached is a screenshot and included is a link to my saved game and the output log in my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eyovun0bxp0jawo/AABhxjXWDDBdU6-AdEHz-dhEa?dl=0 Note: I couldn't figure out which of the saved games was the one I wanted, so I included several. It's the one on top of Raedric's Hold right before you fight the Fampyr version of Raedric. In the screenshot are several enemies who are still listed as being Paralyzed but are running around. To reproduce: 1. start the fight 2. immediately select durance and use a scroll of paralysis to target all the enemies
  11. I don't have a direct saved game, but this is so consistently repro-able that I'll just find my way to a fight, save the game there, and write down specific steps. I'll have one posted hopefully within a day.
  12. I'm not on my main computer so I can't post a saved game. But despite its buff in a recent patch, goldrot chew appears to be functionally useless. Like most people, I tried using it *after* a character got fatigue, and like most people I was surprised to see that it did nothing for the fatigue debuff. "OK," I thought, "maybe I have to take it pre-emptively." Well, I have a saved game where in the course of a fight, one of my characters gains fatigue. Upon a reload, I tried eating goldrot chew before the fight, but I *still* get fatigued after the fight, even though by some numb
  13. I've reported this before, but it's still an issue. Simple way to recreate this: hit an enemy with two disabling afflictions with different durations. Good easy example is a fighter's knock down (prone) with a cipher's mental binding (paralyze). If you have a couple of scrolls of paralyze, you can also try using the scroll once, waiting for some time to pass, and then using a second, so you overlap two paralyze durations. When the *first* disabling affliction wears off, movement and action is restored, even though there's still a second disabling affliction with a remaining duration.
  14. Thanks for the pointers, all. I picked up a Fine Warbow that is working aces better than the various reloading weapons I was using before; even if the math means less average focus gain than the reloaders, having a consistent focus gain throughout the fight is working much better than unpredictable bursts. I also think I did some of the early quests in the "wrong" order, at least for a cipher main. I wrote this up after doing the Temple of Eothas in the village, and the many Skuldr Kings/Phantoms/Shades with their high deflection and moderately high every other defense were really giving m
  15. I've beaten this game twice before, both on PotD, second time with triple crown solo; I only say this to show that I'm not a complete noob. Still, this time through, I can't help but feel that having my main be a cipher is... woefully underwhelming (I picked up Grieving Mother late in my first run, so I was already pretty high in the power curve and was abusing the Blacsonn+Blunderbuss+Draining Whip loophole). Basically my problems are that: Even when I'm optimizing my powers to target the right defense, it is exceedingly hard to get my powers to consistently land on non-trivial enemi
  16. Well that's exactly it, right? Either learn at level up or hunt down the grimoire. But you can also just go to the inn and learn all the spells you want for a nominal fee. Like I said its not a big deal, but it is an obvious circumvention of the game mechanics. I'm not sure if it's an "obvious circumvention" but rather something that is explicitly available to you, at a cost. There was talk about "unique spells" back in the day. If that ever comes back, then the copy-into-grimoire aspect would be relevant. But as of now, the having-to-learn-spells aspect is mainly just a rate limit
  17. OK, I assumed like 10% of my point based on the rest of my experiences, sorry. The remark is over the top since the rest of the post are still relevant and based on actual in-game experience. It's not alliance-switching then, but the alliance-changing nonetheless seriously brikes foe-only and yellow-circle spells (in addition to a few friend-only spells which intuitively should work on confused allies).
  18. You misunderstand? Auto-slow in combat has always existed. I always have it on. The problem is that it was on, and then randomly in combat it disabled (it didn't flip off, the button was still highlighted), and then re-enabled at some point later.
  19. Confusion causes party members and enemies to actually switch alliance for purposes of targeting during its effect. I can understand why this is the case for Charm/Dominate (this is how charm/dominate were implemented in IE). But I still can't understand why it happens for Confusion. This is unprecedented in the spirit of IE games and while I have no problem with breaking from the IE tradition where it makes sense, implementing Confusion with an alliance-switching mechanic results in unintuitive and perceptually buggy behavior: It makes the Prayer Against Bewilderment priest spell lar
  20. Just had this happen in my first post-1.05 fight (Bounty for the Captain Maramar [or whatever]). I have no idea what triggered it, but all of a sudden the entire fight started going in normal speed, even though the half-speed button was enabled. Curiously, the "half speed" text that normally displays had disappeared. I tried toggling the half-speed button to see if that would help, but nope. At some point in the fight, the half speed resumed. I'd provide a save, but I have no idea what happened. My best guess is some spell or effect that I triggered broke half speed mode, and when
  21. after 1.05 to move more wizard abilities to foe-only, i think proper treatment of confused enemies has become more important. it's unlike previous IE games where confused enemies were still enemies; once enemies become confused you actually become less effective against them, since so many abilities now only explicitly target foes.
  22. The having-to-learn-spells is a red herring, since in the end you'll have every wizard spell in the game without trying too hard (though I remember a few spells being found mainly through "unique" spellbooks [ones with special names, like Willbreaker]). The main differentiation is rather wizards have *more* spells per level (about 50% more) and the trade off for *that* is they can only cast 4 at any time without incurring a severe time penalty.
  23. I know that, I'm just not willing to potentially expose myself to game breaking bugs in a beta patch (like the OS X crash bug).
  24. Can anyone in the beta program comment on whether or not confused allies/enemies still flip allegiances for targeting purposes (it could have been one of the minor, unlisted fixes)? Because if they do, then in my mind all the wizard foe-only targeting changes are nerfs. (As I mentioned on the patch notes comment thread itself, my favorite thing to do is to drop non-foe AoE spells--like Freezing Pillar--on confused enemies and watch them die.) EDIT: though maybe I'm alone in thinking that the wizard actually generally did need nerfs rather than buffs (though mostly on the spells that ca
  25. Also, how does this prevent save scumming? Isn't the game you're loading already saved, so to speak?
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