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  1. Erm... very provocative statement. What about: "I hate wigs - I never use any of them. Better to just get rid of them entirely..." But wait - it's totally optional to wear wigs. Why complain that they exist? Some people with bald heads may like wigs. Those might want to have wigs that don't drop to the floor all the time while putting them on. hah, not a bad point. And it would be totally valid if I were forced to wear a wig in order to be taken seriously in the world (I'd have to look like all of those good ol' English chaps, or a colonial gentleman). The main issue that I have with potions is not that I don't like them and never use them, but also that game balancing assumes their usage. Not that I'm against a challenge or something, but I'm guessing that triple-crown-solo isn't possible without pots? ;p cheers -tid242
  2. I hate potions anyway, and never use any of them. Better for them to just get rid of potions entirely.. Hopefully pathfinding is better with a smaller party size..
  3. Any thoughts on class-killer subclasses? I'm thinking sort of along the lines of an Arcanopath Monk, for example. https://dndtools.net/classes/arcanopath-monk/ Where one can specialize a class in order to specifically be a class counter to another class/subclass? It would require a ton of work for the team, but might be pretty interesting... A pretty straightforward way of doing it would just be to take every class and designate another class (or two) as the 'opposing class', then make one subclass have some useful tools/skills/resistances/etc against that/those opposing class(es).. thoughts? -tid242
  4. On this combination, my second thought was "charlatan" or "montebank" but both have fairly negative connotations in 'the real world' (as does Con-Artist). Then I got to thinking that a wandering priest with no set parish or flock might take to roguish ways as a way to protect themselves on the road without becoming overtly martial, so...Pilgrim maybe? Or at a stretch Pundit for both its current meaning in English (an expert who gives their opinion in public) and its original meaning in Hindi (its derrived from paṇḍitá, someone who is knowledgeable and performs ceremonies outside of the Temple)? My first thought was to call them a "Tuck" after Friar Tuck from the Merry Men... "Pilgrim" is definitely cool (not sure for priest/rogue specifically or some other sort of wandering priest). Did Shepherd Book of Firefly have a designation other than just priest/preacher? Con Artist. heh, yea I wasn't suggesting it, I just thought it was really funny. The class really was just a RP distinction rather than a grouping of skills that were open, RP-wise. Nothing better than playing a totally terrible character who gets off on scamming peasants out of all their life's savings in every village your party passes through. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.. -tid242
  5. The music was excellent in the original, Justin Bell did a fabulous job and the enhanced sound goals are really great goals imho. The inc. lvl cap etc are awesome too, but I think audio tends to get overlooked. I like the increased VO too for that matter, but unlike VO, it's not going to be annoying ;0 I might just point out that I especially liked the small musical touches in PoE, such as the Tavern Music @ whatever that ****-hole tavern was called in the White March/Stalwart.. cheers, great goals. -tid242
  6. "Subverter" or "Renegade" are definitely cool. The vernacular for 'knave' makes it not work, and heretic/apostate are too real-world context specific, imho. There was a DnD 2nd ed class in the Dragonlance literature of "con artist" that I'd always thought of as vaguely priestly. Especially after one of them convinced a friend of mine's (cleric) character to commit suicide... It was the last stupid thing that character ever did.. heh -tid242
  7. But ranger is not necessary an archer? Hmmm maybe Spellslinger? Arcane Sniper? Arcane Shooter? Obviously one of these names needs to be "Stormcaller" ;o
  8. I like a lot of these. PoE2's idea is all is very similar to the schema used in 'Titan Quest' (which was a great game, btw), whereby players chose 2 classes that created a corresponding combination class and name. http://titanquest.wikia.com/wiki/Character_Classes A lot of TQ's classes were more elementalist tho in nature, as opposed to classes in the DnD lineage sense of the term, but a lot of their names were very good. Assassins were the best classes, but I digress... Some of these class combinations were explored in DnD supplementary material over the years, such as Fighter + Rogue = Swashbuckler, for instance. While a lot of excellent names ended up having fairly specific DnD class associations that would be difficult to shake - Fatespinner, Shadowdancer, Loremaster, etc. One of the interesting possibilities is also that the subclassing that they've talked about would have specific names themselves. So, for instance, Fighters would be just "fighter" or might be 'defender' or 'assaulter' (or whatever) if one choose the 'defense' or 'offense' sub-specialization (for example). Thus it wouldn't just be Fighter + Rogue = Swashbuckler, but rather Defender + Rogue = Tumbler, and Assaulter + Rogue = Assassin, also. And again for the Rogue subclasses.. Also, I like adding an additional term for Priests indicating their diety. So, for instance if Monk + Priest = Praetor, then a Monk + Priest of Skaen = Ebon Praetor. (Magic card reference, yes). good start to a list though. Could definitely use a couple of tweaks, but you definitely put some time into it. cheers, -tid242
  9. ****, I guess I blew away the old autosave prior to the animancy hearings. I have an old save from waaay earlier in the same game if it's at all helpful - not sure if you hack the quest line to just do the animancy hearings if it'll reproduce the above.. http://www67.zippyshare.com/v/5fLpJOPO/file.html My bad on killing the old one - I had set one aside, but must've overwritten it later ;\
  10. +1 to the theme of this thread. The music in WM I've particularly noticed to be quite inspiring - a vaguely haunted and subdued version of the base game music (which is also excellent btw). The Gref's Rest bard music mentioned in one of the earlier posts is absolutely fantastic, and on the related theme of nice touches, it's also audible just outside the building - which always makes me want to go inside.. It really is the music that allows a person to play a game for hours on end, and you guys have really done a fine job with Pillars. cheers, great game..
  11. I'm curious - what difference does the "you are too high level would you like it to be more challenging" option generate? I clicked "no" for the WM on my latest playthrough and so far it's been generally a romp - although I did have to fight a couple of battles twice as a result of underestimating the number of spells I'd need... Here's my impression on difficulty - if you have a balanced party (wiz, pal, fight, rogue, barb, priest - in my case) and you use spells freely fights are pretty much always easy. If you're attempting to conserve spells it can be different... I've found all of the normal mobs to be stompable due to my over-leveledness, but a couple of the bounties can be really tricky without a wizard/priest setting up the fight beforehand.. I'd imagine that each bounty is different depending upon party composition but Mezla (sp?) comes to mind as definitely needing the disables and CC... Yea, yea, what do you have a wizard for if he's never going to cast spells in fights - true. But I prefer to not really rest unless I absolutely have to.. cheers, appreciate hearing your opinion(s)
  12. Sorry Aarik, didn't see the response. No, the perception was organic. Buffed by a couple of items, but base > 14 for sure. This character was re-trained x1 prior to this interaction, prior to the retraining the perception was > 14 tho as well. hope this helps, cheers
  13. GTX 970 here and have noticed the same thing. It's fairly spurrious, definitely not game breaking - but always makes me blink a few times.. I should also note that the nvidia drivers on this machine are up to date, v364.51 at the time of this writing, but I'm pretty sure I've noticed this visual glitch prior to the latest driver update..
  14. Not probably a big deal. But In the Thyrsc dialog the voiceover doesn't match the txt dialog. when he talks about hunting a wolf and "every time I get close it slips away" the voiceover says "every time I get close it just slips away" Like I said, not really noticable but someone somewhere might care ... cheers, great game.
  15. Hey, quick question, Where does one find the Spelltongue unique rapier? http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Unique_Weapons#Fast_one-handed_Weapons It's just listed as "WM1" Thanks!
  16. So this is for the scripted dialog at the end of Act 2 during the Animancy Hearings.. Is there a known bug with a "perception 14 requirement not met" when player's main char has a Per>14? wanted to pick the Perception just because I wasn't sure how common this option would be given future builds, but couldn't for some reason... Anyway, great game, thanks.
  17. if you buy champion or royal edition of PoE or upgrade your current version to one of them you get whole documentary. Yea, the stuff on youtube are just snippets. The whole vid is 84 mins long. Anyway, it was just a general idea that it would be nice if I could share it - sure he could come over and just watch it, but it doesn't always make sense - and in this case, he doesn't even live in the same city... Unfortunately I do not have the GOG version, just the Steam one... I suppose this is a case in point in making the embedded vimeo on Obsidian's website share-able, as why would it be downloadable/sharable via one platform but not the other... meh.. It's too bad, it's a great vid..
  18. See attached screencapture. lemme know if you want a savegame file, cheers. addendum, oops apparently didn't attach capture - this should be better now. Also, this is 3.02.997 (steam) -- I see there's an update now, so maybe this is now fixed anyway... ;\
  19. Hello, Curious, are there any plans on making the 'Making of' Pillars Documentary more widely available? I was wanting to show it to a friend (like just send him a youtube vid or something) but it's only avail via my account. It's been quite a while now that the game's been out and I'd find it hard to think that the backers (of which I am one) would be irked that one of their backer rewards became available to a wider audience... Or at least, could there be a "share" function that generates a link to the vid that works for 24 hours or something? Just a thought, great game, thanks.
  20. As an aside, I was able to get around this via the 'retrain' screen at an inn, no idea if this'll happen for lvl 10 or not, we'll see..
  21. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vc4ygt2oup6e0b7/dfa6b70edff341bba87662704921a9db%2012360211%20TheGrfsRest.savegame?dl=0 for leveling up (lvl 9) main character "Hesreii" just gets a blank screen without any ability to pick abilities or the like. Only option available is "exit". Of note, after lvl 8 I did pay to retrain this character. cheers, -tid242
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