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  1. that's so weird, I read the sentence like 4 times and still didn't catch it. I did think it was weird that Berath was a Watcher tho, I thought it must've been some lore about how she became a god that I missed. you're right tho, my bad for sure.
  2. Bug?? The mouseover for describing attributes does not proc for "bluff" (1st pic), like it does for all of the other attributes (for example stealth, 2nd pic) -tid242 edit: typos, doh
  3. Here's a typo in the pre-game, if one chooses to "return to the wheel" rather than play the game. It reads "Whether it is a long one will depend upon the Watcher Berath chooses in your stead." It should really say "Whether it is a long one will depend upon who the Watcher Berath chooses in your stead." not a big deal, but a little off..
  4. This is a Scavenger Hunt, not The Da Vinci Code))) You're right, He'll definitely need to change it to hexadecimal..
  5. Hard to believe they'd release this with no codes at all? Anyone who can recognize notes hear a 6-chord progression anywhere? I'll admit, I'm tonedeaf myself.. pp
  6. As the title implies, what's the obsidian/pillars discord channel, did I miss it somewhere, or is it only being used for beta's right now? No biggie either way, it just suddenly occurred to me that I wasn't in the channel ;\ -tid242
  7. Hey guys, TSM for doing this, I really don't have the time, nor social media accounts to do a lot of these, so this is really great! Cheers! -tid242 Edit: BTW 2 new codes in this vid today: 6X4EYa aFJJ8F
  8. Sorry to break it to you Boeroer but ... you are. I mean - that is your picture on the side-bar yea? - with one reddish looking eye and one greenish looking eye, weird ears and purple skin. I agree tho, it's strange that she didn't just say it.. ;p
  9. TBH, I'd rather other game features rather than more VO, given a budget where competing for resources between features is a thing. But that's just me. I was just thinking that the OP's suggestion about just having an audiobook type narration of non-VO text seemed like an interesting idea..
  10. I further request that the 'regular reading voice' is the voice of the narrator from Diablo.. In all actuality tho, how much do people get paid to do the voice for an audiobook, anyone know? It's a cool idea for sure..
  11. To chime in late to the topic (haven't checked the forums here much lately).. My main problems with VO is probably the same as everyone else's problems. There's too much VO of annoying voices that I don't like or don't really care about (and would rather just read through the text without waiting for them to say it); and there's not enough VO of the cool voices, and impactful moments that I liked. Pretty easy fix for this, I'm sure, considering everyone's opinions of what constitutes what above varies significantly. Personally I would have liked more VO for the "Master Below", and also the convo between Lady Webb and *spoiler* at the end of the second act. I'm sure it's different for everyone, but these are the two that really stand out for me. It's a difficult line to balance. cheers, good topic thread for sure. -tid242
  12. hmm... Interesting, all the OpenTTD download links dead?
  13. Hey, thought I'd throw this out there. Anyone know of any spiritual successor to Railroad Tycoon 2? (you're running a RR, but also trying to make yourself rich, and monopolize the market). IMHO it's the best of the series. I was hoping that Offworld Trading Co. would fill this niche - but it's a faster "match style" format vs. more of the longer RTS that RR Tycoon 2 was. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  14. Couldn't agree more. My only caveat being that it would be nice for party members left in the boat to "keep up" a little better experience-wise than they tended to be in PoE1.. It seems like pretty much all RPGs since I was a little kid was like this, old Sega games (Phantasy Star, Shining Force, etc) ended up with the 'strong' core party, and then the 'training wheels' side party that mostly just hung out and got drunk (I'm pretty sure this is all they had going on at home base). Some of this was scaling where some chars just never amounted to anything (*cough* Chester, from Shining Force 2 *cough*), but a lot of it was that the alcoholics at home base just never got any XP... The scaling deficiencies should theoretically not be an issue in PoE2, but the XP deficiencies could def be closed.. good discussion, even if it is a re-hash. With multi-classing I'm a /lot/ less concerned about smaller party size anyway, TBH.. cheers,
  15. This is a great idea, actually! Like a "pause when game is idle for X minutes" slider-option. I would always have it pause after it's been sitting for 5 mins myself.. cheers
  16. In the tropical/subtropical Deadfire archipelago? Well, you recall that BP had a section on rescuing walruses in their Deepwater Horizon Gulf (of Mexico) spill. I'd obviously trust their expertise over anyone here.. Also, I believe "fangs" are those things sticking out of their mouths... Similar to elephant fangs.. hah, personally I'd like some desert or jungle inspired forms (since it looks like a lot of the environments may be these) - panthers, armadillos or wild boars being pretty obvious ideas. Otherwise, non-mammal options of arthropods are always interesting - beetles, mantids, etc. recall the Thri-kreen were D&D playable races that were not warm-blooded. cheers -tid242 (btw the 'fangs' comment was a joke, not meant to be offensive of course) Edit: oh, of course, the Monty Python Holy Grail Rabbit shapeshift form is always pretty strong..
  17. ​ ​ Yeah, I'm not buying from a publisher who raises game prices before the Steam Sales. Look at the user reviews : http://store.steampowered.com/app/291650/Pillars_of_Eternity/ Is that how we want PoE to be perceived ? As a bad game, because of a greedy publisher ? PoE has 69% recent NEGATIVE reviews because of them. They got trashed so hard they've actually issued a statement, just yesterday, to roll it back : https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/pricing-change-rollback-information-thread-latest-news-here.1031635/ ​Oh wow, that's brutal.. I hadn't even noticed the Steam "sale" pricing - that is pretty annoying.. Reminds me of when everyone on Amazon gave Spore a 1-star review back in the day because of their crappy DRM.. ​ ​ ​
  18. I'm actually having the related but opposite problem of clicking "yes" to the scale difficulty to party level @ lvl 15, and can't make it past the Berath monk MOBs - so I'm actually 'side questing' Twin Elm to get lvl 16 before going back to WM2. I've been away from that game for several months now, so I might be mis-remembering the specifics but yea.. it's slow slogging through the long game - my goal is to finish and do/see everything before PoE2 comes out. haha.
  19. A little variety can be a good thing. This setting is more like the Age of Exploration than the Middle Ages. For example, on Earth the wheellock was a 16th century invention, which is post-medieval. Pillars in general is post-Medieval, as you point out. Another hint is the way Caed-Nua is called an old-style fortress; fortresses were redesigned to resist cannons. However, as a History teacher who teaches this exact subject to unimpressionable young minds; we have a problem integrating Histories of multiple locations or intuitively seeing history as a gradual change. Unless educated in it, we tend to see history in a linear progression of: Medieval = everything bad (food sucked and plague was everywhere, including in your shoes). Then the Renaissance = Books and **** made people think again and make pretty art. After that the Age of Exploration = Columbus and a bunch of dudes colonized all of America at once and killed the Native Americans with their super-technology. When in reality Shakespeare wrote about colonization in the Tempest; Renaissance militia used a mix of guns and pikes; and that platemail coexisted with guns for a long time. Perhaps most interesting is how violent, superstitious, greedy, and downright medieval most of the explorers were. My favorite primary source of all time is an account of Sir Francis Drake's Journeys where the author talks about robbing churches, eating penguins, and stealing the fire****ter. Pillars is the struggle of a man passionate about middle ages & rennaisance history and fantasy rpgs (Josh Sawyer), trying to keep a balance between them It was always confusing to me why fortresses would need to be redesigned for cannons when a wizard's spells (or dragons a la Harrenhal) represent a much superior tactical technology anyway. It would be much more likely, in high fantasy settings that the emergence of other technologies/knowledge/etc would've forced the sociopolitical realignments that bankrupted the existing power structures that the advent of gunpowder replacing dudes running alongside a huge wheeled stick (or trebuchets, for that matter) did. I'm not a historian, let alone instruct in this subject area - so I'm more than happy not really noticing the anachronistic architectural mixes. In my simple mind I can just chalk it up to gunpowder not really being a paradigm-breaking technological emergence (whereas, in my simple mind the hollow-born blight certainly would be).. @injurai Beautiful post near the top of this thread, btw. Couldn't have said it better myself.. -tid242
  20. So I sacrificed Sagani to the (Skaen) pool of blood. If you look at the character sheet for the main character (Harpey) you'll see the bonus for it. After returning to the Woodend Plain (to do the 'defeat the bleak walker' quest for the soulbound amor), standing at the crossroads is Sagani again - with a dialogue script as if I were talking to her in my party - she's not re-recruitable or anything.. Savegame file here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76147744/bd18322819b942acb8c1e57dbd81810b%2020690558%20WoodendPlains.savegame Strange eh? BTW, your 1MB upload limit is too small to upload a pillars save game file - you should really increase the cap. cheers, -tid242
  21. Excuse my terribly bad knowledge of the lore, but who in Eora decides who deserves to be a saint? Are there churches or other religious groups whose leaders decide so, like in irl? Or is it like a folkish hero cult more akin to pre-christian religions? That is an excellent question who "sainted" Ydwen? (good points btw stargazer) :?)
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