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  1. Could we please get a 3x DLC option to go with the "3 Extra Digital Copies" of PoE2?? It's weird that you wouldn't offer the add-on for the available core game keys.. I've asked this before but it wasn't addressed, thought I'd throw a thread up for the request since funding ends soon. cheers,
  2. Considering that the PoE/WM reward is given out as soon as the campaign ends, and PoE2 codes won't go out for a 1+ year, It's difficult to guess that there'd be anything other than 2 keys. A related question is whether the PoE/WM key will be a PoE Season Pass, or 2 separate keys for PoE and another key for WM (if, for example someone wants WM for themselves and intends to give PoE to a friend or something)
  3. There should just be the option to throw the chair in the ship's closet and have a crew manage the ship for all you haters out there... ... Or at least be able to interact with either to manage your affairs and a scripted interaction to have the chair above deck, or below deck, or in the closet, etc...
  4. Is Ydwen/Ydwin a common name with alternative spellings (like Mohammed or Yossef)? I can't help but notice that the possible 8th companion has the same name as St. Ydwen's Redeemer..
  5. First, it seemed lazy. There are no people in Caed Nua except the guards. Second, it gives me too much of a science fiction vibe. Bah! No fun! Fair enough, I didn't feel the same way, although I didn't find her to be 'super freggin awesome' or anything either. I thought she/it was fine.. In her defense, there was the dude stuck in that statue in Defiance Bay..
  6. Could we please get a 3x DLC option to go with the "3 Extra Digital Copies" of PoE2?? It's weird that you wouldn't offer the add-on for the available core game keys.. Anyway, I'll toss in my 2 cents on whether the season pass is "worth it" - for PoE WM1+2 were $30 combined and they didn't go on sale for at least a year, IIRC the additional backer cost was $20. So in a strict financial sense it was "worth it" if you would've wanted WM at 2/3 the retail price. You can, of course, layer on more esoteric reasons to add or subtract from the value of pre-buying, ultimately it comes down to individual opinion. Personally, if I'm going to buy it later anyway, I'd rather just buy it now - it's easier, and helps get to the stretch goals that I'd like to see reached. cheers, -tid242
  7. Ban this dirty and terrible man! On a more on-topic note: What do you guys think about the 'Sidekicks' as presented?
  8. Well, they did kill Elvis Presley ... and Jimmy Hoffa... Honestly, at this point the 'Sidekicks' sound a lot more interesting/colorful than the 'Companions' - I mean, the flaky alcoholic and a guy who can only mumble in a foreign language? - definite party picks IMHO. Although, I'll be the first to admit that not much has actually been revealed about the companions, I'm sure they're going to be totally awesome, chars with a schtick just always have such an immediate visceral appeal .. Besides, just you wait and see - the sidekick that speaks no known tongue - talk about an obvious avenue for additional content (expansions, sequels, etc). It might just be to Pillars what the Ring of Sauron was to tie the Hobbit into LoTR.. this is a good thread though, thoughtful discussion. Yes less tactical complexity (5 actions/time vs 6), but hopefully it'll have me hitting 'pause' less...
  9. I for one am totally happy giving a 5-member party a go, especially with multiclassing suspecting that smaller parties are both more viable and interesting. Obviously, they feel that the player experience is ultimately better with this choice.. If it's horrible for some reason it's not like it can't ever be addressed ever again by an update or something..
  10. And, like Dragons, they should be able to cast spells... ... And engage in witty banter, obviously.. ;p
  11. I tend to agree that pathological NPCs with issues that are not well adjusted tend to be the more interesting.. With WM they did add some characters along these lines but... and this is the problem with, like, every video game ... by the time you get to WM these recruits kind of fill in the edges of the core 'watcher + Eder + Durance + Aloth + Pal" party. I feel like Eder and Durance are pretty normal. Aloth has issues, but doesn't embrace them and tries to be normal instead, and I like Pallegina because she quitely has issues with power and authority, but isn't weird about it.. Hopefully there is a greater selection of early NPCs to build out the party with some of the more colorful ones from the get-go. Or when/if there is an expansion it inserts the new char offerings further up into the very early game..
  12. Per encounter undead hosing skills/spells for Paladins would feel pretty good. Something along the lines of the 6th lvl DnD spell "undead to death" foir example. Or, if going a tanky route, maybe some sort of hard resistance to some of the annoying on-hit crap that seems to pervade undead encounters.. just a thought..
  13. This description is how I love dragons to be portrayed.. Not just a huge monster, not a flock of them with dude's riding them, etc. But majestic and awesome in their own right.. "By the end of the poem, gold has suffered a radiation from the Christian vision. It is not that it yet equals the riches in the medieval sense of worldly corruption, just that its status as the ore of all value has been put in doubt. It is lne, transitory, passing from hand to hand, and its changed status is registered as a symptom of the changed world. Once the dragon is disturbed, the melancholy and sense of displacement that pervade the last movement of the poem enter the hoard as a disabling and ominous light. And the dragon himself, as a genius of the older order, is bathed in this light, so that even as he begins to stir, the reader has a premonition that the days of his empery are numbered. Nevertheless, the dragon has a wonderful inevitability about him and a unique glamour. It is not that the other monsters are lacking in presence and aura; it is more that they remain, for all their power to terrorize, creatures of the physical world. Grendel comes alive in the reader’s imagination as a kind of dog-breath in the dark, a fear of collision with some hard-boned and immensely strong android frame, a mixture of Caliban and hoplite. And while his mother too has a definite brute-bearing about her, a creature of slouch and lunge on land if seal-swift in the water, she nevertheless retains a certain non-strangeness. As antagonists of a hero being tested, Grendel and his mother possess an appropriate head-on strength. The poet may need them as figures who do the devil’s work, but the poem needs them more as figures who call up and show off Beowulf’s physical strength and his superb gifts as a warrior. They are the right enemies for a young glory-hunter, instigators of the formal boast, worthy trophies to be carried back from the grim testing-ground – Grendel’s hand is ripped off and nailed up, his head severed and paraded in Heorot. It is all consonant with the surge of youth and the compulsion to win fame ‘as wide as the wind’s home, / as the sea around cliffs’, utterly a manifestation of the Germanic heroic code. Enter then, fifty years later, the dragon – from his dry-stone vault, from a nest where he is heaped in coils around the body-heated gold. Once he is wakened, there is something glorious in the way he manifests, a Fourth of July effulgence fireworking its path across the night sky; and yet, because of the centuries he has spent dormant in the tumulus, there is a foundedness as well as a lambency about him. He is at once a stratum of the earth and a streamer in the air, no painted dragon but a figure of real oneiric power, one that can easily survive the prejudice that arises at the very mention of the word ‘dragon’. Whether in medieval art or modern Disney cartoons, the dragon can strike us as far less horrific than he is meant to be, but in the final movement of Beowulf he lodges himself in the imagination as wyrd rather than wyrm, more a destiny than a set of reptilian vertebrae. Grendel and his mother enter Beowulf’s life from the outside, accidentally, challenges which in other circumstances he might not have taken up, enemies from whom he might have been distracted or deflected. The dragon, on the other hand, is a given of his home ground, abiding in his under-earth as in his understanding, waiting for the meeting, the watcher at the ford, the questioner who sits so sly, the ‘lion-limb’, as Gerard Manley Hopkins might have called him, against whom Beowulf’s body and soul must measure themselves. Dragon equals shadow-line, the psalmist’s valley of the shadow of death, the embodiment of a knowledge deeply ingrained in the species – the knowledge, that is, of the price to be paid for physical and spiritual survival." https://www.wwnorton.com/college/english/nael/beowulf/introbeowulf.htm -tid242 addendum: sorry for the nonstandard characters, it apparently can't display them. meh
  14. Dragons really are beautiful creatures (in mind, body, mythology), it's too bad the trope tends to get overused IMHO. I found the Dragons in Pillars to be tastefully sparse, interesting and powerful - I can only imagine that P2 will be similar.. -tid242
  15. What one earth does entitlement have to do with it? :D If you continue from a saved game, you are continuing the story of the world as it developed in that save game. If Eder died, then he is gone. That has nothing whatsoever to do with entitlement or lack thereof and everything to do with consequence and consistency. Without getting too far off topic. 1) Someone who buys/funds the game is I think about as entitled as one really is to anything in life to have access to a rich and intrinsically rewarding experience as anyone else who buys/funds with or without Eder. I would posit that this is only fair.. 2) I was mostly responding to the comment suggesting that since only a minority of players off'ed the dude, it didn't matter - which I think is contrary to the above point. So yea... if Eder died, I wasn't suggesting that he be resurrected or zombified or whathaveyou. Just that a player have equally "good" NPC choices without him, or have the ability to start a new game (ie not from the save state) without him being pre-dead at game start. I'm pretty sure that the team has this issue covered, but this may not have been immediately clear to the OP, hence the response rebuking the comment saying that (s)he's SOL, in so many words. cheers, -tid242
  16. RACISTS!!!1!!! nah j/k, that's interesting I didn't know that. Thanks for the lore update @doppelschwert and @blotter , I wouldn't have guessed it..
  17. Story-wise your character must be fun at parties. In my run Zahua gets to swim in a blood pool, though Hah, I think Durance gave her an "amused" look, so basically.... yes. Zahua... definitely deserved for acting too tough. ;p -tid242
  18. On a related note, is there such thing as a "Half-Godlike"? (I assume that there are half-elves, half dwarves and the like in Eora? Blenders and straws my friend, ... blenders and straws... -tid242
  19. Well, just because someone decides to kill off one NPC over another doesn't mean that that player is any less entitled to rewarding NPC's in the sequel, IMHO. I think the OP has a totally valid point. I personally killed of Sagani 1st chance I got, because I found her to be hella-annoying (I also don't like Aloth), I can only assume that other people hated the NPCs that I liked, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Everyone's entitled to their opinions.. That all being said, I think that the team has alluded to the fact that they are working on a work-around for this, either starting from a non-save-state, or something else. So I don't suspect that it'll hold you back too much if you killed off the "wrong" NPCs. cheers -tid242
  20. I might be older than you, but when I was younger it was the wild west and no one ever had a legit copy of any game. Just the way it was, I'm not sorry.. But like you, now I over-buy games and the means to do so are never, ever, in question. My theory is that people that played games as kids were the only people who survived because they learned how to "play the game" of life by applying their min/maxing skills to the real world, and they're really the only people that ended up having the means to afford, not just video games, but an intrinsically meaningful life for themselves today. Again, nothing to be sorry about there either.. But I'm with you, there're plenty of kick-ass games to play today, so no rush on any particular one. Wasn't it Feargus who said "it's late until it ships, but it sucks forever."? cheers mate.. -tid242
  21. There totally needs to be a "pet creator" somewhere in the game.. Just sayin'.. ;o -tid242
  22. You could say the same about virtually anything in the game. It assumes that you wear gear, wield weapons, and make use of talents and abilities. How is it different from I.E. games in this regard? Sure, sure. I'm not arguing that pots are good or bad, or better than or worse than other features, or that me not liking them are internally consistent (humans are not internally consistent, you may have noticed). Merely that I don't like pots as a personal opinion. I realize that other people really enjoy pot strategy, and I'm totally cool with that. I was just being cheeky by suggesting that they just remove those lame libations.. If I were really serious about it, I'd start a hate thread about them.. In response to an earlier post DoT effects may trace their buggyness back to the fact that heartbeat scripts have always been somewhat resource intensive, so there's always some kind of funky work-around to try to get them to fire less often.. just a thought. cheers, -tid242
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