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  1. Most bugs seem related to import save. I kinda wish they implemented it differently and made it so you can choose in more detail what you did in the last game kinda like how Dragon Age inquisition did it without having to play a whole new playthrough.
  2. I usually really like staffs/Quaterstaffs on my wizard but I sometimes make him wield swords just cos they look cool. Unfortunately most staffs looked quite ugly in pillars except that soulbound one I found in white march. I guess if they make an option where you can choose what type of weapon you are making that would be best like others suggested. For example they could make it part of a quest were you are helping an animancer do an experiment or something like that and surprise! You suddenly get talking weapon created.
  3. Well I don't know much about ships but the ship in game looks very similar to the model you showed so not sure what's the big deal. I guess I would agree it looks a bit too squarish at the back and the bottom sides so it would definitely need more tweeking to make it look more sleek. We should be getting more ship types now, I have no doubt we will reach the 4mil goal, hopefully they will be more to your liking. Personally I can't wait to see the Valian ship type. Also it is a Fantasy game so they don't really have to stick to real life historical versions though I get there can't be that
  4. Isn't Fulvano dead already? You find his body in PoE 1 along with other dead people wearing his stuff.
  5. A Vithrack Cipher would make such an awesome companion. Though I somehow doubt there will be any. Though I guess there might be hope they come as "side-kicks".
  6. It did bother me in scripted interactions where my wizard would use physical strength to move some huge boulder, or push a wall down with his bare hands, or lift people with his fist... why do all that when you have awesome magic at your disposal!? I choose Wizard because...Magic! The might system is fine as is. They just need to change some wording in interactions involving wizards. If a flimsy wall blocks my way then I should be able to blast it down with a fireball or something. etc... Now in most scripted interactions using physical strength used up fatigue which is why I think spe
  7. Raising your own dragon would also be pretty awsome like from that pet wurm you get in PoE 1 but I guess that would be too much to ask for and it does kinda reduce a Dragons prestige and awesomeness to have it as a pet haha...
  8. I agree. I would definitely love more colourful companions. I liked PoE characters but more freaky types would be most welcome. Also most characters were too good. We don't really get any really evil companions or at least something like the Domenels type evil. I haven't really played the white march expansion companions yet so I don't know about them.
  9. Exactly. Almost every game has this "12 year old's cringey hornyness", with Xena chainmail on the one hand and ridiculous non-explicit true love story dialogue on the other hand. While in reality people flirt, tease, and fu*k, that are basic parts of human interactions. Now tell me how many Quests you know in cRPG where sex is a possible solution? I am not saying this should be standard, but for some characters this should be a viable way to approach things. Well BG did it well imo but if you guys actually want graphic scenes I hardly think this type of game would fit such a thing. Mig
  10. I don't understand... where did they say they are removing the current health split mechanic, and why? I thought it was quite an interesting mechanic...
  11. Will we be seeing a lot of new dragons in PoE2? Also what I would love most to know if there might be a chance of meeting some old dragon friends in the second game? I just love dragons and I usually always try to find a way to befriend them even though fighting them is also an epic achievement but so far in PoE1 I still haven't brought myself to do it yet (Also because I was unable to succeed) Anyway I ask simply because it might affect the play-trough I am currently doing.
  12. Yeah I feel like a lot of times enemies are ignoring my engagement. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or there is a bug...or maybe I am missing something? I know you can't engage with ranged weapons, I am talking about enemies ignoring my melee front liners. Anyway that said I only played a small portion of white march and it happened to be on Path of the damn difficulty. I ended up restarting the game because it was too frustrating for me but I still think it was doable. I just didn't want to have to wipe like 10 times every time to be successful. Then again path of the damn was mean
  13. I rather have 6 to be honest because I always want more companion interactions. Especially in multiple playthroughs, there are always those companions I get attached to which I don't want to replace so a bigger party gives me more choice on who to replace so I can experience other companion stories/personalities.
  14. Why are we limited to only 1 trap? Seems a bit too underwhelming to have only just one trap. Most of the time I barely bother and they just accumulate in my inventory. Can't they be buffed a little with some restrictions? For example each character can lay 1 trap each if they have the mechanics for it. Furthermore traps cannot be overlapped on the same area. Make maximum of three traps at least instead of one maybe. If they still prove too strong they could always be made to do less damage or make it so consecutive traps do less damage. Maybe they can even make AI of certain higher level e
  15. I'd choose the first three but more character customization is definitely something I'd want since there just seems the most lack of, but at least you can find custom portraits from elsewhere. Also maybe a greater variety of in-game equipment might be quite nice like be able to enchant more than just weapon and chest piece and more nice looking robes/armor later in the game.
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