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  1. Rip Obsidian, and thanks for all the great games in the past. I will remember you as you were.
  2. With all these decisions to dumb down game play, i have to wonder who they think their core audience are. Poe already had simpler combat than the IE games in spite of being billed as a "spiritual successor" to Baldur's Gate, and even that was apparently too confusing for their intended audience. Poe managed to raise the kind of money it did precisely because no one was making deep complex rpgs anymore, so who exactly are asking for all this "streamlining"?
  3. That was already a thing in poe, and will undoubtedly be introduced in poe2 as well. 1 handed was actually the best dps option for a while when poe was in beta.
  4. To make it a viable choice for the entire game without making it the only weapon anyone would use, perhaps it could occupy a different slot than your weapons and grant a once pr combat ability? Or, how about a sentient floating sword which could fill that 6th party member slot?
  5. That could actually windup being in the game, as we may get a ship stronghold this time around.
  6. 1 Spellcrafting for mages (over, say lv 20?) as one of the defining traits of an arch mage is the creation of their own unique spells. 2 Unique combat animations based on weapon type, similar to what kotor did ages ago. 3 Removal of the engagement system, and a year of bad hair days for whoever came up with it.
  7. Would love to see some more exotic races explored as companions in POE2. For example an outcast Vithrack, or really any other sentient "monsters" with an unexplored culture. One of my fondest memories from Planescape torment was getting to know Da'kkon and the ways of his people via dialogue, and i would love to see something similar in POE2. Besides, with all the adventuring parties running around now a days you really need a 20ft ogre or something to stand out from the crowd and get into the good taverns.
  8. The problem with POE's combat was not so much the speed as the amount of damage going in and out. You barely have time to cast more than 3-5 spells before most fights are over, which does not really leave much room for tactical flexibility. There were a few exceptions, most notably dragons, but they were just that, exceptions. The best fight i ever had in POE was my 1st run where i went straight for Raderic with only Eder, Aloth and my monk. Had to utilize every spell, potion and skill with presicion and the fight probably lasted 10-15 minutes. Almost felt like i playing Baldurs Gate2 again for the first time. It never got that good again
  9. Recurring prestigious visitors do not show up in the keep. The time until departure countdown is there, but they never actually appear. Azzuro also does not sell any items via the usual interface in addition to not being present. I did not solve Azzuro's or any of the other visitors quests with gold, which is what used to trigger this bug.
  10. For the expansion i would love another large city, possibly even bigger than defiance bay. Also an npc with mechanics, and if possible the ability to remove/hide all those immersion breaking backer npc's. For the sequel: 1: Better combat - No more engangement mechanic, no "door funneling", reduction of repetition, no more gamebreakingly overpowered spells and abilities (perma stun, endless aoe knockdowns etc) and alot more focus on tactical gameplay. 2: More reactivity 3: Better class balance 4: More use of none combat skills, and alot less need for maxed mechanic. 5: Single character stealth(only) and combat abilities built around that. 6: Avelone back on the team (at gunpint if nessesary)
  11. Have to say i am extremly impressed by what you have managed to create here, especially considering the relatively short time and small budget it was done with. Between this, new vegas and southpark (aswell as the writing in alpha protocol) it is in no way hyperbolic to call you the most impressive development studio around today. Thank you so very much
  12. Have this bug aswell on my cipher after equipping amulet of the unconquerable. Thats my 2nd character "killed" by a major bug so far
  13. Found a bug that will permanently ruin a cipher: If you equip the neck item "Talisman of the unconquerable" on a cipher he will suddenly only be able to generate 2 focus per hit, even with draining whip,aswell as get a permanent +2 int bonus. If you remove the item he will no longer be able to generate focus in combat at all.
  14. There are lots of positive threads, but after a while they all look kinda samey so i guess after a while people do not see the need for yet another "thank you" thread. Plus, many of the people who are wasting time on the forums instead of playing are probably the ones who did not like the game or, like me, have run into some kind of gamebreaking bug.
  15. So, you are sharing those with us kickstarter backers, right? Ill take that red velvety one.. you have my contact info.
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