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  1. Is the unity engine. sad they cant fix anything about it.
  2. If wasteland is based on Pillars of eternity assets and engine why they have a awesome menu with 3d options why pillars of eternity don't offer the same menu?, i just test the shadows on Wasteland directors cut and is a big hit on CPU when you disable/enable it.
  3. Any mod to change video options? Like shadows, lightning etc.
  4. I want one to disable shadows, shadows on games always have a high impact on CPU, and this engine eat too much CPU. The performance option on video is for disable Anti-Aliasing, it's a slider with 3 options, the low one is for disable it, still my game run like **** if you have a good video card like me make no difference.
  5. Why the installer don't detect the version and prevent the installation if the version is not the correct?
  6. Try to roleplay in the game, next time choose other option. Saludos.-
  7. Is normal Problem is -MacBook Pro and this -Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 4000 You really want play a game with good graphics and only use 50% of the system? (so it don't get hot)
  8. Recheck your files, or see if you have a mod or something.
  9. Any idea when is going to be released the official 1.06 patch?
  10. This guy never see the list of bugs that have vanilla Baldur's gate...
  11. Official Release date for the 1.05 is?
  12. Awesome, can't wait for the official release.
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