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  1. Even with autosave disabled, it still taking longer than intended.
  2. Following a Steam forum discussion (http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/617336568080284480/), I decided to post this issue here. I have 8-10s loading screens when entering building, and 20-30s loading when exiting. Not counting the initial game loading. No matter if I use my HDD or my SSD (same time, more or less a few seconds). According to people on the topic, with auto saves on, loading screens should be twice as fast, if not more. So I went on youtube, and check random let's play. Some of them had long loading screens like myself, and others didn't. So it seems it's a bug, and quite frankly, it's annoying (speaking to Lady Webb is 1m30-2m from loading screen only). It's not a computer issue. Loading times on numerous games like Battlefield 3, The Secret World, Age of Conan, Rome Total War 2 are really, really shortened by the use of my SSD. Not to mention simply booting windows. Disabling autosave shorten the loading time by some amount, but it's still long. 7-8s entering, "only" 10-15s exiting. I'm adding the Dxdiag to this post. I know my HDD and SSD are rather full, but as I said, it doesn't cause any issues with anything else. DxDiag.txt
  3. 4/5. Not a perfect game, with flaws, but I like it. The lost point include (personal opinion mostly ) : -terrible pathfinding (it will probably be fixed, no big deal) -some companions are lacking in unique content. -no romance. I'm talking good ones, ala BG2/jade empire, not DA2. Not a big deal either, but I would have enjoyed it. -the stronghold is pretty much useless. From the people who made NWN2 stronghold, I expected something better. -level cap is way too soon. Also, more way to "upgrade" your characters, like the prestige class in D&D, would have been appreciated. Something you can say "it's built MY way". Still an amazing game, and I hope it will grow more and more with the expansions. Just like BG grew.
  4. I received my CE today, but the box itself was almost empty, except for a huge white carbox. No Prima guide, almanach....
  5. The box finally arrived. For those who wonder, you don't have to sign anything (IE no code to follow on internet). Mine was dropped into the mailbox. Also, the box was almost empty, only a manual, the badge, and the cloth map was inside the box. No prima guide, no almanach... nothing else. A big empty box.
  6. According to a mail I received, I should have had my goodies between the 15th and the 17th. Still nothing. I'm going in vacation this thursday, for about 10 days. Which mean I'll probably receive my items while I'll be gone. I hope it will not be returned to the sender. Or merely dropped into my mailbox. Quite frankly, if I had known it would go that way, I would not have backed the game, but just did a preorder instead. I would have my items by now. I am very disappointed.
  7. From France. I just received a mail from Paradox telling me they are shipping my items. I should receive them next week. I'm a bit disappointed we did the survey and ask to be shipped the goods without the game first, so we could have it at launch, and still have to wait weeks for it. What was the point ? It's no big deal, but I've finished the game by now. I feel for those who wait for it before playing it.
  8. I just had the same issue. I saved while I had the bug, but I was still able to reload and have the pet back. Some infos : Happened right after/before the blood pit on the endless path level 1. Double clicking on the pet still worked, and my camera moved to the room before, near the sw wall. I had a minor bug with the blood pit "cutscene" triggering twice (the second time I just had the camera that started moved toward the pit for a second or so, before the game went back as normal). No idea if it's related or not. I clicked on the blood pit, and tried the "jump down" for fun (saved right before), then load back. I don't know if I did it after or before loosing the pet, so it might be related, or not. Now, I don't know if it will works for everyone. To "restore" my save, I used alt-f4 for a fast quit of the game, then load an earlier auto save. Pet was back. However, my quicksave made after he left was still bugged (and broke all my save thereafter, I had to alt-f4 again, and reload the autosave).
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