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  1. Thanks for the reply Matt, exactly what I was looking for. Patch 1.05 it is then
  2. Hi Matt, I understand that accepting the second quest from the dozens locks you out from quests from the CK faction. The general sentiment in the linked threads is that this is not very clear, and being locked out is kinda harsh. If you notice the quoted comment from developer Oscuro, he says that this will be retroactively fixed in an upcoming patch. This indicated fix did not arrive in 1.03 nor does it seem it will arrive in 1.04, what I am wondering is, if it might be possible to get a status update on the fix. Is it coming at all and if so when? As other people have mentioned it seem
  3. Basically it concerns not being able to accept further quests from the crucible knights just from accepting the second the dozens quest. more info in these links, here and here Developer chimed in indicating a fix with 1.04, but it seems from beta people and patch notes that the fix is not included. Is it possible to get an update on the fix, and might we see it in 1.04 yet? Sorry about getting all demandy, but I've depleted all other activities, I really don't wanna side with the dozens and I'm getting sort of antsy
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