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  1. You'd be taking about direct democracy 'changing things' if you lived in a multiple party system. We do - and it's the same bull****, albeit on a smaller scale. Voting blocks graviate towards an effective two party system anyway. The problem is systemic to power itself. I can recommend this book for a good dose of cynisism https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1328737207l/11612989.jpg
  2. History disagrees with that statement, it has to be forced - often with violent systemic backlash from those who wish to maintain their status. Then the next generation doesn't understand what all the fuss was about - but one thing is sure- discrimination of X is in no way similar to the discrimination of Y.
  3. Feeling out of place has always been dangerous for your mental wellbeing. Being poor, a part of minorites and even worse, something not socially accepted, tend to rake up the suicide numbers. And that has always been used by the empowered to justify discrimination. From forced sterilisation of homosexuals ("they are sick! Look at those suicide numbers!") to even criminalizing poverty. A dandy world view..
  4. DeHann is 31. I liked the film, but I do think that Valerian's character doesn't seem to quite work. Not really sure its a casting problem a conceptual problem within the script itself. Perhaps, he was originally written as something of a mysogonist, that warmed up to Laureline. Mostly used to illustrate the feminist writer's view on men. In time he became a pretty interesting character, but if they've only used The City of A Thousand Planets, as source materiel, I can see why he was so wooden.
  5. Tried it s few times, hard game to learn, especially without any graphic mods.
  6. It's actually a different and much better program than Mod Manager. Mod Organizer (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1334/) creates a simulated data folder, so starting over or correcting mistakes is actually possible as it never alters the base files. Not even the ini's
  7. They're pretty great - if you do reinstall New Vegas - make sure to grab Mod Organizer. It's makes the whole modding experience about 3 times smoother.
  8. spoilers: They are in too much of hurry this season and the Ironborn storyline is suffering for it - building that many ships that fast - the Kraken axe, using Carracks for ramming - the cannonball catapults. All of them signs that the writers are busy getting to the next 'cool' moment, rather than building up proper suspense. Which is what actually makes story culminations awesome. Having Euron hunt them with a much smaller fleet, out- thinking, flanking and maneuvering them, would work so much better. Also for establishing him as a character to fear.
  9. Thread pruned, let's stay on topic and not let things get personal.
  10. I really do not understand their choice here at all - Valérian is a little old and more of a classic sci-fi cowboy, who relies on his quick-draw and smooth talker skills to get him out of trouble. With Laureline being the actual competent one of the two. While I have respect for DeHaan in some of his other roles, he's way too young and the role was written much more like a renegade Commander Shephard. Didn't fit the source material at all.
  11. Closed due to length, new iteration here.
  12. Old thread here. Last few posts: This sounds dumb as hell, imo. I don't mind them making a new spin-off tv show, but this reads like a real crap idea that is forced to contradict established lore. This sounds dumb as hell, imo. I don't mind them making a new spin-off tv show, but this reads like a real crap idea that is forced to contradict established lore.
  13. Closed due to length. New thread here.
  14. Latest post in last thread. Was about to share that. I'm not too convinced... It looks intriguing but I'm getting a bit of an Avatar / Valerian vibe from it. It's basically a 40 something author writing a story about a teenager in the future who worships 80's nostalgia in the uber-geek manner by playing an MMO based around it, and thereby gaining world shaking power, influence, respect and the girl. Your mileage may vary depending on how you like your pop culture references dropped every other paragraph.
  15. Seems like Guillermo got to make the Abe Sapian origin movie he always wanted - cool. Also, closed for length, new thread here.
  16. Huh, never knew they just took random Asian educational videos and used those for NPC dialouge in Oblivion and Skyrim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ywOd4Vg2sU
  17. *sponsored killing brought to you by the biggest arms dealers in the world. I guess the biggest difference is how openly the corruption, self interest and wanton disregard for civil rights is being conducted - but then Trump just a ordinary businessman - he doesn't have the network to do it more covertly like the Clintons or Bushs.
  18. Hmm, I was expecting far worse - this actually looks interesting. Seems like they were able to keep the humor and tongue-in-cheek of the first intact.
  19. Let's chill with the troll comments people - and keep it on topic! And obviously bald people are the paragon of good, have you never played Hitman?.. Oh wait, Max Payne - hmmm.. Also playing a bald evil guy with a beard in Skyrim.
  20. I've never seen anyone, in a wellpaying job, work efficiently. Fast maybe - meticulous a few times... But never with efficiency. Rich lavoreres are especially inefficient, but then they have to be, to actually make a decent living.
  21. And it's even better in coop. Have you tried Swat2? A different game entirely, but very well thought out, with a pretty cool dynamic element to the story progression based on the quality of you police work.
  22. Well we've never tried democracy without a monetary system, so we don't really know. Might work better without it. As for your last point, interesting a similar argument could be laid against capitalism. You cannot not participate, as capitalism in general relies on private ownership of property - and since all property has basically been apropriated, non particupation is practically impossible. Either you're free by work and ownership - or you starve.
  23. Capitalism certainly kill less of the citizen that benefit from it and it does so much differently than failed communism states, who brutalizes those who oppose it's political ideology. But to say that capitalism has completely blood-free hands is equally naive. We allow millions to die of starvation and disease, because it would be unprofitable to cure the cause. We can sugarcoat it in as much ideology as we want, but those are hard facts. In it's worst manifestation, imperialism, capitalism also drives nations to invade and and conquer other nations to offset trade imbalances and export suffering away from those who benefit from it - it is, by a very large degree, one of the best systems we have devised for building a middle class. But it does not come without suffering. Edit: this is not to advocate communism by the way - I'm in no way a supporter of that system. Just to say that we too easily discard the true cost of our way of life.
  24. Hey, I can do it too Both system are less than ideal.. And while Capitalism certainly worked wonders from 1750 til 1980 - it's starting to show weaknesses. It's designed for a closed system of exponential industrial growth, that requires ever increasing capital, which is pretty hard to achieve on a finite planet hitting its sustainable population limit. But perhaps crytpo-currency might save capitalism and make it compatible with an electronic age - there's after all room for exponential growth in human ingenuity. If we don't do something however, we might be adding a fifth to that list above.
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