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  1. The 'right' as you call it, started as a 'left' movement against conservatism, which they identified as 'right' and actively rallied against - as such, many liberal parties today have 'left' something in their names, if they were founded earlier than ~1920. The historical 'right' has always sided with the Hobbes argument of the 'social contract' which supersedes individual rights - especially if larger economic interests were 'threatened'. They may have moved towards the ever used 'private property' argument of Locke. But even so called 'anarcho capitalist' seem to have have little problem with individual rights being trampled, as long as it is done in the name of the glorious 'free market'. The 'left' is not better mind you - Marxists and their somewhat more palpable modern alternative 'social democrats'; are just as eager to thwart your rights, they're just a bit more polite about it - citing 'the greater good' - and might even pay you, or offer free services in exchange, if they like you that is.
  2. The Lead Writer of Half Life released his pitch for the story of episode 3. The original link is down, but the OP in this thread linked to a saved github. Snipped just for the ending Ending on a somewhat sombre note. Suggesting we'll never see an episode 3 or HL3 with the current dev enviroment. Full thing for those who want that
  3. Plus as Volo points out- she really is (has become) a psychopathic killer - classic DnD MurderHobo.
  4. Wise I think but for me at least, it's more a case of 'straw that broke the camels back' .. There's been a lot of little things that were stupid ever since they went beyond the books, but this showed that they've fundamentally misunderstood why the books were interesting. And I just hate when TV writers **** up the source material. It's so easy not to and people very clearly rewarded HBO for actually writing a show that broke with conventions - why then return to them? But then, if they were good writers, they'd write good books and not tv shows.
  5. That's announcement trailers for ya.. "there's going to be a game - stay tuned"
  6. Also looking at a map of Westeros makes the whole 'to the rescue' thing even more ridiculous .. That's more than 4000 km in 1 day.
  7. Yeah it's clear the story is being written by TV show writers now, which is a shame, because they are falling back on all the tropes that GoT broke with - the reason why it got so popular. And so we're circling the oh so tired ridiculous plot armors and story progressing towards the 'rule of cool' rather than logical consistency. Now, it's still a good show, but this is exactly what I feared would happen when they ran out of books - TV writers are extremely bad at thinking ahead - they're always looking for a 'red wedding' or 'frozen lake' moment - not realizing that when your entire show only revolves around that, you actually diminish what makes those scenes epic in the first place.. The logical and emotional backdrop. This season has been in way too much of a rush and at the same time very little character progression has happened - 'cool' battles though - plenty of those.
  8. The army marched all the way north to deal with the guys in the cave and then south again - I imagine that takes some time
  9. Yeah, here's hoping the next 365 days are gonna treat you better Barti.
  10. I understand it's annoying that your favorite political spectrum hosted such barbarism - and the word gets thrown around too much. But this not pointed towards the average voter to the right, just like 'commie' and 'SJ warrior' should not be pointed towards anyone, simply because they are to the left of you. But we are seeing a rise of nationalistic fueled racism, with some pretty scary undertones - calling people Nazi who advocates segregation, racial profiling, internment of political adversaries, curtailing basic liberties, censorship and hardcore spinning of news .. is not out of the line.
  11. It's basically any extremism - communist or fascist. It's just that the alt-right are a bit better at the polite robbery of rights, property and liberty - and using their violent supporters more indirectly than anti-fa groups etc.
  12. Let's tone down the rhetoric, we are after all not discussing international politics here - just a walk toggle function.
  13. If history repeats itself, I'll at least take some solace in the fact that the brownshirts will get a taste of their own medicine after they strongarm the fascists in. Historical awareness not being their strong-suit and all.
  14. I heard the expression once - "if you're writing about dragons, you better get the horses right". You can go crazy with the fantasy elements, but anything pertaining or relating to reality, better be as close to it as possible (or at least explained properly) If you don't, then all rules might as well be out the window - why can't Cercei fly when she wants to? It's not a show about realism after all.
  15. Heh, yeah they've really fine tuned the game. The story is still pretty disorganized, even though the lore expansions have done a great deal to remedy that. But honestly, it's probably (aside from Diablo II) the only loot'em up I've ever actually enjoyed playing.
  16. That's luckily cleared up, the latency is awesome - on top of that, they fixed the biggest issue since then - you can buy skill gems now! :D and the flicker strike glass cannon is still a viable build..
  17. Nah, you're 'just' bumped to the normal league - but there are better drops etc on hardcore, due to some of the boss modifiers etc, so that's why people wanna stay.
  18. Nipton, Mojave has been bought by a drug company .. looks like Cesar's Legion was on to something. Maybe you should stop by there Calax, and buy a lottery ticket?
  19. Not historically uncommon either - very powerful houses sometimes didn't want to marry off younger sons or daughters too soon, in order to limit the number of potential future claimants. That and it seems there's a tradition in Westeros for 'Cadet branching', like the Karstarks - meaning any family member not directly in line of succession or from the main family, would either seek different means of income and prestige or adopt a different name and start a new smaller house.
  20. There's a number of things in play here, that did not get conveyed in the show. Speaking from historically comparative point of view. First of all, it's a feudal soceity, so 100k is summoned and not a standing army - many being busy harvesting or preparing for winter. Second, in a feudal society a house rises and falls on it's ability to produce heirs and alliances, in this respect House Tyrell was a losing house and Lannister allying themselves with Tarly would very quickly cause the other local houses to fall in line. After all, the Tarly's could easily continue buisness as is and prevent a very devastating power struggle.
  21. Dogs I can believe -- after all, they are trained by humans and can pick up on those owner biases. But yeah, the last one is just silly. The person is referring to the fact that society in general invests a greater deal of money to protect rich neighborhoods, which is predominately white - and will often only react to protect the shoreline of less profitable places, after heavy death tolls. As racial minorities often live in these places, she is arguing that the environmental protection focus is racial, even though it is more of economic class issue. Not as funny though...
  22. C&C and Red Alert 1 were pretty rad games back in the day - do they hold up to modern playthroughs?
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