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  1. I think the reasoning is rather than wash our hands after saying "it's their own damn fault", you try to symptathize with "why?" - but perhaps that asking too much?
  2. I don't think I'll ever really understand that sentiment.. Most of the people you find on the street are there because their support network was a drain on them, rather than an actual support. Getting your life in order is next to impossible completely on your own and many are saddled with abusive parents, ptsd or a host of other disabilities. Just having constructive friends is clearly a luxury most of us take for granted.
  3. Typical emotional response, you see an article or a pircture and you're with ready with pitchforks and torches to blame the individual. Snark aside, you're right in that we should always consider all options. A person dying though, requires more scrutiny.
  4. There's of course a lot of different combinations of colorblindess, but I actually have almost all of them rolled into one effective package. So I have a big problem differentiating between anything but prime colors - and I could easily play Crysis, most of the aliens moved very distinctly and were either white/grey or blue, making them stand out fairly well. The Koreans were impossible to spot however, but they were so easy to defeat that it wasn't much of an issue.
  5. Fassbender is one of the most versatile actors of our time imo, I'd rank him just under Daniel Day Lewis (who only wins for his sheer dedication) Looking at just Shame, Frank and 12 Years a Slave gives a good indication of just awesome he is.
  6. EA disabled RMTs for all regions. The premium currency, crystals, were pulled from all stores last night. But not permanently. They will most likely come back after Christmas sales. Of course microtransactions are coming back at some point. They have plans for continued development and everyone shy of... I can't think of anyone since the early 2000s actually, has some additional monetization plan if they're also doing continued development. They said they won't bring them back until they've made changes. I know they've said they want to offer accelerated experience, or whatever, so hopefully that's just an XP or credit boost for the new system they change to and cosmetic skins. They went full villain on this game IGN just reported that they freeze your progress in MP if you grind too much 'to prevent exploits'.. Hah, the nerve...
  7. Spells as well? yeah that's a pretty stark departure. Not in a direction I'd prefer either. Hopefully the beta-players'll give some feedback to that extend.
  8. go set a watchman... with a chainsaw Eurocentric conception of world politics ... with a chainsaw.. Sounds about right.
  9. Someone just did the math (article), to unlock everything you have to play for 4,528 hours or fork up, on average (again because of the chance based system), 2100$ So even getting to 1/3 of the heroes will require almost 1000 hours worth of play or ~700$ up front on top of the retail price. This is not a direction we'll want games to take imo..
  10. It's fake.. "The multi-season adaptation will feature “new story lines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Fellowship of the Ring,’"" NYT There are stories floating around that they want to go way back, 2nd or 1st era and dive into the Silmarillion for more creative freedom.
  11. For me the problem is not the unlock portion, I get that .. some of the eariler BF games did that in a very reasonable way. It's enticing players to pay money after they've forked over 60$, unless they want to grind 40x12min for the content and especially that pay being chance based. I specifically avoid MMOs because of the grind, I avoid games with gambling elements like mobile games and when you mix both of those elements, in a series and genre that used to be about the competition and cooperation - well, then I'm out.
  12. 40 hours to unlock something which was free in the last title no less - and you might be all right with that, but they've proven again and again that they will push it further. Do you want games to cost 100$ with 2/3 of the content behind a grind or paywall? I don't... On top of that the paywall is even chance based, you want to unlock Vader faster with cash? Well you better hope and cross your fingers you don't just get few lowtier xp boosts for that $ you spend.
  13. I don't feel we know enough to make any conclusion so far, to either side - but I've noticed that strikes certainly can affect the quality of things in production, like the writers guild and the big actors guild strike a few years back.
  14. old thread here Playing Xenonauts with a bunch of mods - scary aliens be scary..
  15. Closed due to length (and the code seem to be getting a little wonky too). New thread here.
  16. Man that was a pain to watch, I think the failure here was directing - the actors seemed really confused with their roes and the pacing and plot structure was just a complete mess. On par with The Royale indeed.
  17. I've only seen 2 episodes so far, but if she was even marginally more cool about it, I'd be worried about her mental health. What parent wouldn't be a mess after that ordeal? She's remarkably sane as is.
  18. Very good first episode of Stranger Things 2 imo, seems like a natural continuation
  19. A robot received citizenship in Saudia Arabia, a first in human history. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/national-international/Artificial-Intelligent-Robot-Receives-Citizenship-in-Saudi-Arabia-453196913.html
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