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  1. Which is a shame, because it did a lot of things right. It had some big flaws, but it also did some creative stuff that made it the closest thing to an engaging shooter MMO I've ever played. I think many of those reviews were due to disappointment over the marketing divisions blatant lies and exaggerations. That said, I did give it go over a free weekend and was not impressed in any way - I don't like a game that tries to anchor themselves in a believable setting, but then enemies needs 300 shots in the head to go down - and in the first 30 min you kill at least 100 people. New York would look like a devastated war zone, closer to Mosul, if that was the norm.
  2. Likely so.. it's uncommon, but there are more cases of it in Scandinavia apparently. I have a friends who's completely immune to most of the stronger opiates. Hope that's not the case Azdeus, that'll be problematic if you ever get hospitalized.
  3. Not paradoxical, when this is true for most Star Trek series The shows really do need to find their story and focus - of course in the case of Enterprise and Voyager, that focus became contrived to the point of being almost banal, but generally they do find an interesting angle to explore deeply. Religion, duty, exploration.. Ah, can't wait till I start DS9...
  4. Do people have short memories? I'm honestly curious because part of what ruins any replays for me is basically remembering every single quest and every single outcome after I've played through before. So instead of any sense of awe, I end up reacting like, "And now he'll say this" or "And now this happens next". For me, in this case, it's like reading a good book again - you know the story, but you really enjoy the craftsmanship and as you change through your life, the things you focus on changes as well. So the story kinda evolves with you, if that makes sense?
  5. Hah, I'm actually rewatching all of Star Trek these days - gone through (TOS) The Original Series and almost done with (TNG) The Next Generation. On to DS9 and Enterprise, although I may skip Voyager TNG suffers the first 2 seasons in particular, as it's pretty obvious Roddenberry and the writes had problems coming up with realistic dramatic issues for people living in a cornucopia society. But as it finds it's stride, especially with the steallar 5th season, it blows TOS out of the water imho. TOS is much more about the personal story of exploration, friendship and courage - and shines when the characters (so unlike other shows from the time) were allowed to grow and evolve. TNG explores, particularly through the perspectives of Picard, Worf and Data, the different perspectives on duty, ethics and code of conduct in society - and shines when dealing with (again unlike other shows of it's time) various philosophical and ethical implications where idealism meet reality. So, which show is more fun in large parts depends on who you are - and where you are in life. Imho. Looking back however, it's pretty awesome to see just how much Star Trek paved the way for what we consider 'normal' television today. Serialization in particular, TOS tried to break away from the 'monster of the week', allowing story archs to carry over. Really unique for the time, but very much taken for granted today. Which makes it sad to see that Discovery looks to be so conform and 'cookie cutter' - where's the bravado that brought us the dark DS9 in the giddy 90s, or Kirk and Uhuras first interracial kiss during a time of racial tensions? Of course, I'll hold off final judgement until at least season 2... All Star Treks have rough starts after all.
  6. Oh man, the first one was serious gamer crack for me. Full of bugs, but such a great and funny title, perfect 60s Bond feel.
  7. I hope they don't. I think the whole idea of patenting common (or even uncommon) words is quite problematic. Of course 'Pillars of X' is similar and I might avoid the title, because it does seem like it wants to ride coattail. But there are Pillars of Light, Might or Reality in fiction and games - even the popular book 'The Pillars of the Earth'. Bethesda lost a lot of respect from me, when they decided to bully other developers over the word "scroll" - every RPG before the existence of Zenimax and Bethesda used that word. 'Pillars' are older than any of the firms in question too.
  8. I don't see how this is close enough to warrant any such action - it looks much more similar to Vikings: Expedition than Pillars of Eternity or the Pathhinder games. And the more RPGs the merrier.
  9. Have a friends who's immune to opiates, interestingly he also uses Rum as a painkiller :D
  10. I usually try to remember to go offline when I'm testing, as I know how annoying I find the constant pop-ups. But yeah Steam is the ultimate game-stalker tool
  11. It's only really at night, in dungeons without light or very early morning, which I prefer to be dark and foreboding, as I'm also playing with some hardcore survival mods. It always bugged me that you could see things with perfect clarity 200m underground with no lightsources.
  12. Reinstalled Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim - I've wanted to do a rerun of both when I had better time - and with some of the great new mods, that have come out for both in the last 1-4 years. Managed to get both of them running smoothly with a ton of mods (I don't know how that happened) Anyway - Skyrim can, as has been said before, look pretty amazing even today. Riverwood in a morning fog The outer gates of Whiterun in the night. Not convinced...
  13. I don't think people disagree with that - Piranha Bytes are about on par with Bethesda - different weaknesses, but similar strengths. And those updated graphics actually look pretty good. Hm
  14. That's why the animation look like that, ah! Explains why I got a very distinct feel of 'German', when watching the gameplay videos.
  15. Yeah I've not really enjoyed their movies since No Contry for Old Men, although I haven't seen Hail Caesar! yet. They're great directors though, but maybe they've run out of good stories to tell
  16. That would be the crux of it I think - being confronted by a majority that assumes characteristics on your part, based on your semblance to a minority, be it religion, race or nationality, that you yourself do not share or even considered an identity marker. Other people imposing identity traits, based on superficial markers - might easily creates dissonance, if you don't easily fit into 'norms'.' Like having a dialect etc. in short, we have a tendency to try and become what people assume/expect of us, sometimes despite what we actually want. Or rather that's kinda what me and my cousin arrived at, after many a bottle of wine
  17. My cousin is adopted and originally South Korean as well - she's now in her 40s going through a similar delayed response, a sort of late 'rebellion' stage. As she explains, she never really took the time to rebel in her teens, because she felt grateful for having been taken in and 'wanted' - now, having established a life for herself, she beginning to feel the need to act out and redefine, to shape her identity. Perhaps it's not as race defined, but rather a consequence of adoption in and on itself, with race simply being an easy identifier for the person in question. That said, nothing wrong with learning a new language and experiencing cultural roots - that seems like a constructive identity crisis
  18. So wait, you're saying that if I just post something off-topic right away, I can get virtually any thread closed? Sweet It also requires a blood sacrifice - but we can work out the particulars in a PM.
  19. Well seeing as started off topic off the bat - I see no benefit in letting this run further.
  20. We're at least 5 people, as I've met as many. Don't know 'bout the rest of you though..
  21. I'm inclined to agree, they never really transitioned particularly well into the 'open map' games, or rather they made good games - but lost what actually made their AI work. Yep stil dysfunctional - have you tried Divide et Impera for Rome 2? They did a rather big update recently - there's now a working population mechanic and the AI is a lot better. Still TW retarded at times though.
  22. Yeah, but can we blame them? Their last few historical titles were very underwhelming and were unable to recapture the scope and quality of their older titles - but they've gotten universal praise for their Warhammer game, bringing in new customers in droves, who are actually loving their current approach, as opposed to their older fans Well save fort the DLC policy, but still. It makes we wonder what their move post Warhammer will be though. Return to historical games or a soft compromise, beginning to incorporate fantasy elements. To keep the Warhammer crowd.
  23. Thread pruned - It is fair to discuss piracy as a phenomenon, but we cannot allow advocating pirating the games that keep these sites and the developers in business. Anyone who advocates piracy will find their account placed on moderated review.
  24. That has been painfully obvious since before Breivik. And honestly I don't understand either side's obsession with immigration. I would gladly support local camps and peacekeeping forces in the region, focusing on keeping the young and the bright in the region so we don't see a braindrain and a further rise of religious extremeism. Akin to the Marshall help post-ww2. Rather than the European moronic extremes of open arms and no demands or active warfare and discrimination. But no one seems capable of discusing this issue rationally, at least not here in Scandinavia. And I have great pity and respect for London in all of this - so much instability and they are braving on.
  25. Looks like the authoritarians on both sides are gearing up for war.
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