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  1. Which I'm guessing belongs to Barik, judging by the design.
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing throughout that trailer - it would be awesome if you actually had the choice to thwart the rebellion from the inside. Of course epic design flaw that machines have that level of independence and critical thinking.
  3. Hmm that might persuade me to give it a second chance.
  4. Looks like we get to Play as Megan Foster in the standalone Dishonored 2 addon game? Or 'Billy'? With the missing eye and hand I assumed that was her.. I'd be interested in that. And Bethesda wants to reintroduce Paid Mods with their new "Creation Club" - Hope it goes as well as last time.
  5. Education is the only thing that's going to save our species - so I'd rather have the process of learning, and expanding of horizons, to be as 'fun' and as it is 'painful'.. And have as many with a higher degree as possible. No one learns or reacts to learning in the same way, some need more pain and challenge to let go of harmful misconceptions and illusion, while some need more encouragement and incentive to break away from lethargic habits and stagnation.
  6. Yeah I had the exact same feeling, I progressed about half way through it and never really picked it up again - it just felt like all the elements of the game kinda came together 'wrong'. In many ways the strategic depth of the first game got lost in all the actions and tempo. There were so many timed events, that I never really felt like I had a chance to utilize level designs. Of course that made sense given the pressure on the organization, but it really killed the fun for me.
  7. Very reminiscent of the ol' IO interactive game Kane and Lynch - similar theme and all. Just looks much better executed. Definitely keeping an eye on that title.
  8. You know, not understand the basics of what a majority and minority is, really discredits any points made on that basis. Who is failing to understand what a majority and minority is? How? The girl in the video. Now it's a super common misconception - but when she's making a video about it and presenting it, the producers really should do the research (of course I assume they have and are just manipulating their argument) When talking about minorities and majorities we talk in relative, numerical and contextual terms - you cannot claim that for instance black people in America are not a minority, as there are more Africans in Africa than white Americans in America. Those two numbers have no bearing on the factual and contextual reality of the country being discussed, in which African American are a relative minority in America, at only ~13% of the population composition. And so her claim that, in actuality WE are the minority as there are less Europeans in the world, is not only an irrelevant observation (in relation to the subject being discussed) but also a disingenuous one. When she's talking in relation to minority and majority rights - these can only meaningfully be explored in contextual terms. Also using minority/majority power dynamics is a muddled argument at best - one only has to look at South Africa for an example that an ethnical minority can easily preside over the actual political and economical power in the country. It is however an interesting topic - it's just better if the terms are not misused.. and not used to justify an ethnocentric national position that only works when you look at the relative world numbers. Now if the purpose is to say that Muslims have disproportionate representation, which is certainly something that is interesting to explore - it would be less manipulative to simply ask if any religion was over- or underrepresented in national parliaments and/or if religious argumentation was beginning to have larger 'weight'. As that would lead us to actually discern whether or not there was any basis for that concern.
  9. Post moved - and let's stay on topic of 'what we're playing' and not 'what hardware we might want to buy'
  10. Oh I already own it and all the expansions - 'some more' as in returning to it. I usually give Paradox titles a few months/years to mature after launch.
  11. Woah - time for a new thread here as well.
  12. Old news here. Extra extra - read all about it! What's new on the scene of gaming? Last couple of posts
  13. Looks like this installment has run it's course - let's keep the animosities in this thread and not take them to the new one.
  14. Old thread here. Right now I'm browsing for a new game to play - thinking about trying Prey (looks very Half-Life, System/Bioshock inspired) - or maybe some more Stellaris.
  15. Victim tactics and defensive posturing when pressed for proof, par the course - your feelings are irrelevant - and you are wasting everyone's time with this line of argumentation. Your links were of insufficient quality, as has been explained by several posters. And as you seem to wish to derail rather than discuss the issue, I will consider this discussion over.
  16. For asking you to prove your point? It's interesting how fragile your platform must be, when people are fascist for simply asking questions :D Whereas being it for actively attacking the oppositions morals just for disagreeing. You have both now insinuated that I am basically morally corrupt - see the problem? For the record I complelty respect your opinion and right to have it and never have or will claim anything about your character. I don't however respect your arguments, as I find them weak and baseless.
  17. The comparison was the targeting of the Muslim population in Europe, as a scapegoat for the actions of other, but read it as you will. I want troops of the Middle East as well, although instead of a wall (because history really proves how effective that is) we would gain a lot more with respectful trade, where we have a possibility to influence their politics by enriching their middle class - rather than only empowering their elite. And that last part really shows your colors buddy, well done.. That's basically the marching tune of all fascist regimes "my actions are the only morally correct, anyone who disagrees is morally corrupt, disgusting and despicable" .. well done.
  18. So your claim is unprovable, but we should take you on faith? As it is so.. obviously true? I'm certainly convinced, great show.. thanks.. Also Sharp_one, you're ****ing hilarious - breibart, the daily mail and wikipedia? Man, you almost had me going.. Poe's Law to it's finest.
  19. Your tactic is as boring as it is obvious - and it's only really hurting your own argument. You want to prove that all Muslims are antidemocratic and actively trying to enforce Sharia on me? I want to see this proof, because this is something that will affect me a great deal.. So I'm very open to actual data on this subject. Please enlighten me - with actual research.
  20. No one said they were - but the underlying ethical argumentation is more and more based on religious argumentation rather than humanist secular. Which we saw a sharp decline of in the Cold War era, so it's interesting that it is back. Your quoting a book published in 1997 and claim it's interview with current government?! It's 20 years old book! Name the politician and his position in the current polish government then. I have and the data and links are there for all to see. The cited politician is still active Now if you put even half of the energy into sorting and qualifying your own sources - you might actually have a chance to form a coherent argument. I look forward to seeing it.
  21. Better with criticism, still off as it is an interview of actual Polish people in goverment - and a citation of an actual current polish politicians.. So.. yeah For those wondering why Sharp_one takes this approach. Here's an interesting an indepth view on the rise of nationalism and religiously conservative political movements - Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the Twenty-First Century. It examines the rise of religiously motivated legislation from both conservative christians and muslims and the rise of religious based political argumentation in the European Union - where the book above talks more indepth about Poland and the eastern countries in relation to Christianity and communism. Interestingly the argumentation techniques of Sharp_One and many of the alt-right are pretty thoroughly detailed and examined. The constant barrage of moral imperative and the identification of 'foe' defined almost solely on religious terms, with converts being the most treacherous of all and the constant attack on the other religious moral core - especially on emotionally laden subjects.. And how right-wing politicians have hijacked the religious narrative and are fueling this division.
  22. I have no problem with people believing their opinion is fact, as I have stated - I have a problem with people giving me links to very clearly biased news sites and saying that it's sufficient to prove their claim. I don't posts links to the Guardian or Breibart as proof, because it most certainly isn't. I cite researchers, books written on the subject or actual papers published. And as I said, half the links he provided elaborated on completely different points that the headline of the article, often meant to be clickbait - if I spend a few minutes actually reading his sources and find multiple errors and inconsistencies, then that puts the entire argument into doubt, no matter how valid the concern. The only factual link he provided that provided data and detailed how they reached their conclusion, almost outright contradicted him... So he's even undermining his own points. I mean - is that the standard we're upholding here? As for Polish conservatives and Christian morality "Regarding morality, I think that law depends on an axiology. There is a positivist attitude that ethics comes from law, that is is, as it were, prior ... that parliament is the root of morality. I do not share this opinion. For me the root of morality is God" - grzeskowiak The Struggle for Constitutionalism in Poland - Chatper: Christian morality in polish law page 198. by M. Brzezinski Interviews with Polish conservatives regarding morality and law.
  23. Well still waiting for you to back your claims, but sure give me an hour - also I see you don't disagree with my critizism, just the fact that you were critizised. Very telling any debate should be baded on facts, which requires source sceptisicm. I demand nothing less from you. If you however want in depth analysis, provide me with quality sources and not quantity crap. 1 billion flies are still sitting on ****
  24. Sharp_one, spamming this many websites - half of them of questionable origin - with the other half merely chosen for their headlines, with clear indication that you have done 0% of critical research as to who produced said news. Try actually reading those articles you found on Denmark and what they actually say and not just the headline - and try checking out who did the surveys and where they were made. I mean a wordpress site called "muslimsstatistics" ? and even a damn Reddit comment... It underlines and illustrates a very serious trend in modern media. That people are simply scouring the web to support the narrative they've been building up over the years. Both left and right.. Although your second source the PEW institute is interesting (and the only one that has actually done real any research to back their claims) But did you actually read their conclusions? Or did you just assume they said what you wanted them to say? Here's the abstract "Overwhelming percentages of Muslims in many countries want Islamic law (sharia) to be the official law of the land, according to a worldwide survey by the Pew Research Center. But many supporters of sharia say it should apply only to their country’s Muslim population." And this is interesting, because this is supported by many other published papers - and definitely something we should be discussing. The paper goes on to say that for the majority of muslims the word Sharia could be replaced with 'religious morality'. Something that should be very recognizable to western citizens, as almost all conservative political parties today say that ethical and moral core of western countries are based on Christian religious doctrine and morality. Now to a secular person as myself, this is no different that hearing a muslim say he wants the laws that govern him to be based on his religious moral imperative. It's a trend that has been on the rise since the beginning of this century, the uncomfortable intermix between politics and religion, just as we are beginning to see more openly in South + Eastern Europe and America. For a good dose of sanity on the question of juridical ethics - go watch Star Trek The Next Generation, Season 4 episode 21 - Drumhead.
  25. And only because a PC cipher can skip going to Hadret House in Eders quest and do it themselves. Giving them a few more dialouge options for their class. But yeah I think the Orlan Cipher gets the most - makes sense, new race and class - so that might've been their default character in testing.
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