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  1. Stun: I agree with you to a point, a single character should level faster, and with the right stats/skills could be able to complete several quests without combat, thus making it easier. However, the level cap is 12, and assuming an entire party of six can reach it, the game could become hellishly difficult for a soloer over time.
  2. Not necessarily, since everyone with a strong soul is essentially a mage, killing them might not be as important. A barbarian might not throw fireballs, but his soul powers let him smash into a formation like a wrecking ball.
  3. I agree with Fox, except the part about serrated edges (at least for swords, Flaberges would be nice to have).
  4. Please try to move past Stage 1 in the grieving process (denial) and go directly to Stage 5 - acceptance. It's the healthy thing to do. I don't think we ready for stage 5 yet, I would say we are cautiously making our way through stage 3. These things can't be rushed and there are several emotional levels that need to be considered Besides who would the target for all the gratuitous gloating that you anti-romance people enjoy...imagine how bored you would be if you couldn't keep raising the point that there won't be Romance in PoE So, you're still in the 'bargaining' stage? We
  5. -The every stat is useful for everyone is something that should have become standard in CRPGs a long time ago, also, I have ye to see a game play change they made I didn't agree with. -I'd rather have a great short game than a mediocre long one -Devs should remember that most players don't even finish the game once, and even fewer more than once. -Related to the above the illusion of choice is not so bad, make people believe they are making a difference, even if they are not. -Having non magic users be able to shrug off fireballs and be as powerful as magic users breaks immersion big time for
  6. That has bugged me too, however, Eternity is probably the only setting I can think of where this shouldn't happen. Thanks to the soul system, everyone with a powerful soul is essentially a magic user, so it's not just mages who get to be insanely powerful. And this subject related to the original subject also makes me wonder how social class might even function in a setting like PoE, due to the impact of magic. In the real world, an uprising of peasants might be put down because they tended to be poorly equipped and badly led compared to the army a king might be able to put together.
  7. That has bugged me too, however, Eternity is probably the only setting I can think of where this shouldn't happen. Thanks to the soul system, everyone with a powerful soul is essentially a magic user, so it's not just mages who get to be insanely powerful.
  8. Luckily for me, Eternity seems to avoid many of my pet peeves. Useless builds (so I end up using a guide), limited inventory, "mandatory" classes that you kinda have to have in your party etc. The biggest one however, and the one I think Eternity is one of very few games to even try to deal with is the issue of having magic be presented as something very powerful, something to be feared, and then lets non-magic characters eat 10 fireballs for breakfast before cutting the mage in two. Nothing breaks suspension of disbelief (for me) more than having non-magic characters be equal to mages (which
  9. Politics will probably be in the background though. For instance racist policies might affect the party directly, or through quests, and the player might be able to affect those during completion of the quest. Also, I'd be surprised if the "high" politics of foreign policy won't have at least some impact seeing as the free palatinate has fought recent wars against both its neighbors. If that priest turns out to be a companion, expect to see issues if the party ever go to Redcreas (or meet someone from there), and Edair is unlikely to like/be liked by everyone thanks to being a veteran.
  10. Note: for this NPC to work, it requires that A: the player is someone special/someone with power, and B: that the player will be in a position to gain power/change (part of) the world during the endgame. Name: (take your pick) Race: Human, though any would work, I'm just assuming there are fewer who despise human companions, compared to other races. Gender: Any, though since the majority of players are almost certain to be male, female might be best. Role: Pragmatist (any class would work) Key Item: a smile (though explosives might be useful too) Appearance: good looking, practical clothes. F
  11. I'm with Pshaw, most (admittedly far methodologically flawed) statistics I have seen show that most people don't even finish long RPGs once. I can count on one hand the RPGs I have finished more than once, and on my horns the games I have finished more than twice. Flavor text is great, and so is the occasional comment about your race/reputation/companions.
  12. Karkarov: Don't worry, Sawyer has been very clear that every stat will have a use in combat, sure you could make less effective characters, but he has been clear that he wants to avoid "social characters" and "skill monkeys".
  13. Any character in Alpha Protocol you see as minor (except Sis and Hong Shi), though especially the ice cream guy. I don't think I have ever been so scared/stressed in a game ever. VtmB: again, most of them, special mention to the woman who remember you from before you turned, Grout, Heather (for creeping me out), and Jack. Morrowind: falling from the sky dude.
  14. A prissoner people believe knows who is going to carry out a bombing. If tortured, he/she will say what he/she thinks you want to hear, leading to the wrong person being executed and the bomb going off. Turns out he/she didn't know anything/didn't think you'd believe the truth/misslead you.
  15. Fewer, deeper NPCs, that interacts with the story constantly. Think Alpha Protocol, only more. The point is, stick with a few characters, then use them as questgivers, plot-drivers, vendors etc. Let them drive the plot, and make your relationship to them something important. Basically, I don't want to steal evidence from the guards to make sure some random guy isn't hanged, but I'm happy to steal data from Halbech in order to sell it to Scarlet. Taking the "a lot of small consequences add up" from Alpha Protocol would be nice too. Basically, make the player know that the game is noticing thei
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