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  1. With how things have been given to us and all the details said so for about the world of PoE, what NPCs would you think might or would possibly like to see in the world? I've got two so far that I'd like to see. Necromancer Healer - Sounds like an oxymoron right? Well, this necromancer would use his/her spells to reanimate the dead in the name of study, science, and health. Not only would he/she study how the newly corpsed person died, but if the death happened by a disease or illness, study and find means to create means to protect and heal those who haven't been afflicted by said illness/disease. It'd totally fit with Obsidian's big multi-layered characters. Madness Inflicted Person - Yeah, somewhat cliched, but I would definitely enjoy any interactions with a potentially crazy/mad character who'd know things about your character or revelations that no one else would know in the game. Heck, could have an entire scenario in which this mad character proclaims to be a prophet for his/her divine being and you either can be a part or against it. And take part in a potential plot by same mad character to wipe out the ruling class/entire population of a town or city either by joining in or fighting against the character. Or just go screw it and leave everything alone. What are your random character ideas you'd like to see/think might be in the game already?
  2. Now first would be a sort of Mad God, one that is the leader of those afflicted with mental illness. Who guides his/her flock through their trials and tribulations. One of the more chaotic gods of the realm, the Mad God's disciples follow neither stricture nor guideline, only the words of their God. Now the second god(dess) idea is one who is the patron/matron of those scorned by their lovers/friends/families/society. The harbinger of hate and despair, s/he who tends to the betrayed and the outcast. The followers of this one do their best to right the wrong that they believe committed against them, either through personal revenge against the betrayer or to invite destruction upon the land they were scorned from.
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