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  1. - You don't have a thumb.png (I'm pretty sure it's required). Take one from another mod and copy the file. - You have a red dot at the end of your code (on the right side, in the scrollbar) meaning at that location there is an error. Probably an extra comma or not enough ] and } to close every [ and {. The error should have a red squiggly underline under it, wherever it is in the code. - You don't have any enchantment code that I can see. You have the item code but no enchantments attached to it. I made a tutorial on item-making: Item-->ItemMod-->StatusEffect/Ability If you want to do it the easy way, just find the guid of a status effect you like that is also on a piece of armor and add that to the new ItemModGameData's StatusEffectsOnEquipIDs
  2. Here's some introductory basics that I just messaged to a guy: Instructions for Changing Pallegina's Wrath of the Five Suns ------------------------------------------------- You too man you can change that easily by the way. Just find DebugName": "Wrath_of_the_Five_Suns In the abilities.gamedatabundle of the exported folder and change the "PenetrationAdjustment": 0 to 1 or w/e you want. If you want to just override the code, save it. If you want to make a mod, save that piece of code the same way everyone saves their code. That piece of code starts from { "$type": "Game.GameData.GenericAbilityGameData, Assembly-CSharp", and ends with "$type": "Game.GameData.ProgressionUnlockableComponent, Assembly-CSharp" } ] }, <----remove this comma if that's the only piece of code you're using. Comma is for multiple pieces in same lane. Every whole code file has to begin with (if it's a .gamedatabundle file) { "GameDataObjects": [ and ends with ] } This is to cancel out the [ and ( that have already been written at the beginning of the code. Visual Studio Code is used to look at the code but NotePad++ is easier to install and can do it ok too. But use Visual Studio Code so you catch mistakes. You format the code to JSON format so you can read it easier.
  3. post your code, I can fix it easy [edit: just saw that you created a different topic for it]
  4. Just spend a few hours to learn how to do this, and then you can do it to any item you want. You just copy the enchantments from another helm and change them to what you want (and change each to a new name & guid). There are detailed tutorials to walk you through this and there's an intro video that shows you how to look at the code.
  5. Wishing for : - Being able to decrement a stacked effect. This would be incredibly game-opening. You could even make hacked formulas that way. - DynamicValue--->Stat--->Attribute (Dex, Con, etc.) would be amazing as well. Bonuses based on self/enemy attributes could do so much! - True Duration Multiplier. The only way to do this is +Intellect right now.
  6. Would you be able to make a Wwise project file or tutorial that would allow us to make a custom soundtrack, replacing the original? I have a bunch of classical music that I'd prefer to play as each scene changes rather than just have a dumb playlist going. Spending at least 10 hours learning Wwise doesn't seem worth it to me, because then it's probably another 10 hours to make sure my changes work---but maybe this would be easy for you to explain? It would be awesomely appreciated. It's also cool that you figured out how to do this. I think it could have a big long-term impact and people will do fun things with it like they did in BG2.
  7. I just released my Improved Ranger pack at https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/350 and you guys might be able to use it as a base for some other cool abilities. There are 8 active abilities and 11 passive abilities, and I put on a focus on trying to change the gameplay as much as possible for a Ranger class. Expanding how the hero uses Full Attack and moves across the battlefield are good examples. Also because it's a Ranger, I created a lot of passives around the dynamics of giving and receiving attacks at a distance. Unfortunately there were a couple good ideas that I couldn't get to work, but 19 abilities ain't bad at all, either. Cheers mates,
  8. A pretty simple mod with big gameplay effects. If you think I'm all wrong here I'd love to know why. I also toned down the Brilliant inspiration--anyone know if that's unwarranted? It seems crazy to me at a 6 second rate. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/349/ New Affliction/Inspiration ---------------------------- Sickened -5 Constitution, -25% Healing done Weakened -7 Constitution, -50% Healing done Enfeebled -10 Constitution, +50% Hostile Effect duration, -100% Healing done ------- Fit +5 Constitution Hardy +10 Constitution, +2 Armor Robust +15 Constitution, +2 Armor, regenerate Health periodically Hobbled -5 Dexterity, Cannot run Immobilized -10 Dexterity, Cannot move Paralyzed -15 Dexterity, 25% Incoming Hits converted to Crits, Paralyzed, Cannot be interrupted Petrified Same as Paralyzed, but with a different visual -------- Quick +5 Dexterity Nimble +10 Dexterity, +100% Stride Swift +15 Dexterity, +100% Stride, immune to Engagement Staggered -5 Might, Cannot engage Dazed -10 Might, Cannot engage, -4 Penetration Stunned -10 Might, -4 Penetration, Stunned (Can't take actions), -10 Deflection -------- Strong +5 Might Tenacious +10 Might, +2 Penetration Energized +15 Might, +2 Penetration, interrupt enemies on Crit Confused -5 Intellect, Abilities and attacks target both friend and foe Charmed -5 Intellect, Controlled, Cannot cast abilities Dominated -5 Intellect, Controlled, Alliance flipped --------- Smart +5 Intellect Acute +10 Intellect, +1 all Power Levels Brilliant +15 Intellect, +1 All Power Levels, +1 of All Class Resources per >>12.0<< sec. Distracted -5 Perception, Flanked Disoriented -5 Perception, +50% Recovery Time, Flanked, +50% Initiative (only in Turn-based mode) Blinded -5 Perception, +50% Recovery Time, Flanked, +50% Initiative (only in Turn-based mode), -10 Accuracy, -50% Attack range, Immune to Gaze attacks, Cannot use Gaze attacks ---------- Insightful +5 Perception Aware +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit Intuitive +5 Perception, 50% Graze-to-Hit, 25% Hit-to-Crit Shaken -10 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels Frightened -10 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels, Cannot use Hostile abilities Terrified -10 Resolve, -3 All Power Levels, Can take no action other than to flee --------- Steadfast +5 Resolve Resolute +10 Resolve, gain Concentration periodically Courageous +15 Resolve, immune to Interrupt
  9. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105849-tutorial-how-to-edit-assets-and-assetbundles/ I've never done this before but this should be the best link for it.
  10. What is the directory for ability icons when we install as Bmac says? None of the mods use any atlases so maybe it's impossible? The obvious answer works: gui/icons/abilities/your_icon_name_here.png but can there be only one atlas? Still don't know.
  11. I just added two of my skills successfully. I don't think you gave me enough info. Your debug name might be the same as your ability's, which will cause a conflict. I think that's your problem actually...it looks like you're using the ability's name and ID at the top and the middle of the code here. The top should be a new ID for this instance of BaseProgressionTableAppendData. The top part of this code is a new thing starting something else, just like the top of the code for your ability in GenericAbilityGameData is the start of your ability. The short version of this format is: BaseProgressionTableAppendData "append_CorpseMaker" New ID ...............Class Table ID ......................................CorpseMaker ID .......................................................Prerequisites: Class ID Here's what mine looks like: { "GameDataObjects": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.BaseProgressionTableAppendGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "append_druid_improved_wavewake", <----I'm going to add WaveWake ability to the druid table "ID": "251a66a5-25e5-4bb8-b1d1-2c9bb2833501", <----new ID "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.BaseProgressionTableAppendComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "BaseTableID": "879d3662-bdf7-4585-99e4-0af2df117c50", <-----------Druid table "AbilityUnlocks": [ { "Note": "", "Category": "General", "UnlockStyle": "Unlock", "ActivationObject": "Self", "AddAbilityID": "a6422e6c-3e34-4c11-9a80-d614e3bc02a5", <-----WaveWake ability ID "RemoveAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Prerequisites": { "MinimumCharacterLevel": 3, "PowerLevelRequirement": { "ClassID": "568f1c26-1398-4e67-8b81-0f6a60e6cdde", <-----Druid class ID "MinimumPowerLevel": 3 }, "RequiresAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Conditional": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [] }, "VisibilityConditional": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [] }, "IsMutuallyExclusiveUpgrade": "true" } } ] } ] } ] }
  12. Whispers of the Wind looks like a great example for how to do multi-attacks. Hopefully it's not supported by secret code.
  13. Hey I was thinking that your big problem may be that you're replacing something and using the Append method. The append method was created to not conflict with other mods so maybe it doesn't replace any overlapping code? You should try replacing the progression table itself.
  14. Invisibility and NonTargetable seem to overwrite MaterialReplacement effects, especially when combat starts. Keeping a spell combat-only worked for me.
  15. ProTip: { "VisualEffect": "prefabs/projectiles/wizard/fx_tayns_chaotic_orb_projectile.prefab", "AttachPoint": "Chest", "AttachMode": "Attach", "MeshType": "None", "Loop": "true", "Event": "OnApply" } Is the dopest dope you've ever smoked. Hands down, dopest dope you've ever smoked.
  16. FYI - If you can make an item do the same wavy orb hit effect that a sceptre does, you're insanely lucky. I cannot figure out any combination of visual effects that recreates that hit effect.
  17. I would first make sure the ability works, but maybe you've already done this. I use a ring that grants the ability to see if the ability effects work. I still haven't added any of my abilities to a progression table since the newer versions, and that should be the right ID.
  18. Hi gangsters, I was wondering if you could share any info you have about bouncing attacks. If you were raised in the streets, you would know that when a Glock-9 is fired, those bullets bounce off of hard things, like metal. I'm trying to make a Ranger essentially have that Glock-9. There are some easy bad options and some interesting questions, when looking at the game data, and I will use this opportunity to discuss everything about multiple attacks and bounces and similar game abilities. ***Here's What I've Learned*** MultiHit - If you make a FullAttack ability for a ranged attack, the IsMultiHit enables it to be a beam like the Heart Seeker skill ........Limitations: It's a beam in one attack. Can't attenuate damage as it flies through opponents. Bounces via PowerLevelScaling in Abilities (BounceCountAdjustment) ........Doesn't seem to work. Not used in the code at all. Bounces via the attack data ........Used for Minoletta's bounding missiles like below: "BounceData": { "Bounces": 2, "Multiplier": 1.2, "Range": 2, "InRangeOrder": "false", "NoRepeatTargets": "false", "AlwaysBounceAtEnemies": "true", "Delay": 0, "NeverBounce": "false" }, ........Limitations: This must be a specific, created attack. Can't inherit weapon damage. More Projectiles via PowerLevelScaling in Abilities (ProjectileCountAdjustment) ........Doesn't seem to work. It's always 0. Make a Custom Attack with Extra Attacks or Bounces ........Limitations: Can't inherit the damage from your weapon Make Extra Attacks via ProjectileCountMult and ExtraStraightBounces ........Limitations: ExtraStraightBounces is limited to only hitting directly behind the target. Make Extra Ranged Projectile Attacks via ProjectileCount (AttackRangedComponent) in Attacks ........This one is easy and it works great, but it's not the bouncing I want for my specific situation above. Extra Attacks via AttackOverrideValue "Primary" in StatusEffects ........Unfortunately, it probably doesn't work to make a StatusEffect AOE attack that then targets multiple people for a StatuseEffect that triggers a Primary attack on each person affected. But this is worth trying. Why does scaling never change? Probably because there is DefaultMultiProjectileScaling and other default scaling values in the Global game data. Also, there is no definable scaling type other than "Default", as you can see here. What I Know I Don't Know - Why MultiHits are limitless for Heart Seeker but are limited for others - Why Storm of Seven Bolts has 4 bounces and 7 projectiles with no maximum number of hits but it seems to act completely differently in the game. I don't see 4 bounces or limitless MaxHits. That's all I know. If you know anything else or can think of any other examples that may be different, say it loud.
  19. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem now but saving the html is bad again now that the forum has been revamped. All the images are huge and the background/foreground windows aren't captured. Alexandria is burning!
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