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  1. the characters.gamedatabundle links to the PT_Serafen table 4d20749f-17b8-4ddf-9517-e5396172c99a But he has more tables in the progressiontables.gamedatabundle, so you'd have to see how each of these might interact. Does all of his PT_Serafen abilities exist with other abilities if you choose a multiclass? I don't know. Are his tables special or do they only have the same abilities as everyone else? PT_Serafen certainly has different abilities but I'm not sure about the rest of them. It looks like you'd just have to replace the PT_Serafen_Barbarian table but that's from my cursory view. It would be an easy copy+paste job, I think. Usually all of the PT tables are independent of each other, so there is a new one for each variant. Alternatively you could use the append method to add the subclass abilities to his tables but that would be more difficult because subclasses have different versions of abilities already on those tables.
  2. If you want to preserve the length of the stacks then you add a Trigger to increase the duration by 10 on kill, and each stack's duration will increase by 10 each kill.
  3. Doesn't my Fervor effect on Barbarian do this? Whenever I attack, +5% attack speed for 30 secs, stacks each time, each stack dies in 30 second layers, but X stacks = +5x% attack speed. Instead you do it based on kill, no?
  4. There are a few simple reasons these issues may be happening, but you probably didn't code them wrong so I don't know if they would be applicable. If you chose to hide it from the gui or if it's an effect from multiple layers of linked effects, then it won't show up. If the effect isn't applied directly from a hit, but from linked effects connected to it, then it might not show in the combat log.
  5. Someone said (maybe it was Fhav) that the new Unity Asset Bundle Extractor doesn't have the bug limiting creation of new content. This is my big hope that we can finally get new spell graphics by tinting them as you are trying to do.
  6. God praise this man. You should get a tutorial going for how to copy vfx, recolor it and add it as a new vfx! This would be huge for this eternal game.
  7. There are older threads about this by the guy who did the Tint God mod. I think his name was Fhav69x or something like that. Amazing info but didn't he didn't explicitly say how to create and add a new asset to the graphics. He only changed an existing one.
  8. If you edit it to say loop: true like other effects then you'll see what happens. Either it works, it works abnormally, or it doesn't work at all. You'd have to change the asset data (and possibly graphics) via the UABE to make it enable looping, but I have no idea how to do that other than the flashes of brilliance provided to this forum by Flavh69X (I can't recall if that's his correct username).
  9. I've made tutorials on how to change abilities, but the bad news is that there is no status for invisible. You'd have to add a custom keyword named "Invisible" or something and add it to each status effect that creates the invisibility effect (which usually is a material replacement effect). Then you'd make a passive ability that is activated while the character has that status effect, or has that keyword, and deactivated when the reverse is true. That would be done via a "conditional" which is done similarly in many other abilities.
  10. all abilities will be in the abilities.gamedatabundle Adding a new ability would be done by adding it to the progression table for that base class, which is in the progressiontable.gamedatabundle. Look for "pt_fighter" or "pt_rogue" or whatever Cheers, Grape
  11. Nice. Take anything you want! Although I must say that my Counterattack on Fighter doesn't seem to happen at anything near the effect's percentage rate (30%, feels like 3%!).
  12. Just curious what you fellow modders are doing! It's too quiet in here so it's time to turn up the Tune Squad:
  13. Pro-Tip: The most useful tick rate is 0.33 seconds, but it only applies on movement. You can easily create your own by copying the code and adding it to your mod, and disabling the interval's movement trigger option. You can set the tick rate to be whatever you want!
  14. Pro-Tip: When things ain't stacking on stacks of stacking things, try the rare setting of "StackedChildrenApplyEffects": "true" . I'm not sure if it's really the reason for success, but In my Fireform attack, a stacking ApplyOnTick ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent applying a stacking DamageMult wasn't stacking the DoT applications, it was only applying at the interval rate, until StackedChildrenApplyEffects "true". It also appears you can just have multiple ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent with the event OnInterval.
  15. Pro-Tip: You saw what they did with BonusHealMult and thought you could make a BonusHealingGivenMult work with a specific ability via keywords in the attack filter but you won't, because you didn't, because you can't.
  16. Pro-Tip: The projectile animation itself is configured to bounce off of walls. If it didn't bounce before, and you try to make it bounce off walls, it will just go out and effect no one.
  17. The Funnening - Improved Fighter Not much technical about it, but there's over 30 new abilities so it my be good for giving you guys ideas. The New Skills ----------------------------- 1 - Finesse - Primary Attack, +15 Accuracy -20% damage  • +5 Reflex 8s 1 - Sieze - 0.5m distance ray that stuns you and opponent up to 6s, costs 0 Discipline 1 - Safety Swap - Fighter exchanges position with ally in close range 1 - Muscle Memory - passive - +Accuracy vs Fortitude when dealing damage vs fortitude (10% conversion rate, stacking) for 30s 1 - Contesting Command - passive - +5 Accuracy for you (or anyone with this ability) vs foes engaged by you 1 - Piercing Blows - passive - +1 penetration with proficient weapons 2 - Feint - increase targets recovery time after their next attack 3 - Heavy Blow - Your next weapon attack deals +50% damage, but takes 3.33x longer to perform. 3 - Hinder Swipe - Primary Attack, +35% Recovery Time to target for 12s  • +5% Pierce damage resistance 8s 3 - Deflecting Maneuver - Primary Attack, -10 Accuracy vs Deflection vs you for 12s • +5 Deflection 8s 3 - Assertive Prowess - passive - +5 accuracy, negated if hit by a hostile crit and refreshed every time a 15s interval ticks 3 - Free Reign - passive - +15% attack speed, negated if hit by a hostile crit and refreshed every time a 15s interval ticks 4 - Tackle - Upgraded from Charge. Pull in and knock prone an area around the target you charge to. 4 - Jeopardize - Primary Attack, +25% damage vs target for 12s  • +5 Fortitude 8s 4 - Harrow - Primary Attack, -25% damage to target for 12s  • +5 Will 8s 4 - Jarring Stroke - Primary Attack, -10 Deflection, -7 Reflex to target for 12s  • +10 Fortitude vs Spells 8s 4 - En Garde - 75% chance to parry up to three melee weapon attacks for 15s 4 - Pointed Defense - passive - +1 armor vs slash, crush 5 - Impeding Blow - Primary Attack, -20% Attack Speed to target for 12s  • +5% Slash damage resistance 8s 5 - Blindside - Primary Attack, -10 Accuracy to target for 12s • +5 defenses vs AoE attacks 5 - Breaching Talent - passive - +1 penetration to all attacks 6 - Counter Attack - passive - 30% chance to counter melee weapon attacks when hit 7 - Disarm - Remove whatever a silly kith or wilder has in each hand, for a short time. 7 - Hero of the Day - passive - +20 defense vs AOE 7 - Invasive Opener - Primary Attack, +35% Attack Speed vs target for 12s  • +5% Crush damage resistance 8s 8 - Dismember - primary attack vs fortitude, reduces max HP by 15% 8 - Destroy Armor - primary attack (vs Reflex) does -armor, -Deflection as a % of damage dealt (upgraded from Sundering Blow) 8 - Outclass - Full attack vs will, deals -Reflex and -Melee Damage as a % of damage dealt 8 - Flow State - +100% attack speed, -50% recovery with your proficient weapon for 30s 8 - Thick of Battle - +50 Will versus ranged attacks for 60s 8 - Imperium - Increased melee attack range, increased engagement radius, increase engagement limit by 10, +3 Accuracy per engaged, -10 Accuracy to engaged foes 9 - Moment of Truth - When an enemy is about to attack you, leap straight into them for up to +500% damage if you're at your lowest health and the enemy is at his highest. With my Fighter Augmented mod, I change existing skills: Changes to Existing Abilities ----------------------------------- 1 - Penetrating Strike - +20% damage-->+0%, +3 penetration-->+4, demoted 2 levels to level 1 2 - Charge - Cost 2-->1 Discipline, Stun 4-->6s, demoted 2 levels to level 2 2 - Into the Fray - Cost 2-->1 Discipline, Daze 5s-->Stagger 10s, Hobbled for 6s - Accuracy vs Reflex-->Fortitude (+20 bonus accuracy) - Affliction Accuracy vs Fortitude-->Reflex - Afflictions will upgrade on crit or downgrade on graze 2 - Mule Kick - demoted one level to level 2 3 - Lower Their Guard - Cost 2-->1, Daze 5s-->6s, -5 Reflex for 6s, -10 Armor for 5-->6s, demoted one level to level 3 - Afflictions will upgrade on crit or downgrade on graze 3 - Out of Fire - Cost 2-->1, Daze 5-->10s, -5 Reflex for 10s, demoted one level to level 3 - Keeps the +20 bonus accuracy from Into the Fray - Afflictions will upgrade on crit or downgrade on graze 3 - Power Strike - Cost 4-->1, only does +50% damage, can use for non-melee weapons, demoted four levels to level 3 5 - Sundering Blow - Cost 2-->1 Discipline, +3 penetration-->+0, (just Armor -4 now), demoted four levels to level 5 6 - Inspired Strike - Cost 4-->1, only does +100% damage, can use for non-melee weapons, demoted three levels to level 6 6 - Reaping the Whirlwind - passive - +1 Discipline-->+4 7 - Weapon Mastery - passive - +5% damage-->10% with proficient weapons 8 - Clear the Path - Now gives hobbled and dazed afflictions vs. fortitude, which are upgraded one affliction level if it crits, or downgraded if it grazes - Afflictions will upgrade on crit or downgrade on graze 8 - Clean Sweep- Also gives +5 Deflection per enemy hit for 8s 8 - Inspired Discipline - Cost 3-->2 The only one I'm really proud of is Imperium but it's not a technical achievement. Hopefully I can get through Priest and Paladin pretty easily, then I'm close to finishing overhauls for almost every class. Cheers mates!!
  18. Whatup Gangsters, if anyone knows how to make a phalanx ability where me and/or my nearby ally get +Def if one of us is wearing a shield, that would be killer. I've tried for a couple days and the conditional just didn't seem to be working.
  19. Also have you tried it out to see if the ability itself works, before adding it to the progression table? I have a ring that I add all my abilities to. Each time I load a game, I summon the ring via the console then equip it, see if there are any immediate problems, then go into combat nearby. You might need a new row instead of just a space to separate these two effects, for example: "StatusEffectsIDs": ["ffffffff-a1aa-4d2d-bd2e-b45596c0c80c", "ffffffff-a1aa-4c64-94d4-ec69589d47bf", "ffffffff-a1aa-4956-8894-2b5e76a39089"], SHOULD BE "StatusEffectsIDs": ["ffffffff-a1aa-4d2d-bd2e-b45596c0c80c", "ffffffff-a1aa-4c64-94d4-ec69589d47bf", "ffffffff-a1aa-4956-8894-2b5e76a39089"],
  20. I can't recall but you might have to start with a fresh character rather than load a savegame for any changes to the progression table. There's a small possibility you're adding it to the wrong table. There are way too many tables and the most simple name is usually the right one. What you did looks right but if you want a perfect example check out my Funnening monk mod that adds a bunch of skills. Some are setup like yours. Ultimately this is an easy problem to solve so don't let it drain your energy. You could try a full re-write or just wait until you make another similar ability and when the new one works, see what you should do with this one.
  21. You could still do it, but you'd have to learn how to modify assets. There is some info lying around here but I haven't figured it out yet.
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