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  1. @Kvellen Good to know, thanks. I'll try it out. That definitely would save me time for when I want to do this for other characters. Copy/pasting the noble folder and renaming around 120 files individually wasn`t very fun. I was originally going off the method used in this mod which I`m using for Xoti to give her the kind female player voice set: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/56 And yes I absolutely don't mind the convos audio being disabled. In fact it will help for whenever I decide to tweak her existing dialogue (though like Pallegina I'm planning to just m
  2. Would be better to use that instead of the sailing ship like I was going to I suppose lol. Thanks a bunch for the help. May seem like small answers but being able to create global variables and finding the best pngs will make my mod that much better. Currently working on Pallegina's romance after having just created global romance variables for her, fassina, mirke, and ydwin thanks to your answer. Replaced all of ydwin`s barks with the player female noble voice set since I felt it suits her better and moved the rest of the voice files out. Also finished: 1. Adding slides for the
  3. Thanks Noqn, for the answer, file, and paste stuffs. I'll give things a test ingame and see the results. Edit: Updating the post to let others know of the results of Noqn's tip. It worked. Perfectly. I'll try and give a short step by step of what I did just in case others want to do this. File got downloaded as: 1. ydwin_globalvariablesbundle.4b93669e44a4f916acab932a9d59d152 2. renamed it to the file text on the post: ydwin.globalvariablesbundle 3. got my test mod which added an extra node to the usher's conversation at the beginning of the game 21_bs_usher
  4. Been learning how to create new dialogue for the game and learning about the general structure of the nodes in the conversationbundle files and the text that will be seen ingame within the stringtable files. I'm aware that there is a list of the variables with the tags like b_Player_Romance located in exported/design/globalvariables/game.globalvariablesbundle. Only thing I am still a bit ignorant on is how to create new global variables and endgameslides. If I for example am in the process of making a big dialogue mod for myself and I wanted to add in something like an Ydwin rom
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