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  1. So I dont have active achievements but was wondering if it was possible to activate the crew members you get with Beraths Blessings through console commands
  2. I tried this out but I couldnt find this variable in the level "LAX2_n_huana_wandering_soul_state" or anything LAX2 or "wandering". Also, has there been any fixes yet for this? Or should I just leave? Can you fight the dragon without this quest? EDIT:I answered my own question, shame I cant close the quest though)
  3. Im new on the forum and the game, I dont really know if this belongs on this board, but help would be appreciated: So I have a druid/priest to whom I want to change the dexterity attribute, he was initially meant to be an offtank healer, but the healing is very different compared to POE1 so I need to improve his cast time a bit, but I have a problem with the console because he has 2 names so I dont know how to input it. I always use case sensitive. AttributeScore (character) (attribute) (number) Console gives me this name for him: Companion_P_Donald Trump (with a space between) but it doesnt accept 4 parameters. Ive tried Companion_P_Donald Trump (doesnt accept 4 parameters) Companion_P_Donald_Trump (cant find character with that name) Companion_P_DonaldTrump (cant find character with that name)
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