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Im new on the forum and the game, I dont really know if this belongs on this board, but help would be appreciated:

So I have a druid/priest to whom I want to change the dexterity attribute, he was initially meant to be an offtank healer, but the healing is very different compared to POE1 so I need to improve his cast time a bit, but I have a problem with the console because he has 2 names so I dont know how to input it. I always use case sensitive.

AttributeScore (character) (attribute) (number)

Console gives me this name for him: Companion_P_Donald Trump (with a space between) but it doesnt accept 4 parameters.

Ive tried

Companion_P_Donald Trump (doesnt accept 4 parameters)

Companion_P_Donald_Trump (cant find character with that name)

Companion_P_DonaldTrump (cant find character with that name)

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Instead of troubleshooting the correct way to to format a character name, just use the oei_hovered instance ID.

Position the cursor over the character you want to modify (no need to click on them), then:

AttributeScore oei_hovered dexterity 20

(or whatever)

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You have to use quotes.  It's super lame but necessary.  AttributeScore "Companion_P_Donald Trump" Intellect 0


Whenever it's telling you that more parameters were entered than the amount you actually entered, you have to quote something to group it together and prevent it from being counted as a separated parameter.

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