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  1. Wow, that is... amazing. I am... moved... that was so so very helpful Kvellen, thank you so so much ^^ I corrected them all and now everything works as intended (well, mostly, but I fixed other errors that came up too!) I didnt know stringtable files worked like this with spaces, I was turning them into json format in notebook ++ and it was creating space everywhere yet I thought that it working like the gamedatabundle files, I can see I was very very wrong, I edited them all and now they work! Now I have to playtest the game to see how I should change the values for the abydon challenge and the mod is ready for release! I'll be sure to add you to the people I'd like to thank on the mod page once it's out... I am very very grateful... all the hours spent coding would have been for nothing had you not helped.
  2. Now, there is another part called economy and another called abydon but I think if I can find out what is going wrong with these ones I could potentially solve those too. In the items stringtable there are entries which belonged to the recipes which I took out and proceeded to make a separate stringtable for them, as I thought was right, containing recipe names for new foods, just so you know. What they all do: Rymrgand is supposed to adjust game to real time ratio to 1:1 as well as edit existing food and recipes as well as make new ones. Woedica simply changes second wind to per rest status. Economy adjusts base wages and hire costs as well as buy and sell multipliers for vendors. Rymrgand_part.gamedatabundle Woedica_part.gamedatabundle itemmods.stringtable items.stringtable
  3. So, I've written up all of the code for the mod, but when I try to run the game with it I get these specific things as a result: Save and load functions stop working. And the new game goes to **** with all sorts of things going wrong, such as the game not seeing the 6 new premade po1 histories the game offers u when talking to berath, berath's blessings not working and probably more. This is the output folder I get and I cannot really understand where the code is going wrong here. I hope anyone can help. Also, for some reason the forum only limits my upload to 0,5 mbs which is... very very small. I will try to upload the code bellow for people to see. output_log.txt
  4. Well, sadly, I'm okay with level 1 modding territory but level 2 feels like... a lot... definitely not sth I can grow to by working on level 1 more. Still, thank you for taking the time to read and reply ^^
  5. (Intro to problem and pondering, can be skipped) Hi! I am posting here for the first time in case someone could lend me a helping hand with a realism mod I'm working on, mostly for myself but for others too once complete. The mod basically aimed to make the pillars 2 experience more realistic for me by building on the Rymrgand and Woedica challenges. Woedica went mostly unchanged apart from tweaking with Second Wind to Per Rest to avoid abuse by me and others. For Rymrgand, I am mostly revamping Crafting of Food and Drinks, tweaking spoil times and making new recipes for stuff like turning raw meats into cured ones, preserving fruits and vegetables by drying, adding more ingredients for crafting foods in shops etc. Most of these are going okay so far. I am, however, stuck on this problem. Problem: I would like, when food and drinks are consumed when travelling on your ship, for your party members, not just your crew, to consume some of those supplies as well. I have no idea where to even edit entries to accomplish this much less what that alteration might cause on the different morale and hunger systems as I do not know how those are coded to work. Originally I wanted to find if there was a way to even give party members some kind of basic crew functionality, since that is by far a more realistic approach, however that seems even trickier to accomplish than this so I'm giving it a wide berth. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Pondering: Another thing that had been bugging me which I have given up on unless someone can provide actual help is integrating Abydon's challenge to the fold of the mod. There are a few things that make it impossible currently for me to even attempt it, however. 1) Apparently, as far as I'm aware even though I might be wrong due to lack of extended testing, the game does not tell you how far your weapons and armor are to being broken. That is greatly unrealistic. There is no way someone like Eder for example can't figure out by a simple look if his weapon might need to see some repairs. This way you lose weapons and armor you would not need to lose. 2) Some weapons and armor don't need repairs. They shouldn't. A legendary blade with a million traits and powers would never in a million years become legendary or have anyone bother make it legendary if it could break that easily. You'd never encounter Modwyr. Modwyr would be dead and gone. For that matter, it would be pointless to even attempt to make Modwyr... anyway, that's all I got. If anyone can help with anything, I'd appreciate it a lot.
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