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  1. Maybe this will make you guys feel better: Josh Sawyer doesn't like attribute systems. He didn't even want to design one for PoE, but he did anyway. So just deprecate it, no one will miss it, especially not Josh Sawyer.
  2. Maybee its because your arrogant, elitist know it all attitude mixed with a heavy dose of apocalyptic teenage angst pisses alot of people off. Well, the attribute system is broken. Why do you think we have numerous threads about how to fix it? Oh yeah, you need to calm down too. And work on your social skills, like learning to respect the opinions of others (maybe your parents forgot to teach you that).
  3. ^ You need to calm down too. No idea why you call everyone on the forum a troll when you disagree with them. You need to work on your social skills.
  4. Too bad Sawyer's attribute system is worse than the one in D&D. ^^
  5. ^ I'd say you're the one who needs to calm down by the looks of it.
  6. NOPE DON'T YOU KNOW? If a mechanic is broken at the start, it's broken forever. Tweaking and fine tuning is UNPOSSIBLE! /Helm It is broken though. Maybe 12 year olds can't see that, but it is true. Obsidian can fix it if they want. Or they can deprecate it. Both would work.
  7. If Obsidian wants to fix it instead, then they should do that.
  8. If you can't see that I am actually not trolling, then you really aren't very smart. Deprecating the attribute system would be a good idea. It is just a bunch of simplistic fluff that causes problems. You would be able to build a better party with numerous and diverse skills and traits than with this attribute system.
  9. Obsidian should just deprecate the attribute system and replace it with a bunch skills and traits so that we can build our party. It is so simple in design, you could just cut it out and nothing would change anyway.
  10. The bugs, UI issues and unfinished combat system aren't bugging me. That can all be fixed/improved. I simply don't think that the design (mechanics and systems) of the game is very good.
  11. We're not getting combat/exploration/whatever XP, but i'll just bump up this thread anyway.
  12. No, I think they should keep it. It needs to be tweaked though. I don't think a litle bit of tweaking and balancing is enough to save it.
  13. Obsidian should just deprecate the attribute system and add in a bunch of (class/race restricted) skills and traits so that we can properly build our party. I really think this would improve the game too. The attribute system is currently a complete mess and is causing much more trouble than it is useful. It would take a lot of work to repair too.
  14. Well, I am not surprised. But who cares, the game isn't very good anyway. I'll make a party of stealthy muscle wizards and take the shortest route through the game while avoiding all combat.
  15. But that's hardly all that distinguishes, say, a mage from a fighter in AD&D, is it. Fighters can't use wands or scrolls or cast spells. Mages can't wear armor or wield swords. Obsidian screwed themselves over by removing equipment requirements. The game has leather armor, but it is completely useless. There is no reason to use it because every class can just use full plate armor.
  16. People react very aggressively when you tell them that the game is fundamentally flowed because it has practically no character diversity, and that your choices while building a character are meaningless. This needs to be fixed.
  17. Suuuuuuuuure you didn't call anyone a troll <_< Ok, now this game starts too. Feel free to point out where I called someone a troll.
  18. <_< You DO know that classic XCOM fans were pissed off by class system in first place because of the weapon restrictions? Anyway, again, you are provoking people by calling them ass kissers. If you don't want to be called a troll, don't try to piss off people. http://kotaku.com/how-to-balance-an-rpg-1625516832 BTW heres on interview with Sawyer about balancing, I guess you should read it to confirm your views on him that you keep spouting about Try to at least give people benefit of the doubt and try to think from their perspective why they disagree with you... Some basic social empathy is good, calling everyone fanboys or trolls is rude I didn't call anyone a troll. You just can't read very good I guess.
  19. Oh well, there is no use in chit chatting with a bunch of ass kissers. You guys are hopeless.If you like dumbed down games without any diversity, then fine by me. I bet you guys whined that your Sniper in X-Com: Enemy Unknown can't be a Heavy Weapons specialist. That game isn't even an RPG and has more diversity that PoE. Mega Fail.
  20. Today I learned that niche protection is the same thing as diversity. Mind = Blown You actually learned that the dumbing down in PoE has nothing to do with diversity, but interpret it however you like. OK last attempt: Diversity in AD&D: Classes with a fixed playstyle Diversity in PoE: Builds with flexible playstyle defined by the class you choose. You just cant get your head around the fact that you can make a thief tank, fighter tank, wizard tank etc. that your build also limits you to that type of playstyle and you cant do everything with one character is something you just dont get. I also can't get my head around the fact that I can make my sniper in X-Com:Enemy Unknown a heavy weapons specialist. Oh wait, you can't. The game allows diverse character builds (somewhat simplistic, but that is besides the point) even though it isn't even an RPG.
  21. They love Divinity: Original Sin though. They like good games, hate bad ones and are very critical. Case closed.
  22. HAHA, you are like the biggest troll here on this forum. The best part is that you are completly oblivious to everything that contradicts your statement. The fact that you dont even get what a troll you are is only the cherry on top. Why are you calling me a troll because I am pointing out how broken the game is? You guys are just all throwing fits instead of countering with sensible arguments. The game is fundamentally flawed, because there is no build diversity. None. Why do you think this thread exists? Did you even read the title? Living in denial must suck. Anyway, the game is broken and needs to be fixed. Sawyer failed. That is it.
  23. Today I learned that niche protection is the same thing as diversity. Mind = Blown You actually learned that the dumbing down in PoE has nothing to do with diversity, but interpret it however you like.
  24. No need to troll because you don't get it. Maybe you should visit the RPG Codex and read what they write. They hate the game for the reasons I just wrote. Simply said, there is no diversity in the game. http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/pillars-of-eternity-butthurt-release-thread.93694/page-60#post-3450010
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