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  1. Yep, a lot of people have left, during the Kickstarter even. They could smell the foulness of these decisions miles away. I wish my RPG sniffer was as good as theirs. (To my defense, I wasn't following the Kickstarter as closely as I should have)
  2. If everything we vote on or write is so meaningless, then why are you even here on the forum?
  3. And why are you, of all people, now giving me the roll-eyes?
  4. They should probably just rename the game Josh Sawyer's Quest: The Quest for Quests because you don't receive any experience from combat, using skills, exploring or anything else other than doing the bidding of villagers. Exploration apparently wasn't part of thier design methodology. It is hard to feel immersed in an RPG where the core activity is combat, yet stealth is king, because encounters are pointless and unrewarding chores with regard to both loot and XP. Obsidian might as well just remove the trash mobs too, because the mini-game of avoiding practically every encounter is not enjoyable. Baldur's Gate was about combat and exploration, but I guess combat and exploration aren't important anymore.
  5. Some don't care because they can hardly wait to stealth their way through the game for a whole 3 hours of fun. Or maybe the just have low standards, i'm not sure.
  6. Nope, quest only XP has been confirmed.
  7. Which Infinity Engine game are you talking about? We were promised a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and this game doesn't resemble it at all. Here is what Chris Avellone had to say about this game at MIGS 2013: http://youtu.be/DJwti0mHgE0?t=25m19s The game is so full of Sawyerisms that it has nothing to do with any of the Infinity Engine games anymore. Looks like they failed to meet their design goal if you ask me.
  8. If you go back and read the 1500 posts on this topic that are all in the threads that got locked.. I mentioned like 5 ways to get around this abuse.. one of them is close to what your saying. This controversy has been going on for almost two years, and we have been making suggestions like this the entire time too. Sawyer won't budge and has full support of the OE bosses.
  9. Nope, it has nothing to do with D&D. You could make a very similar game to BG2 even if you used GURPS for example. I think it has more to do with the fact that Josh Sawyer hates Baldur's Gate, but I'll ask Feargus why and see what he says.
  10. There was no degenerative gameplay before he tried to fix what isn't broken, if you ask me. Sawyerisms = degenerative gameplay
  11. Nah, it was just a sugar coating. I'm going to ask him why PoE doesn't feel like an Infinity Engine game at all.
  12. I wonder how many people would kickstart a darklands RPG.. he's just an older grognard then us.. Omg.. Josh is a fanboy of his old school game and thinks IE is what we think PoE is.. IT ALL MAKES SENSE! If you would compare PoE and Darklands and write down the similiarities, then I bet you would be very surprised.
  13. We don't want any monkey business in here, Tartantyco.
  14. He would just call us an irrational grognards who love degenerative gameplay and hate balance, if he did show up here. Then he would once again declare Baldurs Gate 2 as a terrible game, and that we are idiots for liking it, because Darklands is the best RPG ever.
  15. The next Kickstarter is going to be a great chance to finally ask Feargus why PoE turned out to be completely different than what we were promised and why they thought it was a good idea to let a guy who hates Baldur's Gate make a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate. I've been wondering why, so I'll ask him then. I hope he answers.
  16. I think we've broadened our discussion beyond combat XP. "No experience from combat, using skills, exploring or doing anything other than the bidding of villagers" would be the perfect title actually. But I guess this forum could use a bit less controversy.
  17. No experience from combat Was a better title.
  18. So, your argument is that you don't care about XP, therefore you need Kill-XP? No, I like choice. Do you not like loot drops when you kill something?
  19. Ahh, so you did actually reward combat with XP in these games, amirite? This is nothing different than what we already have, your example is therefore irrelevant.
  20. The recommendation is ok, there is just way too much clutter at the bottom of the screen IMO. It really isn't much better than what we already have. Improving the UI is a good idea, but the real problems are the absurd Sawyerisms at the game's core anyway.
  21. Rule of Sawyer No. 1: The player must be able to become a powerful warrior and master lockpicker even if he never engages in combat and never picks a lock.
  22. The point, Immortalis, is that you don't have to fight the wolves. The encounter doesn't have to be fun on its own. If there is kill-XP involved you will fight them for the XP. If there is not kill-XP involved you leave the wolves alone, like a reasonable person would do. Wrong. I talked my way out of numerous encounters in Divinity: Original Sin (which I recently played) and I didn't even get XP for these diplomatic solutions (God forbid). I was roleplaying and I decided in that playthrough that I don't want to kill them for their XP or loot. It was my decision in my game. I could have also just murdered them and received loot and XP as a reward, which would have been nice in that case. Why is this so hard to understand? Why do you keep on repeating these absurd Sawyer-isms?
  23. I'm just going to steal this excellent analogy. God forbid, don't make the devs work too hard so that they actually make a good game. Sawyer needs his five hour Siesta every day, poor guy. Yep. Inxile listens to and communicates with their community. All Obsidian does is tell us to suck on an Oscar Mayer Wiener. At least it feels that way.
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