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  1. Those are specifics. The saying "only 9 (or 10, or 12) plots" refers to the basic overreaching plot, not the minute details of how they're brought about. It's just one of those sayings, with many grains of truth but not necessarily to be taken super literally... Anyway, games having similar plots is no different than the 1000's of films and TV shows with the same basic plots/premises. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie where the plot itself (not the details or how's, but the plot) wasn't something I've seen before. Video games haven't been around as long...but they are still goin
  2. On a more serious note: Can your loyal devout faithful followers who would never have thought to question or criticise your design desicisons get some sneak super secret info on the next kickstarter? Pretty pretty please? :D
  3. What, is your name? What, is your quest? What. Is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow!?
  4. For me, Septerra Core's the one to beat. Which shouldn't be too difficult, that game had issues. Of course Baldur's Gate 2 stands out to me for being unintuitive to the point of impenetrability. I only figured out that lower armour scores are better because it wouldn't make sense for leather to offer more protection than steel. And if a spell wasn't either "this does damage" or "this heals" then I just couldn't figure out why I would even want it. Sure, I probably could figure it all out if I wanted to put in the effort, but I don't want to put in a lot of effort to just grasp the basics o
  5. I loved the occasional inter-party battles that could develop in BG1, it made my playthrough feel like more than just the main campaign but an epic journey where i couldn't predict everything. Clearly POE with its well written fully fleshed out NPCs doesn't have the luxury of certain characters deciding to kill each other mid-game which I understand. I do hope recruitables aren't just going to be happy/whiney but stick with you till the end regardless though. I'm not suggesting an arbitrary reputation modifier affecting an arbitrary alignment (which doesn't make any sense anyway). But it w
  6. I would also like to see some kind of transition between "summoned" and "un-summomed" other than instantaneous disappearance, by your logic surely the act of summoning should just make them appear in one frame? Again nothing fancy, re-use of the death animation for skeletons would be fine, a fade would be fine, or a burst of fancy colours and **** would be fine. I really don't care what the effect is as long as it's there. Not a deal-breaker, not gonna make me cry myself to sleep, nor will I forsake Obsidian studios and consider them forever more as my own personal Judas'. It's just that
  7. I don't know, I always got some kind of perverse pleasure out of preparing the perfect spells for an encounter I hadn't expected in the BG series. Albeit by that merit I must also have experienced some kind of frustration at prepping my mage with "web" only to run into hordes of spiders. I personally enjoyed that system but I'm not adverse to change as long as we don't go down the Arcanum mana route where PC casters were invulnerable spell spammers, great game but the magic road was boringly overpowered.
  8. I plan to give it another month until I'm convinced the "final-ish" post release patch comes out, otherwise the game is very good though, people seem to be horrendously critical and perhaps it is the rose-tinted glasses that others have alluded to, I personally try to evaluate games objectively and for me WL2 does most of the things that FO1&2 do and in some cases better. To be honest though for me BG1&2 are the pinnacle of crpg gaming, as a result I will be highly disappointed if certain things do not match my expectations (to be frank I'm already disappointed with the absence of
  9. Please just release it finished. I played Wasteland 2 for about 10 hours and suddenly Steam starts installing a 1.5gb patch, seriously! If you had told me it wasn't finished I could have waited a friggen week before having to start again! I'm now holding off until I'm convinced it's finished, otherwise a rather enjoyable game though.
  10. The attributes have been balanced to be useful for all classes, so how can racial bonuses contribute to min - maxing? I really hope the race we choose affects far more than a paperdoll image, both in terms of combat and how the world reacts to you.
  11. Why does a saga have to be "save the world"? I mean obviously there has to be a bit more to it than "wash the dishes" but I'm sure they can centre events around a civil war / political unrest ect, and still make it feel suitably epic without some crazy emo bastard sociopath who wants to destroy the world because his girlfriend dumped him. I wouldn't be too concerned about the individual games not having satisfying conclusions, if they decide to expand the scope I'm pretty sure with an entirely new IP and the freedom to do whatever the hell they want they could easily create one satisfying sto
  12. Try some NPC mods Khalil, they're not exactly Black Isle writing but they do make the game more fun I personally was under the impression dialogue wouldn't be AS big a focus as other things but that was most likely due to the devs downplaying BG2 scale comparisons (understandably), glad to be wrong though.
  13. I'm all for lots of weapons that provide distinct tactical advantages in different situations, as opposed to +2 is better than +1 ect. And as I recall the Vorpal sword was pure awesomeness I also can't say there was any combat in BG I didn't enjoy although enemies with a sense of self preservation would be good to see. Though I do see where your coming from for the most part.
  14. Perhaps for some sort of balance you could have cloudkill spells that insta-kill summons? For both the player and the Computer obviously. I do understand the implications regarding balance and tbh I don't know how the BG series got away with it but I do have fond memories of commanding my small army of summons in certain playthroughs so I hope you can find a way round the issue without limiting us too much. That being said you were still limited to each rest (if you tried to play the game fairly seriously), however in this system I image it will be per combat encounter I think, so perhaps
  15. Or anything at all really? I've got no problem with lighter armor that shows off curves and **** but chainmail bikinis? really!? I think the devs have this one covered anyway.
  16. See that was my line of argument until Milczyciel (a self confessed metagamer ) stated that he would be less likely to go about things in such a fashion if progression was hidden to a degree and to be honest i can see his (and others) point, It could be a nice option for a first time play through.
  17. I would play a very charismatic and persistent Jehova Witness and go door to door convincing people eternal damnation awaited them unless they refused blood transfusions... or something.
  18. Each to their own Re. push blades/patas I thought these Kataras looked pretty cool Could be a really cool weapon for a dual wielding rogue I think.
  19. So every drunken argument can become a stabbing/gunfight? Yeah sounds like a great way to live, clearly it's a cultural thing so we'll leave it at that, I did suffix my statement with (imo) no need to get all NRA on me.
  20. Duel wielding patas would be awesome! And as a point of note, you seem like a reasonable person but carrying a knife is a poor life choice imo, you can get jailed for up to 3 years for it over here (rightly so) and that fat American dude raving about how it's a good choice for teenagers ****ing disgusts me /preach over.
  21. You do realise what you've described is metagaming? There's no problem with that if that's how you enjoy games of course. My RPing argument referred to deciding on your main chars personality and following that through regardless of consequence (cause that's what he would do), which unless you are Rping a metagamer who can time travel then Rping might not be for you That being said perhaps in your case hiding experience rewards could be a good thing since you may not feel compelled to get the best possible outcome so I suppose in some regards I stand grudgingly corrected
  22. I'm very surprised that my tongue in cheek point appears to have riled you but at the end of the day its true, whats the point in evening attempting to RP if that requires everything being hidden from you so you can't "subconciously re-load" and try again for a better reward. Sorry dude but it is definitely a case of willpower (or desire to stick with the personality you are RPing over reward), to add to this it's not like your going to get 300XP for completing a quest in a certain way and the game will say "this is what you could have had!" Don't get me wrong I have no issues with thi
  23. I don't think anyone looks to kickstarter to create a GTA and certainly not a ME, a BG2 would be nice though :D
  24. For all EAs flaws and lack of creative design Fight Night Champion was pretty good (if you like boxing) and managed to model the sport in a fairly realistic and fun manner, not everything they release is watered down piss.
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