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  1. I need to get out more. I had planned to see movies over the holiday, but got sick instead. It's lovely having a family who believes in giving during the holidays. If they didn't give sickness I'd be more willing to visit them during the holidays. The last movie I saw in the theaters was Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire on opening weekend.
  2. I would say you can as long as there is a papertrail back to you (even if it is hidden because you aren't allowing everyone to see everything) - just like anyone who has a nickname irl that they go by as opposed to the one on their birth cert.
  3. Try getting chineese food with lots of Ginger... or wasabi.. nothing like wasabi for cleaning those sinus'. Ginger does a good job for sinus problems too.
  4. Really, I think even Child of Flame is safe here. Also, I honestly think that the people they are targetting are those who are being annoying while making sure they are annonymous and there is no way to track them back... kinda like all those emails for viagra.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have a client that wants me to make him a cartoon character, so I doubt vector graphics will leave very soon.
  6. I thought I had heard that some of the boards out there do work with pressure to change the size of the brush, etc... Good to know that they are all working with CS2 completely though. Thanks, kaftan.
  7. Has anyone used the Wacom tablets with anything other than Photoshop or Painter? I understand that not all of them work with with Illustrator, and I need to do not only Photoshop, but Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks... not to mention Acrobat.
  8. I know that they have had ideas of being able to expand for at least the last year. It is good to know that they are getting the renovations done. I'm not sure how many games they would like going at any given time, but I would think that they would want to get up large enough teams to get a title out a year of a good playable game.... then again, maybe that it my wishful thinking.
  9. Consider also that games take a few years from conception to publication, so it may seem like they have been somewhere less time than usual. Also, many companies will ramp up on help when they are in crunch times, then after a game has shipped, if they don't have another one to put people on right then and there, they let the people go... usually these are known as intern jobs, but not always.. sometimes they are truly contract.
  10. That's very moderate and reasonable of you. (You really know how to goad Child of Flame, don't you? ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> he did want something to complain about.
  11. Yes, this thread can stay open so the forum isn't empty. - as long as it stays on the topic of comments about OE. I like the game that they have published, and realize that I'm getting antsy about the next game coming out. Darn, it takes too long sometimes.
  12. I think I'll just move the thread instead to a more appropriate forum.
  13. Some people are just never happy I guess. True. no flaming. Spamming and other generic off-topic for this particular forum did abound though. I could have moved it to WoT, but decided to just close it instead. It gives you something to complain about. :D I've been bouncing back and forth onto the boards. they get reset ever 15 or so minutes, as far as who is online and not, so you might have thought I was here, but I was a ghost.
  14. In that case, thread closed. Discussion over..
  15. With the price of computers now adays, and all that goes into then, I don't see nearly the desire to overclock as it use to be. Make sure that you get enough cooling though.
  16. This isn't the only forum that we are strict in, but we tend to deal with this forum quicker than many others because of the nature of what is expected to be written in here. One thing is that we expect that if there is a problem that people will come to this forum. IF the threads go on and on forever getting derailed, re-railed, derailed... it makes it hard to figure out what is going on and if the situation was ever dealt with in the first place. IF you go into a forum like say a spoilers section and see derailing, then there is a question of if it will rerail itself, which often happens, and it makes more sense for everything regarding one situation to stay in one thread, instead of having a bunch dealing with how to work the controls because a couple people got sidetracked. And offtopic is well... that is mostly drivel anyway, so if the drivel and derailment was handled as quickly there as it is here, then there wouldn't be much of an OT forum, now would there?
  17. Thread moved, so it doesn't get lost, or anything before people can get everything set up. After all, christmas is coming, so those who don't have the game might still get it.
  18. w3schools.com is a good site. Also the lynda.com stuff is good, either online or in book form.
  19. congrats. hmm... well, it isn't just for animators. If you look at the job listed for Obsidian, you might get a good idea of what they want. They list jobs for writers from time to time, iirc. There is at least one write who frequents these boards, so I wouldn't say you are wasting your time, or that you shouldn't try to do what you want and what you love. My understanding is that the jobs for writers tend to be few and far between, because it takes less writers to turn out a game than it does animators, programmers, etc. Really, though. Good luck in all your dreams. You might want to check your college to see if there are writing classes that have a connection to writing and multimedia as that will help you in the long run if you understand way the other groups work, and their potential limitations.
  20. As I recall, he did start as webgeek, and moved to be a programmer. Then Jessica took over the webgeek job. Jake started off as a programmer I think, and took care of the backend stuff for the webpages and boards while Jessica did all the frontend
  21. Sometimes. It was a shared post between Sawyer, Jessica and Feargus.
  22. That would make sense to have the mods as an expansion pack.
  23. I have always found my posts to go through, it is just strange that the screen comes up at all. And I do know that GM has been looking into this, so the more info we can figure out the better, since it is a case circumstances that causes the error screen.
  24. One thing I wonder, is if this hurricane hits NO like it is suppose to... how far below sea level will it be then?
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