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  1. If you hate instant kill spells then you didnt use it much. It was awesome to kill things with finger of death, banshee and imprisonment. Made my mage cool :D
  2. I remember that in bg/iwd/pst/nwn i was really really looking forward to lvl up and gain an other tier of spell level with my caster chars. It made a huge impact and it was awesome to.Level up and gain tons of new spells in my arsenal.
  3. I remember that the only way for me to kill Sarevok in bg1 was to swarm him with my goblin/hobgoblin army :D
  4. Thank you. Really. Great update! The house and model is amazing, I am so not worried about character models any more.
  5. I don't want to be able to save durning combat. I would sadly abuse it against my will
  6. I must add that it make it much better when you can tell him "I allready took care of it" and not pick up and then talk again and tell him its done. Its a little thing but it make me feel better about it somewhy. I hope its understandable.
  7. I had melee mage in bg2. Black blade of disaster ftw. We had many great defensive spell to go with it and if you really wanted to you could make a fighter/mage. I would like to have something like that. Although i would like to have more choices, more weapon summon spells with different effects. i totaly liked iwd2 druid spells. I don't ask for a ton type just "enough". Its okay even if its not a totaly offical way to go just let us have the choice to try to make it with it :D
  8. I would take slight spell effect change for mage type and combat animation for melee (Maybe stance could change too) over character models difference (Becoming Hulk or having lightning come out of my body).
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