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  1. Seeing a bunch of scrawny liberals larp as "revolutionaries" is pretty embarrassing but the butthurt from the Trump fans makes up for it.
  2. Follow up If a presidential candidate promises they'll wash my dishes I'll vote for them.
  3. Also tweets from Ted Cruz's college room mate Funniest is probably this
  4. One that has zero interest in the source material clearly. Now bearing in mind I've only read the books (years and years ago) and gave up after season 1 but even I can think of at least three major problems with that stupid plot line. 1. Why would Littlefinger sell the last remaining Stark, his ticket to the North, plus his surrogate Catelyn to some deranged lunatic? 2. Ramsay was meant to marry Jeyne Pool posing as Arya - having it literally be Sansa is stupid because Sansa was perceived to be an enemy of the state and in cahoots with a kingslayer (Tyrion). 3. This ****s up
  5. Hatebrowsing on your lunchbreak is a gentleman's tradition.
  6. So just how **** has this show gotten? Last I heard Sounds like it's quite the mess.
  7. We've had 5 Prime Ministers over a span of 5 years. I've honestly not noticed much difference. So much for those Western values.
  8. That's internal party wankery. Little to do with the whims of the Australian public.
  9. Still ignoring the heart of the controversy. ? "Principles".
  10. Stop being obtuse Bruce. The controversy was the fact that if Sanders won the democrat nomination Dean would be willing to "override" that in favour of Clinton. To put it crudely.
  11. Can't believe I hadn't seen this. One of very few Trump memes that actually got me to laugh out loud.
  12. Weren't any when I was at college. At least not in any significant capacity.
  13. That was actually a really good Trump impression.
  14. What are you confused about? From what I understand the meme has nothing to do with mocking Clinton for her "pandering", rather it portrays her as uncool because she's establishment and Sanders as hip because he's "anti-establishment". Unless he's saying Clinton shouldn't be mocked period which is even more ridiculous. Also to say Sanders has spent "his entire career fighting immigration" and is now trying to pander to Hispanic voters is a bizarre claim especially when the evidence they provide is a story where Sanders opposed an immigration policy that would have had immigrant workers in
  15. I was scrolling through this woman's twitter at work. She has a Black Panthers avatar, quotes Malcolm X and yet calls herself a liberal, is an ardent Clinton supporter, considers Sanders a pie in the sky idealist who only cares about white people problems and opposes his moderate socdem reforms. Just ... wat?
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