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  1. You can basically read this thread on autopilot. "According to pol some sources Clinton has admitted she'll be abolishing income tax and replacing it with racial serfdom". "We just need to go out and vote third party then our broken 2 party system might be able to fix itself by 2020" "x IS A SJW NAZI SCUM. IF YUO SUPPORT x YOU SUPPOPRT RAPE AND EVIL. PERIOD" "c'mon guys you can't really hold this horrible thing Clinton has done against her?? surely you no shes sorry and dont wont trump to winn right?? (◕ᴗ◕✿) "Bourgeois democracy is a sham we're all doomed". Etc.
  2. As someone who hasn't particularly liked any of the other Marvel films I found it enjoyable. Solid 7 or 8.
  3. Political euphemism that allows you to avoid discussions of class in favour of conspiracy. See also "The Powers that Be" and to a lesser extent "the globalists".
  4. Was this explicitly stated because I interpreted this as less a battle between the mirror and the protagonists and more just the mirror screwing with them.
  5. I never understood the hullabaloo around Oculus. The film completely destroys any potential tension by establishing the fact that the mirror can alter people's perception of reality to protect itself. At that point there's literally nothing the protagonists can do.
  6. You have yet to actually say what constitutes "German culture". For me it'd be something along the lines of "content produced within Germany in the German language". A definition that's definitive enough to differentiate German things from non-German things all the while also able to accommodate the inherent diversity of political opinion and background to be found in German works. Your definition however seems to be less - concrete. Asserting that there is some quintessential German culture that must think and act a specific way for it to constitute German.
  7. Sadly no. He awkwardly stumbled through the debate, let Clinton dominate his space and honestly seemed to just be going through the motions. Even Sanders who tip-toed around directly attacking Clinton was better at getting a rise out of her.
  8. Impressive that the EU managed to prevent war in Europe for 30 years before it even existed. Snark of course but it is disingenuous to suggest that it is the EU alone that has prevented France and Germany from tearing each others throats out.
  9. And the revolutionaries prior to that were the Jacobins and the revolutionaries prior to that were America's founding fathers. Truly all these groups are one in the same.
  10. But they are. Few people feel adequately represented by either candidate so the least they could do is make this dog and pony show entertaining.
  11. Amusing how many people are saying this here because when you look to more liberal websites they will claim the opposite. I.e. Complaints about how Clinton's health gets full coverage whereas Trump going to court for raping a child is barely touched on.
  12. Give them a shot - I'm sure Libertarian economics would be just as if not even more destructive.
  13. "Rebel" in the sense of performing rebellion rather than fighting for any concrete political goal. For both left and right politics has become little more than another commodity to decorate oneself with and give off the illusion of individuality.
  14. Generally there are no voluntary top down structures, they're enforced. Nonetheless this doesn't answer any of my questions on the supposed value of a diversity of cultures, ethnicities and so on. Outside of an academic setting I always write with colourful language. All I'm trying to do is make you up-front with what you're advocating.
  15. The EU's existence came about as organically as any other political institution, nation-states included. Lol, please. You've supported an obviously controversial position and you don't even have the balls to defend it?
  16. You have yet to make a point to get. Even assuming I ignore the obvious impossibility of it, why should I give a **** about the continued preservation of the specific cultures, races, traditions and languages that exist right now. And this is almost in complete contradiction to your initial point. By your own argument it sounds like a single culture would be better for "social cohesion". Stop holding back man, tell me why you're against mixed relationships.
  17. More words and yet still no content. Stop LARPing as a conservative and actually make a conservative argument.
  18. "Muh feels" would have sufficed.
  19. Indeed. What the world needs is our betters to have even more power.
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