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  1. Edith Hamilton's Mythology : Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. For Valentine's Day my girlfriend bought me a copy The Iliad and The Odyssey so I figured I'd brush up on the cultural context before I start. So far it makes for nice light reading before bed.
  2. Better to focus on actual their politics and past actions. I think Obama's a charming guy but that's not a good reason to vote for him.
  3. Get rid of both the liberals and conservatives. Perfect compromise.
  4. @ Bruce, what do you think of Varoufakis?
  5. I'm still waiting to read that debate between you and KP on the European debt crisis.
  6. In my experience that's not why we're laughing at you.
  7. Republican debate is infinitely more entertaining than the Democrat one.
  8. All these paywalls do is encourage bull****ting papers by fudging sources based on the abstract.
  9. What superior definition of "crash" are you using? In my experience 1929, 1987 and 2008 are all considered "crashes".
  10. I want in on what they're paying you.
  11. Here's what I said 25 pages ago On the plus side we're due for another market crash and I don't see the left as it exists now surviving that.
  12. @GD, what's your prediction for the next 5-10 years?
  13. Latest Democrat debate was pretty ****. Sanders really needs to drop his "I won't attack Clinton/Obama" tactic.
  14. I agree with this sentiment. Personally it annoys me because it implies any political fault must be part of some external problem or corrupting force, i.e. liberals or conservatives can't be bad in of themselves - they're actually becoming fascist! That said I do disagree with this: I did just sit through a Republican debate where they were discussing bringing in even greater "enhanced interrogation techniques". Plus I wouldn't put anything past Ms. Clinton.
  15. He wasn't asking why they prefer Democrats over Republicans. He was asking why they prefer Clinton over Sanders.
  16. If you repeat something enough people will come to believe it.
  17. I agree with Bruce. We should abolish the vote. Clinton knows what's best for us.
  18. Bernie Sanders, Public Menace
  19. Most likely happened but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Either way I walk away smug.
  20. The Nordic model does not work in the US for the reason of it being Nordic, as in it is a natural extension of the mindset in the countries there. As in it is taboo show off your riches; when making important decisions you always discuss it with your teammates before reaching final decision, uncontrollable joy is only acceptable when being drunk and it's important to feel shame on others behalf so that they can be really ashamed of themselves. None of those traits exist in the US or even remotely exemplify the american way of life, and that's why you cannot just insert the same kind of system
  21. So it's not him advocating for the rape and enslavement of half the population you take issue with?
  22. The misogynistic rapist is right. Islam is a backwards, patriarchal ideology that supports inequality between the sexes and should be openly challenged and criticised like his own backwards, rapist, patriarchal ideology. That said, this does not mean I support draconian laws that strip muslim civilians of their civil liberties.
  23. Already done. Bruce is more then welcome to correct but I'm pretty sure he is not a social democrat.
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