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  1. They self identify as lesbians and consider lesbians who won't sleep with them violent transphobes who deserve to die. Best not to go down that rabbit hole.
  2. Can't wait for choice rhetoric to enter the organ harvesting market. "Umm, did you just shame this homeless poc for selling their liver and both their feet so they could afford a sandwich? How dare yuo. Feminism is about choice. Hold on I think I hear someone shaming a sweatshop worker"
  3. I for one look forward to being an organbag in our upcoming Bioshock cyberpunk dystopia.
  4. Zizek is a hack. Entertaining but a hack nonetheless. Chomsky has his moments but his commitment to "humanism" makes his politics quite impotent.
  5. Not at all. A liberal welfare state is in no way synonymous with Marxism or communism. Marx himself criticized the limitations of the social welfare supported by Bismark and the like. To quote myself the last time you brought this up: Only a liberal would be able to toss aside a person's entire life's work and hijack them as one of their own.
  6. Only a liberal would be able to toss aside a person's entire life's work and hijack them as one of their own.But... I'm not taking it as my own, I'm spending it in ways that benefit society. And I think your expression is a bit... Well extreme. Take away all your life's earnings... No definitely not. More like a high income tax, at least for those with high income. And isn't free health care and education including university worth it? Jesus Christ. You have to be a Bruce-alt because no one else could possibly misinterpret a post this bad.
  7. Only a liberal would be able to toss aside a person's entire life's work and hijack them as one of their own.
  8. Having sanctions enforced on you by a global superpower tends to have that effect. Not that he was some shining example of socialism; he was in fact very much in the vein of the nationalist revolutionaries of the 19th century - he just draped his 'revolution' in red to cosy up with the Soviets.
  9. I'm still waiting for a right-winger to provide a defense of cultural diversity beyond repeating "muh culture" or "muh heritage" over and over.
  10. Meanwhile in the real world liberals are blaming the "Berniebros" for Trump's win and are dismissing class rhetoric as the concern of "single-issue voters" who don't care about PoC, women, LBGTQ people etc.
  11. Cultural Marxism: the conspiracy that somewhere in the margins of Adorno's critiques of how capitalism degenerates culture he secretly advocated the abolition of western society through sodomy and transgenderism. Perpetual virginity as political ideology.
  12. Going off my basic art history with the invention of the camera art being focused on depicting traditionally "realistic" depictions of reality became obsolete so more experimental art thrived. Of course this doesn't mean art prior to this was limited to the standard depiction of kings, landscapes and Jesus. That's just the **** the nobles commissioned and which the majority of the populace didn't even get to see. Look at the works of Pieter Bruegal. They could range from biting political commentary to out-right surreal.
  13. No, you're just unsatisfied with the answer. Big government telling me what to do with my flag.
  14. And you're assuming the ones doing the protesting are not the people who voted for Clinton, why? So they're free to burn it.
  15. Funny that you appeal to the sentiments of 'normal people' all the while condemning them for having the audacity to fight against the regime that sent them to be butchered.
  16. When the news broke yesterday I was stuck in traffic. There was a group of children running alongside the cars chanting "Go Trump! Go Trump!" 3 of them were black. Honestly I'm quite surprised. At no point during this election did I think Clinton was going to lose. I didn't want her to win but I was quite confident it was inevitable, right up until yesterday. Nevertheless the fact that the inevitable economic crisis will now happen not only under a Republican presidency but a Trump presidency is pretty funny.
  17. Better yet lets move beyond the confines of flesh and bone, liberate women from the labour of pregnancy and have vat-grown designer babies.
  18. Ha, that sounds like something I'd write. Of course as entertaining as that would it's not going to happen. Just like Sanders had no chance of being the Democrat nominee Trump has no chance of being the President. In other news, for the 5 hipsters who care about his opinion Žižek has said he'd vote for Trump. Watching his fanbase try to rationalize that is pretty funny.
  19. Probably confusing me with someone else.
  20. I don't believe I've ever said a positive thing about Trump.
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