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  1. Try running a DirectX diagnostic and post the results in your next post (see the MUST READ... thread for instructions on this).
  2. Actually, the picture shows they're both the same version ( is how Nvidia numbers their 350.12 drivers). It should show also on the DxDiag report and the continued lack of such data suggests something wrong on your system (do any other games or graphics benchmarks like 3DMark or Unigine Heaven or Valley show any problems?). There is something else to try and that is to modify the shortcut you use to start Pillars of Eternity. My suggestion would be to make a copy of that shortcut on the desktop (even if you already have one, make a second) and to modify it as follows: Right-cl
  3. Thanks for including those files - you actually seem to have a different problem from others here since the error occurs when you still have plenty (600MB+) of spare memory (so you shouldnt need /3GB - yet). The stack trace shows a dll from Internet Download Manager present (which has no valid reason to be there) so could you try uninstalling that to see if it could be the cause? The crash with /3GB enabled seems to be due to atioglxx.dll, AMD/ATI's OpenGL driver. I can only suggest checking that you have the latest version of AMD's Catalyst drivers and if you have, try placing a differen
  4. Interesting - the second /3GB logfile reports a DirectX9 initialisation error that exactly matches that in this thread. The fix for that - installing the DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010) - shouldn't be necessary for your system, but re-installing it shouldn't do any harm either. The first shows no errors though - did you actually encounter a crash or not? (a file post-crash is what is needed, just to clarify). A DirectX diagnostics report might be handy too.
  5. Overheating could be one cause - try installing MSI Afterburner and use it to graph your GPU temperatures. If they go above 80°C then the GPU needs to be better cooled (MSI Afterburner can handle this also, by letting you modify the fan profile so the fan(s) spin faster at set temperatures).
  6. Welcome to the forums Poenewbie, Could you attach a copy of your output_log.txt file (see MUST READ... for where this is) ideally both with and without /3GB enabled? That would allow others here to check whether something else, other than memory, might be causing your problem. When you say the game "doesn't load" with /3GB, what exactly happens? (any error reported, do you reach the main menu, etc).
  7. The crash might be due to your Intel HD5000 graphics driver (it's showing rather prominently in the stack trace). Your current HD5000 driver dates from September 2014 so it might be worth checking for an update.
  8. I'd add Neverwinter Nights 2 as another example - though it was a beast of a game when released, it did far more graphics-wise than Pillars (choice of variable overhead viewpoint or third person viewpoint) and with far lower hardware requirements (2.4GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 128MB GPU). Indeed it seems rather a pity that Obsidian didn't develop the Aurora engine used for NWN2, but presumably that would have required more licensing from EA/Bioware. It's likely a fair point to say Unity3D is not being used efficiently since it is treating a 2D-2.5D background as a (large) collection of 3D objec
  9. You're running 64-bit Windows so not a memory issue and the output_log doesn't provide any obvious indication of what's going wrong. One possibility that springs to mind is overlay issues (make sure you don't have any enabled such as Steam's or MSI Afterburner's on-screen statistics). Dated drivers could be another cause - attach a DirectX diagnostics report (see MUST READ... for instructions) to your next post if you want others to review that part of your setup.
  10. Agreed with this - markers for places and people should only appear once they've been visited/spoken to (probably by having area/person scripts adding markers to the map when triggered). The current situation is like BG2 where you can enter Waukeen's Promenade and have a marker for Cernd's home, before you even know who Cernd is...
  11. Selecting "Auto Resolve" for a stronghold attack can result in improvements being destroyed. Do you recall doing this, or overlooking such an event?
  12. Nvidia driver dates are still not showing in DxDiag.txt - given you have reported an error during installation I would suggest you need a "clean install" by doing the following: Download Display Driver Uninstaller; Disconnect from the Internet (to prevent unwanted auto-updates) and restart Windows in Safe Mode; Run Display Driver Uninstaller - select "Nvidia" and "Clean and restart"; Once Windows restarts, it will likely prompt you multiple times about detecting new hardware - skip any prompts. You will also likely have a far worse-looking display - that should be fixed in the next step; Run
  13. Saved games are stored in %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Games\Pillars of Eternity on my system using the GOG version of PoE. No other folder is used, and I don't recognise the folder you mention. You might want to check whether a folder of the same name exists on your system and, if so, try copying your restored saves to it. If you are using the Steam version of PoE and are using cloud saves, then a problem there could be causing file deletion (see Steam Community: My save was deleted!). In that case, disabling cloud saves and keeping local backups would seem a better choice.
  14. Haladras2015, Please see Windows 32-bit: Crashing occasionally or on specific area transitions for a workaround to your issue. Note that it has nothing to do with Physical Address Extension (PAE) - you instead need to increase the per-process memory limit.
  15. Haladras2015, This is the same issue (with the same fix) as reported in your other thread. Please keep to one thread only.
  16. Welcome to the forums DngnRdr, Looks like you're hitting the 2GB-per-process limitation on 32-bit systems - see Windows 32-bit: Crashing occasionally... for a workaround.
  17. Welcome to the forums Brink, Please review the MUST READ... sticky thread and follow the instructions there to retrieve the output_log.txt file and attach it to your next post. This file can be critical in determining what is happening with your game.
  18. Another vote for this - no excessive delays on my system but I would still prefer faster area loading.
  19. Unforuntately, the physical release only contains a copy of the Steam version - Paradox/Obsidian aren't the only ones to pull this stunt, so I'm afraid you need to be careful to check the specifics when buying games in future (the back of the box should mention the need for a Steam account). If you have limited Internet access, then realistically your best option is to purchase from GOG - you'll still have to download the game but you can do so using another system or Internet connection (e.g. use a public library to copy the installer onto a USB stick) which you can't do with Steam. As
  20. Welcome to the forums Braelef, ShadowExplorer can restore backups made by the Volume Shadow Copy Service. If the files were corrupted in any way beforehand, then the copies will have the same problem. It may be worth checking the file extensions - they should be .savegame but in my experience, Pillars also writes a number of other files to the savegame folder with random extensions. If your files have a different extension, changing it to .savegame might help. As the website notes, ShadowExplorer is not a substitue for a proper backup regime - the Shadow Copy Service will only make one
  21. Anyone having problems please review the MUST READ... sticky thread, include system details and attach the Player.log file. That will allow others here a better chance to identify what is going wrong.
  22. Anyone having problems please review the MUST READ... sticky thread, include system details and attach the Player.log file. That will allow others here a better chance to identify what is going wrong.
  23. Welcome to the forums SzymonAdamus, You're almost certainly running into the 2GB-per-process limitation on 32-bit Windows systems. See Windows 32-bit: Crashing occasionally... for a workaround.
  24. Don't worry overmuch about Calisca and Heodan... The next patch (1.05, due for May release) should include the option to change your character's portrait and voice set (see here for more details).
  25. Thanks for the update - given its widespread usage, you'd have thought Microsoft would have had the sense to include a full version of DirectX 9.0 in recent Windows versions.
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