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  1. Rivatuner is very old and very likely wouldn't function properly with your graphics card - remove it. MSI Afterburner is based on Rivatuner and if you have that installed, you should be able to monitor your GPU temperature (it won't automatically fix things, it's mainly a monitoring/reporting tool, though you can use it to control GPU fans and ensure they speed up when temperature reaches set levels). Check that temperatures do not go (much) above 80°C and use CoreTemp (links given previously) to check CPU temperature also. If either CPU or GPU temperatures are too high, then you need to
  2. Whoops - thought that autosave mod supported the latest version of PoE. My bad.
  3. EvilCalvin42, Please review the MUST READ... thread (specifically, a copy of your output_log.txt file is needed to provide a proper diagnosis - just attach it, or a zipped version, to your next post). Most likely you are encountering the 2GB-per-process limit mentioned in the second post and should find the workaround mentioned there solves that issue. As for Obsidian doing a patch to fix this, possible but unlikely. A move to the latest Unity 5 engine might help in reducing memory usage but the only way around the 2/3/4GB per-process limitation is to make PoE 64-bit (and unusable on 3
  4. Don't use OSX so can't be sure on the exact meaning of the error messages but an online search brought up the following possibilities: Disable the Steam overlay if active; Check your fonts for any problems (duplicates, etc) using Fontbook or a similar tool and remove any that apply (see this thread for more details); Try creating a new account in Yosemite and running PoE with that.
  5. Thanks for running that test - since it was successful it indicates your GPU and PSU are up to demanding graphics work (but diid you find anything in Window's Event Viewer?) and that the log messages were probably a red herring. I therefore suspect the problem is with saving games, with the autosave on area transition being the reason you see a hang when exiting the first area (to verify this, try installing the No Autosave mod and seeing if you get any further with it enabled). If so, then the most likely cause is a problem with the folder used to store savegames (if you have Steam cl
  6. Heh, heh - and liberal use of "Power Word: Reload" isn't? Omnicron's suggestion of getting into the corner is valid - you might also be able to use area-effect spells like Flaming Sphere (which Aloth at least should have access to) to score multiple hits by bouncing it off the wall (don't send it down the stairs though, it'll just bring the other guards into the fray), though you'll almost certainly do "friendly-fire" on your other party members in the process. Aside from that, it looks like "death by a thousand reloads" if you don't want to restart the game - but you could just treat t
  7. Check Event Viewer to see if any errors are reported there. Also try running the Unigine Heaven Benchmark (using DirectX9 mode) for 10-15 minutes to see if that throws up any oddities.
  8. Try checking /var/log/system.log for any errors - in particular any relating to Steam occurring at the same time as your PoE crash.
  9. Thanks for the update - starting a new PoE profile and being conservative with the settings (e.g. not combining in-game and post-processing AA) should hopefully work better for you.
  10. Your comment on tesselation does suggest inappropriate driver settings since PoE, being DirectX9-based, does not use tesselation so if you have a profile for PoE in CCC, try deleting it completely and check that you do not have any form of anti-aliasing or post-processing forced in CCC (there's clearly AA present in the screenshot). Check that you have disabled post-processing applications like SweetFX or ReShade, if present, and try disabling in-game AA (set the graphics quality slider to the leftmost position). If the problem persists after all that, try experimenting with Anisotropic Fi
  11. Welcome to the forums PGD_FC, There seem to be issues with OpenGL on your system. Try checking for OpenGL system updates and also try updating the Intel HD4000 driver. Be aware that the HD4000 is, like other Intel graphics chips, a very poor performer compared to AMD/Nvidia and therefore you will see sluggish performance with PoE (though not the problems you describe).
  12. The log file suggests a problem with the Nvidia GTX 670MX graphics card. One possibility could be overheating so I would suggest installing MSI Afterburner and using that to monitor your GPU temperature. If it reaches 80°C or more, then heat is a problem (PoE is a surprisingly demanding game GPU-wise) and you will need to improve cooling (or use MSI Afterburner to "downclock" your GPU). Graphics card drivers can be another cause - you seem to have a quite recent version but it may be worth checking to see if an update there helps matters.
  13. Welcome to the forums Maliszo, You have a different problem involving kernelbase.dll - an online search gave this thread as the first result. Try following the suggestions there.
  14. Please review the MUST READ... thread and include the information requested there (output_log file and dxdiag for Windows users). Such information will allow others to determine what the cause of your problem is.
  15. Welcome to the forums Renoow, Looks like you're hitting the 2GB-per-process limit of 32-bit Windows. See Windows 32-bit: Crashing occasionally... for a workaround.
  16. Forgot about EVGA Precision and the problems it's caused, so thanks for the update.
  17. Welcome to the forums Mdnyc, The error causing the crash in your example seems to involve NxRay. It may be worth checking other crash logs to see if they give the same cause and checking to see if the crashes occur at the same (gameworld) locations. If the crashes don't occur predictably then GPU overheating is worth checking for - it can cause a wide variety of similar errors (and PoE is unusually demanding for the graphics it produces). Use MSI Afterburner (or similar software) to track GPU temperature and check the maximum reached. If it hits 80°C or more, then you need to improve c
  18. Your logs do indicate a DX9 problem, so it really comes down to either DirectX or the video driver being damaged. Since you identify the problem as occurring between the 5th and 6th of May, I'd suggest checking what changed on your system at that time. One other possibility is that your AV scanner, Avast, might have mistakenly flagged some files as malicious and deleted or quarantined them. Such a problem has recently happened with Avast.
  19. Welcome to the forums CatStevensCH, DirectX 9 initialization failure was the cause reported in your logs. It seems most likely that you don't have DirectX 9.0 installed - download and run this DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010) to fix that. This will be necessary for other games using DirectX 9.0 too.
  20. Welcome to the forums Pavd2000, Your logfiles both include the following error: Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Windows mono path not found: C:\games\steam\steamapps\mono\mono\mini\mono.exe If the game is working occasionally, then the most likely cause would seem to be an intermittent disk problem (check Windows' Event Viewer for any disk-related errors or warnings and try running chkdsk - any significant issues found should be a signal to buy a new disk before your current one fails completely). Another possibility is other software acc
  21. The PoE executable is already large-address-aware and requires no such modification. The /3GB (and recommended /userva switches) have been mentioned and Obsidian's blog entry on this should provide adequate information for most. However some people are having issues with the /3GB switch enabled, and I can't see how the information you're presenting can help there. Certainly not linking to a forum discussion from 2006 with posters there confusing /3GB, PAE and device memory remapping.
  22. Your Realtek drivers are slightly on the old side (2012 vintage) so updating them might be worth doing. Aside from that, I'd suggest using MSI Afterburner to underclock your GPU to see if that makes a difference.
  23. For the atioglxx.dll file, really just try a few other (older) versions. Since your issue with the /3GB switch hasn't been widely reported elsewhere, I can't offer any more advice than that. With Internet Download Manager, some software works by injecting code into every other running process. This is justifiable in cases where a program needs to alter how others behave (examples include mouse drivers offering >5 button support, macro/automation software and security utiilites) but I don't see how a download manager can fall into the same category. There are plenty of other (free) optio
  24. Modifying the shortcut used to launch Pillars by adding the -force-opengl parameter would be quicker - see Unity3D Manual: Command line arguments for other options. Temperatures seem unlikely to be the cause given the previous reply given - more system information (which the DirectX diagnostic should provide) is needed at this stage.
  25. It's a DirectX9 failure - download and run the DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010) to fix it.
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