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  1. Good Evening; I have followed your porposal, ran game offline / enable steam cloud / change save game folder / enable anti-virus software etc... nothing more better..... started to be disapointed by this game... I hope to find solution soon... thx
  2. Hello I've try "No Autovase" bug P.O.E crashed (see report log files). Probably because No Autosave if for 1.03 patch and not 1.05. I will try your other proposal this evening. thx again for your help. output_log.txt
  3. Hello AstralWanderer I downloaded and ran Unigine Heaven Benchmark (see result on attached file) on DirectX9 mode. Temperature GPU is similar as ingame (~72°C). Nothing special appears during benchmark. waiting for other proposal or test or solution... thank you for your support. Unigine_Heaven_Benchmark_4.0_20150518_1826.html
  4. Hello Again As said, Drivers are the lastest one. I've tried to change graphic option of game => cancel VSync => Same issue I've tried to downgrade graphics characteristic from High to Medium => Same. I've tried to change character => same.
  5. Hello AstralWanderer; Thank you for your support. I've downloaded MSI Afterburner as suggested and run during game. GPU Temp was between 70°C to 73°C at the end of Tutorial...then bellow 80°C. Driver
  6. hello file are attached No special external program running. I have only 8min30s of gameplay. After tutorial aera, loading is frozen during more than 30min... I've try to make saving during tutorial, ( use ESC to go on menu / choose save / select on one slot of saving / nammed / clic on save / go back to game / and do same to check is game has been saved correctly but there was no slot saving. thx DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  7. Hello As requested, files are attached. They were no special external program running during game. To be simple, I have only 8min30s of gameplay including character creation. When game started, I've try to save game but it is impossible (open menu with ESC / select save / named one slot of saving / clic on save / exit and do same to check if save has been done correctly but slot is empty). After end of tutorial... game is frozen during loading next stage. version of P.O.E is DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  8. Hello I will try to explain simply what is my head headache. I've bought P.O.E. by website and dowloaded through STEAM. Everythings goes well for download. Game started and I've created one charcater (wizard) . After tutorial "area", Game started to "download" next stage ... but after 30 min nothing ... Picture is frozen... I've restarted several times the game. I've uninstall game and download again but same issue... I've try to change proprierty of P.O.E. application from Win8 to Win7 but same issue. I cannot save party during beginning of game. I'm fed up after several tria
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