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  1. goto this site and tweak oblivion ini config in my documents/games/oblvion Oblivion Tweak Guide be sure to change the grass from 80 to 120-140. U may want to try bloom instead of hdr. Turn off some background apps that u don't need while running oblivion. also, what sort of system, vid card do u have.
  2. I just got an eVGA 7950 GX2. It has great preformance, quiet, but it runs warm, 60c at idle and 70c with a load.
  3. with both 91.28 & 91.31, I don't get any warp speed on dantooine.
  4. that works only if u have a high enough presuade skill. view recording in security off, get voice recorder, talk to assassin droid abt imitating voice password.
  5. str 14 dex 10 con 16 intel 10 wis 14 cha 14 don't need dex if you're a str guardian, go with either str or dex, but not both. High con gives u access to the better implants in the game sooner, implant use is based on your unmodified con attribute.
  6. windowxp hotfix goto ms and requestnotfix associated with 896256 goto run and type regedit an click OK right-cllick HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current\control\set\control\ session manager, goto NEW, select KEY type Throttle for the new key name right-click Throttle, goto New and then select DWORD Value type PerfEnablePackageldle for the value name right-click PerfEnablePackageldle, and then choose Modify in the Edit DWORD value box, type "1" in theValue data box, make sure that Hexadecimal is selected and the click OK quit regedit and reboot, and the hotfix should ge active AMD Patch (good for intel also) add /usepmtimer to the end of boot.ini to get to boot.ine right-click on my computer select properties click advanced tab select startup and recovery click on edit button to affinity and beyond this allows u to disable 1 of your cpus start game alt-control-delete to start task manager goto processes and highlight swkotor2.exe click on affinity uncheck on of your 2 cpus and click OK play game I've used this and it works great for koto2
  7. I like playing with a lot of eye candy on also :D cpu AMD 64 X2 4800 memory OCZ 2x1 gb mobo ASUS A8N-SLI Premium HD 4xWD 74gb Raptor 10,000 rpm sata graphics card ASUS 7800 gtx TOP 256mb driver XG 83.90 sound card X-Fi Fatality creative gigaworks 7.1 speakers case ATX Cooler Master Stacker O/S MS XP Pro
  8. try 83.90 driver instead of regedit. I have dual core also and 83.90 and the kotor games work fine together.
  9. i'm replaying several games: sw jedi outcast, sw jedi acedamy, morrowing, kotor 1, and kotor 2, depending on my mood at the time.
  10. kotor doesn't like dual core with 80 drivers so, it may not like sli tweaks in the 80 drivers also
  11. 80.xx series drivers don't like kotor. try 78.05 driver. the game thinks your card is a very old card, so settings will be set low, up them. The game may have enabled software audio, if so, switch to hardware audio.
  12. i had a small problem talking to keria, it would hit the black screen and stop there instead of continuing on for a conversation with keria. It turns out that the game had disabled eax and when I enabled it to eax-3, the problem went away. I guess that the game didn't recognize how good my x-fi fatality card is. It also said that my asus 7800 top gtx was marginal card (w00t) :D
  13. just finished putting in the edit and it worked fine. I do get the white lines shimmering on the menues, but its a small price to get the games playable. i will put in the mods later when i have time, off to bed now, and thanks again
  14. went to run and ran regedit, I have xp pro hkey_local_machine went to system went to currentcontrolset went to video went to 4th {} with numbers that had 0000 and counterstrike folder and voltilesettings found lines swkotor.exe:d3dogl_67207556 inside/I hit enter and got window that said edit binary value 0000 01 00 00 08 swkotor2.exe:d3dogl_67207556 inside/I hit enter and got window that said edit binary value 0000 11 00 00 08 did I find the correct area and what do I do? I have an amd x3 4800+ and kotor 1 and 2 are unplayable.
  15. tweaks r us also have a forum where u can ask questions.
  16. Tweaks R Us try Tweaks R US, they are into drivers and stuff. iirc, they feel that opengl 1.5 is more stable than opengl 2.0. Have u tried a fresh install of the game? do u have any mods or the movie & sound upgrade(unofficial: they seem to cause stability issues)
  17. endor spire over ebon hawk. To me, endor spire and ebon hawk were the prologs of each KotOR game. peragus over taris. first game areas after prolog. Telos over dantoine. 2nd game area. Telos is a bit better to me. starforge over malacore. until I see the restoration, then that may chage :cool:
  18. I liked the vid, but it was on the dark side when u were in the dungeon and in the book store. The woodlands looked great.
  19. maybe u got a bad download? I just got thru that section yesterday and it looked good, crisp. It wasn't blocky and no tearing. Could it be a driver problem, the latest drivers aren't necessarily the best for KotOR. for nvidia cards, 66.93 is the last good driver.
  20. Wizardry 8 wasn't bug free, but had very few bugs. I remeber 1 major bug where if u rested near the mook embassy in arnika u would be in a world of hurt. They cured that quickly because they cared abt the game, unlike LA and KotOR 2.
  21. I'm a PC only person also, so I didn't get Jade Empire. I would of if it was released for PC, with the IQ one expects with a pc instead of what u get with xbox.
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