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  1. Obsidian They did part two and pretty much set the story for KOTOR III, so they are the logical choice. Bioware already said that they won't work on someone elses project in the near future, so why are people even talking about it?
  2. In this case, the "true Sith" are very likely remnants of the old Empire, not the species. So, yes, the very first part of the first post is likely right. The true Sith are not the Sith species. Remember, there are three kinds of Sith mentioned in the KOTOR games. The ones who told the Mandalorians to attack the Republic, Revan and Malak's and Nihilus and Sion's. Only the first ones were Sith at the beginning of the Mandalorian Wars.
  3. The Exile itself isn't drawing the Sith, force-users are. The more powerful they are, the more are the Sith who use this technique coming after said force-users. The "great evil power" can be seen in form of Nihilus. The Exile is very similar to him, though not on the same level and in a slightly different form. The only real threat to a guy like Nihilus, is a guy like Nihilus himself. In this case, the Exile. If it weren't for the fact that the Exile was immune against Nihilus powers, the Exile wouldn't have been able to beat him. No normal Jedi would have been able to defend himself against this power, unless he would have found some new technique no one knows about. The masters are not completely wrong, they understand some parts of what is happening, but they take the wrong conclusions. Kreia only kills them, because they want to hurt the Exile (from her point of view that is).
  4. Why would you care what is "canon"? They didn't force a male Revan on anyone in KOTOR II, so why should that be any different for the Exile in a possible KOTOR III? As for Revan being refered to as a female, I certainly don't remember that. Atton says "she", but you can easily correct him on it. If you say you don't care, then Revan is automatically put to lightside male. That's as close to a canon Revan as you will get. I actually like the Sion loves the Exile bit, it's more interesting than the story for a male Exile. I like the Handmaiden more than Disciple and Visas is also better when playing a male, but overall it doesn't really matter to me. If I had to choose gender and alignment for Revan and the Exile in KOTOR III, I would make both of them ls male, but that's because I'm male, not because of a higher quality in the storyline. The choice between male/female Exile is much closer than the one for Revan. The most important npc of KOTOR II (Kreia) isn't a love interest for either gender, while the one of KOTOR (Bastila) is for a male character. Because of that, there isn't such a huge difference between the two genders in TSL.
  5. 1. The holocron is only accessible if Revan was ds 2. Carth is the republic admiral if Revan was lightside 3. I think Bastila doesn't appear in person if Revan was set to be female So, yes, all these depend on the Atton convo. The first two are decided by Revan's alignment, the last one by the gender.
  6. The video doesn't have anything to do with KOTOR III The game includes Vader, stormtroopers and TIE fighter, and not just for marketing purposes, they will be in the final product. It's supposed to be THE Star Wars game and part of the huge campaign for 2007, very likely based on the time right after Episode III.
  7. I don't really like that change, either, I but I can see where it's coming from. Anakin's body at the end of Episode VI is crippled, though his "ghost-form" is not. By making him young again you circumvent that problem, because he was completely healthy at that age. One might question though, whether his ghost-form has anything to do with his body and if Anakin would appear in front of Luke in a look Luke has never seen. As for the fans owning a part of SW just because they bought something, heck no! If you paid for a ticket to watch the movie, bought a DVD, a book, a game, etc. you got what you paid for. You have absolutely no rights whatsoever on any kind of art an artist wants to release. No one is forcing you to buy the new product an artist releases, nor do you have to buy any form of special edition or director's cut which is made available. An artist has the right to release all kinds of art on every medium he desires, and no one but the artist has the right to say what he should and what he shouldn't do.
  8. I really doubt that this game is exclusive for one console. It's pretty much THE star wars game, all marketing is centered around it. A game like that won't be released on just one console, especially if it's not the market leader. Besides, the moves don't seem very hard to do, and the same system is used for Indiana Jones, which is for 360 and PS3.
  9. It's part of the same system ("Euphoria") they use for the new Indiana Jones game, where everything acts differently everytime. It's not static. Go and watch the IJ-trailer, you will see a similar effect, without force powers, of course.
  10. Acctually he was in episode IV... And this navicomputer stuff is cut content <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hence "before the SE that is". I thought that sentence was clear enough. Of course he is in episode IV now, but that wasn't always the case...
  11. Yoda can not only absorb it, he can also reflect/send it back, I'd say that would be a bit hard to implement into the current combat-system. Of course, a lightsider wouldn't base his fighting style around darkside powers, but they are still within his capability (see Yoda, or even Luke choking the Gamorreans). As for being better with a lightsabre, that doesn't have all that much to do with the alignment, Dooku and Maul were absolutely amazing with the lightsabre. The guardian/sentinel/consular choice already takes care of that, I wouldn't change that. I agree with your main point, though. It seems logical that ls/ds won't use every power there is. It could be a great addition to the third game, if implemented right.
  12. Again, the original Sith are still around, and have an Empire which is exactly where Revan went. So why should the true Sith not be Sith, that doesn't make any sense.
  13. Lukes was never white. Now, during the Obi Wan vs. Vader duel did the blue lightsabre look white at one point, because it was filmed "from above" so to speak. It was blue when he first activated it, and remained that way when he used it later on. Both times he had a lightsabre in his hands, it was the one of his father. If you thought that the two lightsabres were of different colour, it must have been the different lighting. I didn't notice anything like that, though. They used to same material for both Luke's and Obi Wan's lightsabre, they are exactly the same. They didn't add a new colour until post production of Return of the Jedi, when they thought that a blue lightsabre didn't look all that good against a blue sky.
  14. Jabba was mentioned numerous times in Episode IV and V, but he didn't show up until VI (before the SE that is). You don't need to show everything just because you mentioned it.
  15. "Sith race" doesn't necessarily equal "true Sith". The "true Sith" are very likely the enemy of the third game. It doesn't matter one bit whether all of them can use the force or just one, they still can be a powerful enemy. As Canderous states in KOTOR, the Sith made the Mandalorians attack the Republic. These Sith might have something to do with the race or, which is much more likely, the old Sith Empire. They are just called "true Sith", because the Sith of KOTOR I and II weren't the real Sith. Revan's Sith were former Jedi and Republican soldiers, they simply called themselves Sith. Traya's Sith didn't form until after Revan became a Sith, so they are not the original Sith, either. As those two groups are gone, the only ones left are the true Sith. Because they aren't in the known galaxy, the Republic is still in control over the known space, and with them the Jedi.
  16. I see nothing wrong with the midchlorians. The force itself didn't change one bit. Nope, Lucas has stated many times that balance is restored by the Sith being destroyed. Two Sith vs. two Jedi is not balance, especially when one party is in total control and the other in hiding. Compare the force to nature. If, for example, an oil catastrophe happens, then the nature is harmed by an outside influence that simply shouldn't happen. In this case, the darkside is the thing which shouldn't exist. It gaining power, weakening the Jedi and taking control of the galaxy destroys the balance, hence why it must be stopped --> Anakin.
  17. If they finish the current storyarch, ten years would be a little bit excessive. Revan would be gone to fight the true Sith for 14 years, the Exile for ten, that's way too much. I'd say one to three years max. As for the topic, I'd say the Jedi should have a slight advantage, based on their link to the Republic. If you look at KOTOR II, the Sith were pretty much in hiding while the Republic was weak but in control. Now the remaining Sith are all but gone, leaving the Repbluc without an enemy until the true Sith arrive. Enough time for the Jedi to regain a bit of strength. The Sith of the first two games aren't needed anymore, they shouldn't play a part in KOTOR III, or if they do, only a very minor one. Or, as a more direct answer: The Republic should be in control, and with them the Jedi.
  18. Way too much data. Look at the amount of dialog-files the first two games had, it's around 600mb if I remember correctly. Most of this dialog is a direct answer to something you said, which pretty much doubles the data if you give your character a voice, triples it because of the gender option and turns out to be six or seven times that large, if you want to give the player the option to choose a voice (three options each). That's a whole DVD just for dialog.
  19. Revan "expresses his dislike"? You are making the choice, in no way does Revan express his dislike no matter what. Why shouldn't the movie-Jedi use the midichlorian-count? It's simply a way to measure how close of a connection to the force a person can have, what's wrong with that?
  20. Less than two months since the last official report actually
  21. There is no such thing as continuity in this case. The guide can say all it wants, if LucasArts has agreed to the KOTOR 2 version of it, than that one is part of canon. As all parts of the EU are equal, only under the movies and everything that belongs to them, a guide doesn't top a game, nor the other way round.
  22. Well, as of right now, there weren't any "grey Jedi" in KOTOR. The two who came close to it (Jolee and Kreia) both lean to one of the two sides. Someone who sides with neither side doesn't have to be "grey". Even a true lightsider could disagree with the Jedi. Because of that, you don't need to create a third side. Besides, it would be very hard to create an ending for a grey jedi. It's very easy for a light- or darksider, you are either the saviour or the conqueror, but what kind of role does a grey Jedi have? What's the fascination with all the planets from the movies? -Tatooine: already been there, there isn't much left to tell. It's a remote system that no one cares about, and that's the way it should be treated. You put one story after another there and it's no longer a remote system. -Hoth: There is absolutely nothing there, a remote world that no one was ever interested in, that's the reason why the rebels build their base there. -Geonosis: A world without real civilization, no humans live there, nor are the geonosians technologically advanced at that point in time. There are countless planets already in existence and you can always create many more, no reason to take movie planets and make them into something they are not.
  23. I don't understand how anyone could demand a prequel. Why would you want one? There is nothing to be gained by a prequel, the story is told, you know the ending. No matter what you character does, it has absolutely no meaning on the story. If you choose a known character, you can't do anything either, as the choices the characters made were already decided by KOTOR I and II. On the other hand, you have a story which needs to be finished. If I have the choice between finishing a great storyarch and playing a story already told, I'll always choose the first one. You simply don't let a storyarch go unfinished. Or did you see Lucas go and create a prequel after Empire strikes back came out?
  24. I would like the game to be similar to KOTOR I and II. What you suggest is a totally different game. I don't like any of the features, especially the party-members and game-ending ones. I prefer characters who actually have a backstory. I hardly used all of my crew in the first two games, why should I even bother with many more? Especially since you don't have a use for them anyway. It's not like you can run around with a whole army. That would be boring and so un-RPG like. As for the ending. This is Star Wars and very likely the grand-finale of this storyarch. Neither of those should ever end in open style. The game should end with your boss fight, some cutscenes or something like that, and the credits, anything else would be totally anti-climatic and wouldn't fit into the KOTOR-series and Star Wars as a whole.
  25. I didn't notice any difference between the two KOTORs in that regard. The worst bugs I encountered let to a freezed screen, and that happened in both games. Apart from that problem, which is gone for quite some time now, there never were any problems for me. If you disregard smaller bugs which ruined one or two sidequests, that is.
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