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  1. Get within striking distance (head straight for them) ;D
  2. here's a solution.... Don't click on the beta test button... just get your game for 25 dollars and get off the soap box sir...
  3. Question regarding those who backed Project Eternity, I went for the wasteland 2/PE bundle where you get the 2 games for 45. When wasteland 2 is released do you get that copy or once PE is released do you get both as 1 ?(if you get what i'm saying, since they are both released at different times)
  4. Town guards won't know you have been bad, but bounty hunters do 1000 golds per head of party members :D Then the evil side of me just sells out the rest of my party and buys another 5 pawns to lead around.
  5. I like Jack from the ME series, Aerie from FF, I liked Oghren :D, Just be 'different" but not stupid, I think everyone is over the Morale Paladin or the old Gandolf like wizard.
  6. Think something else just blew up.... DON'T follow the 2D rendered LIGHT!!!! soooooo can we have the game this year? :D
  7. sooo who do i have sex with to make this a reality? Torment was the RPG for me. The depth, The characters, the inventive storyline...
  8. Have to agree with the map style, I'd prefer to find my areas/discover areas then just have them on the map and go N or E to be able to get to them.
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