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  1. I'll be leaving now. If I stayed and saw a post with anything spoilerish attached to it, I probably would read it. I...just...don't...have...the..willpower. I would be devasted if I read anything pertaining to the old crew or major twists. Will be get in Feb or later - after I played the game a few times. It's been fun and great knowing you all. Cheers,
  2. Overall, the review was pretty interesting but even if they gave it a 5, I would have still go out and buy it - just to satisfy my curiosity.
  3. This sounds most likely. I think the Jedi Council sent Bastila and Revan onto the Endar Spire, which was originally under Carth's command, in a sector of space which wasn't heavily under Sith control. Being aboard a Republic ship that had minor skirmishes with the Sith would test how well Revan's new identity had taken root, and also lessen the chance of encountering Malak. However when a few weeks went by and there was no forthcoming memories emerging from Revan's subconsciousness, Bastila received instructions from the Jedi Council to reroute the Endar Spire perhaps back to Dantooine or Coruscant to try to activate Revan's memories. Enroute, they were ambused by a patrolling Sith convoy which by the fate, had Darth Brandon on board. By the way, was looking at this www.starwarsknights.com and wondering what this is suppose to mean: DARTH MALAK, last surviving apprentice of the Dark Lord Revan, has unleashed an invincible Sith armada upon an unsuspecting galaxy. That means Revan had other apprentices right?
  4. After numerous run throughs, I've become irritated by: - The fact that you can't use the third tier of Stasis because of the armour restriction but you can use the other two lower tiers - to me this doesn't make much sense. - After your identity is revealed as Darth Revan, you cannot go completely DS until the temple. I think the option of killing those NPCs who oppose your DS should have happened after the Leviathan escape and then after that, you and your remaining allies decide to go after the Star Forge and dispose of the usurper. - The LS cheesy ending. Celebrating is all well and good but I think there should have been a moment of introspection on Vandar's and Revan's part on how Revan's actions led to this and if he/she felt sorry that Malak could not be redeemed. - The emphasis on LS male Revan story arc which was fleshed out better than LS/DS female Revan's. - No interaction with vehicles. You can't drive cars or something - like your vehicle is attacked like in Episode 6 with the speed bikes through the forest. - No cybernetic enhancements. - No weapon customisation. - On Manaan, when you attacked the Sith Embassy and was put on trial. You could easily talk your way out of it. So the whole trial was a farce.
  5. Was playing Kotor again ... and was thinking that Rahasia might come from the Malay word, 'rahsia' which means secret.
  6. An evil wookie is something I've been praying for for months, so hell yeah :D
  7. They say HK 50 is even eviler than HK 47 so that is something to look forward to. I don't think HK 47 is the dead droid mentioned.
  8. First play through DS. Second play through LS Sentinel/Watchman. I like the Sentinel class very much. Wasn't so brutal as Guardian nor weak as Consular.
  9. A furry killing machine this time, I like Equip him with strength enhancers and watch him plough through Sith knights. Didn't like Zalbar at all in Kotor 1. But I think now that I know Wookies aren't much talkers, I won't be too disappointed in TSL.
  10. I read somewhere that another meaning of Malak is king from this website Here's the excerpt: It comes from the Hebrew Malak, meaning Angel. A secondary meaning of Malak is king. Not to mention Malach which means to vanish, whose root word is Maal, which refers to one who commits a severe transgression or trespass. (From Dan Greenberg) I also met a guy called Juhani - he was Finnish I didn't know it meant John. I agree that Revan probably came from revenant. Jolee I thought came from 'jolly' but maybe not. Canderous I thought was a play on cankerous. I agree that Bastila probably comes from the name Bastille because she was a prison of the Jedi Code and her destiny until Revan freed her. The surname shan could come from the Chinese character meaning kindness. That's all I thought up or googled up
  11. I always picked the female head with long purplish black hair and blue eyes. Don't know why just was drawn to it. For a male character, I picked the guy with shoulder length brown hair. In my opinion, he was the only good looking male character of the bunch.
  12. I never thought of that. Good idea though Hope it never happens *knock on wood*. I would be very depressed if something happened to Bastila.
  13. Hmm... was thinking either the combined might of Sith Lords did it. Or maybe when Revan went to Korriban, it happened there.
  14. Since Revan is no where to be seen after the Star Forge, I was thinking maybe Revan cannot play a great role in TSL because his/her connection to the Force was severed too? Forgive me if this has already been brought up in previous posts.
  15. Robes will have upgrades as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's good to know. Now I don't have to worry about armour restrictions so much when choosing my Force powers. :D
  16. I think there mentioned that some party NPCs would turn on you, if they disagree with what you're doing. Not too sure about apprentices though. It would be interesting if they do
  17. That is exactly what I was thinking. It looked like a summary of all the character threads we have had here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Shh...be careful what you say, there are spys all around. Maybe from LA even.... :ph34r:
  18. I think the unarmed combat excitement stems from fantasy crpgs/rpgs where you can choose a monk character class that specializes in martial arts. I guess for some, it would be more challenging to try to play the game this way. Who wouldn't want to try to take on a rancor barehanded? But I'll stick to my trusty single blade lightsabre, anytime
  19. I think since it was mentioned that there would be a feat that allows unarmed combat greater damage, then maybe some new weapons could be power gauntlets or energy gauntlets.
  20. Not really any spoilers in it - the only fact I'm surprised is OXM's claims that none of the characters return. <_< But thanks, Bastila for posting it Btw, you could've convinced Bastila to return to the Light even if you were LS female.
  21. Thanks for the info, Carth Vader. :D
  22. I think your theory is a pretty good idea, Jedi Master D Murda. But as a jedi exiled and lost to the Force, I think the Jedi Council Masters are pinning their hopes on someone who could easily have turn on them and join the Sith. It's a risky gamble they are taking.
  23. Sorry for asking but what's the difference between Knighthood and achieving padawan? I'm not too familiar with SW gaming rules, aside from what I know of the movies. If TSL follows this, then we should have our apprentice earlier in the game
  24. No, I don't believe they should add offensive LS Force powers since there were some pretty damaging neutral powers like Force Wave. I hope there is a new LS defensive power like Deflection or Force absorption.
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