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  1. WHY. "I want kissykissy in muh gaem!" "No, that's dumb." The End. Seriously. It's been discussed to death. To death. So you agree you shouldn't be able to murder or kill anyone in this game?
  2. I was playing LoL for the fist time the other day and saw that every female had large breast with silly armor. I thought of this thread lol. And no man would be caught with that on the battlefield.
  3. But that is wrong, there are different types of agnostics as in agnostic atheist or agnostic theist. Not enough proof on either side to make definitive claims
  4. But nobody seems to be complaining about a geriartric lacking any sort of body armor and apparently only fighting with his fists being "unrealistic" at all? Were all the complaints about "realism" even only a ruse to push through feminist agenda yet again, mayhaps and why should that now be relevant to game design? That's because Monks don't need no armor
  5. It showed that she was very dependent on people also upset at what "mankind" was and could do to themselves.
  6. This is not a killing simulator. If they want killing between npcs or salty pirates away on the high seas for long months, well that's one thing. But the last thing PE needs is to degenerate into an adolescent vehicle aiming to satisfy murderers who want their player characters to kill people. Just join your countries army. This is how you sound.
  7. (she wanted every companion be romanceable and bi, or at least one be pansexual, and there should be a cheat to skip all combat.... ). Please save all of us, Obsidian! Who said this?
  8. Yeah American English to British English isn't really as hard to Mexican Spanish to Spain's Spanish. For English it's a matter of changing "or" to "our" and "er" to "re" in some cases. Also some words differ like chips/crisp/fries, telly/tv. Spanish is more about sentence structure/syntax correct?
  9. Like I said, BSN's romance forums are down. Where were we supposed to go, Facebook? I'm calling troll/sarcasm on this post
  10. Green T-shirt Waifu discussion is strong on 4chan right now. What, I didn't see this anywhere
  11. BG Style: If Morgan Freeman voices one of your party members for free of charge then yes! Seriously though, the budget isn't really big enough to include a lot of va so I wouldn't mind reading text.
  12. That's completely subjective. Romance arcs could go either way depending if it was written well or not. If it's some two bit romance like Mass Effect's Kelly then it doesn't improve anything. But if it's like FFX Tidus and Yuna then yes, it vastly improved the story.
  13. Just have the stronghold near the city, making it a city would be too much
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