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  1. That's sticking a whole lot of words in a whole lot of people's mouths that have not, actually, been said. Just FYI. Lot of people wants romances like in BG2 which were basicly proto-ME/DAO-romances and they share lot of similarities with those later ones. Remind me again who made BG2? A studio that lost most of its writers since then
  2. One that ends up with both parties(or multiple people) involved content with one another Quest, Cutscenes, Hanging out at the stronghold, etc. . . BGII and even though you couldn't choose, FFX and Chrono Trigger What is life?
  3. If they do make one, make it a year later than this version. I don't want anything interrupting this beautiful PC game
  4. Good romances can help people connect with characters and make 'you' care about them
  5. I'd like a quote on that, because I remember the developers saying the exact opposite. Didn't they say something like we can do whatever we want,it's are game
  6. Yo Yo, I recently got into Baldur's Gate series. I have to say it is amazing and what made me want to fund this project
  7. Um, they seemed like they were having fun and I'm sure they didn't care and If they did, they would have spoke out about it. They even were making "black jokes." I'm sure the people working on this project are a tight knit group so they talk about this all the time. What society are you living in? They are in America, not somewhere oppressed.
  8. If the romance is like Baulder's Gate II then yes, but if it's like Mass Effect then no.
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