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  1. Missed Fig campaign. It'll be really cool if someone at least posted photos or unboxing video for Elite Collector's Edition. Or maybe I just not enough searched for them?
  2. "Double-clicking to equip items was causing passive abilities to get removed..." Most importent for me, thanks a lot. Hope, there won't be any new troubles ))
  3. I think first option is preferable, at least for me as a Russian backer. Waiting for the copy with DVD will definitely take much longer then for USA and Europe comrades. Opening box with all the collector’s materials on day one (or near that day) and downloading my copy from GOG is much better then waiting couple of extra weeks. Especially for such an excellent RPG!
  4. Looks great. I like combined 2D/3D graphics and as a junior programmer trying to learn something about it. Maybe someone can recommend me some books?
  5. Very good update. And teaser pictures of stronghold are the best. Interested if maze, forum etc. can be upgraded?
  6. Great work! But I have one question. Maybe I'm wrong, but Polina's art seems a little bit darker, with more natural lights and shadows. However i'm sure that final polishing will solve all the issues. Can't wait to see some ingame videos: dungeons, villages, etc.
  7. As for me I don't have any preferences. It depends on the game. In Drakensang, if I'm not mistaken, we were able to check 'Auto pause' option. It was just like turn based.
  8. I'd like to keep all my useless companions in my castle. But if they decide to leave on their own it would be really interesting if they ask for some part of gold and treasures. And then your charisma/influence/maybe some romance relationship will effect the ammount you have to pay them. And why not to lie to them? Promisse some gold and then run away?
  9. "The enemy respects you or at least understand you" That would be realy great thing to do. Just tired of enemies, who can only fight and don't react on your actions.
  10. You gain enough XP - you gain new level. You stop leveling only when there is nothing left to do.
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