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  1. I don't see any other option, though Obsidian may give you an unique narration slide for it. It might actually be kind of clever to see how the decisions you made affect Deadfire without further intervention. Thought so too.. let´s wait and see ^^
  2. Because mine was overwhelmed by the eyeless armies (didnt complete White March II).. so is the savegame unuseable or how will this turn out?
  3. I have the same crash randomly while starting the game.. one time it crashes, next it´s ok. I hope you have now another answer then google it yourself though..
  4. Being able to mass choose stuff from inventory for selling etc. Change voice/picture for the custom chars after creating them. the limiting to four camping tools is strange imo
  5. Yes.. that´s exactly the problem. And i´m very very sad, that once again this would be mind dictators try to force their sick mind on the whole mass of gamers (not that this nazi like p.c. mania is only related to games.. they censor everything they can.. worse than any regime in history). I truly hope that Obsidian doesn´t cave in to the demands of these fiends... don´t give them any inch more in their maniacal crusade against free will and speech.
  6. Exactly this.. it honestly is just a waste of time to run in and out of some dungeon at the best of times... and a main annoyance if you arent able to take something important at a crucial moment.
  7. Yes, as far as i´ve seen it, this could very well become one example for how kickstarted games can be handled well.
  8. I have a feeling more than a few pizza's will be ordered because of Pillars Of Eternity You could be right there... have also bought some old style chips, dunno if they will fall to PoE or Wrestlemania this weekend though ^^ Bad times for healthy food...
  9. There are so many unproductive ways to waste your life... guess this isn´t the worst one.
  10. the shipping soon is not showing the actual status as far as i´ve read here... ninjaed by Ink Blot :/
  11. very nice, that´s exactly what i am hoping for, excessive dialogues, regarding to the character you play.
  12. Wasting way too much time on character creation (easily doing one character of every profession at least) before starting.. hoarding and saving too much, as well as contemplating every dialogue, if it will fit my role... hard times are coming ^^
  13. Happy Birthday to a great studio! With Neverwinter Nights 2 (way better than the overhyped first part from Bio imo) and Fallout: New Vegas, they made two of my favourite rpgs! And without Dungeon Siege, which never interested me, they never made a game i couldn´t enjoy in some way. Very looking forward to the next ten years!
  14. Wow.. this is one of the first forums i see, which offers a "hate" for modding... Never heard that before.. imo modding is one of the coolest options a game can have.. no matter if rpg, strategy or whatever.. If it´s Total War, Fallout, Crusader Kings, Elder Scrolls or BG for example.. good mods are always an improvement to the basic game.. but ok, if some guys only know some better cheats as "modding", then maybe the negativity is a bit understandable..
  15. From the offered games i would have to choose BG as the best.. but i really liked the companions/characters of Jagged Alliance, if you think how many there were and that it´s more strategy than roleplay, it had many great characters.
  16. My main gripe was the abominable save system.. no reason whatever for giving the player such a pain in the a.... Beside that it has caught the Shadowrun Atmosphere very well, also the mechanics and story are just fine.. as for the rest.. it´s a bit on the short side (hoping here for the many user created content) and not much replayability for the main campaign, which kinda reminded me of a playable SR novel. Not a bad game, but could have been better.
  17. lol what are you guys talking about? There is no producer here.. They bought the IP from Bitcomposer and they were offered a publisher deal. They rejected and said they will go via kickstarter. No publisher that way. Why would they need to go via kickstarter if there was a publisher? They only licensed right to use Jagged Alliance IP from Bitcomposer, who still owns Jagged Alliance trademark. http://trademarks.justia.com/772/48/jagged-alliance-77248663.html And for why kickstarter if there is publisher: One reason could be that publisher don't want to pay development cost
  18. Have to work over the holidays, but wish everyone nontheless a happy Christmas and enjoyable holidays
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